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NameMacie Lane


Looks:dark brown hair used to be light brown,but changed randomly.golden eyes with a hint of brown.i'm about 5feet 1inch yeah i know i'm kinda short,but in my family i am pretty tall.only one in my family with dimpolse(srry bad at spelling).really white skin in the winter,but really tan in the summer.

Hey random person my name is Macie Lane

I don't really know what to say never been good at these so this gonna be short,but i don't really care.I write a story on a differnt writing site its a one direction story...so yesh i aint gonna give you pointless info about me that dont matter,ok?get it?got it?Good:)

Ok anyway this ain't gonna be long...well the information part aint also question's just messege me.

So...yup thats it,now here is whoever with the song of my choose.Enjoy;)

Big Ten who's your daddy? No really, Hoosier daddy?
Yeah, your schools comin' up short, Bilbo Baggins
I know you with you had it, but ya ain't though
We just crossed ya over, broke your ankles
The real Assembly Hall, no Illinois, about to explode
Biggest student section in the nation bringing that racket like McEnroe
Got a Cuban with Mark Cuban, this just in:
Another top recruit committed, while you rotten like P-U!

Cause this is Indiana, yeah we do it big
Bossin' on the Big Ten you know what it is
Cause this is I-U, U, U
This is I-U, U, U
We got banners on the wall
And this is how we ball
Talkin' bout the Hoo-Hoo-siers
Talkin' bout the Hoo-Hoo-siers

Unlike you other schools, we got history
Kinda like your girl does when she visits uh, me
Oh my I can't see because the trophy case be shining
And my optometrist told me not to look
Cause I could go blind, even better I could taste it
Follow Tom Crean, he gon' take us back to greatness
Face it, embrace it like it's 76
Them little Wolverines probably gonna hate this


One banner, two banner, three banner, four
Five banner, sixth banner knockin' on your door
Cause' Indiana basketball is hustling on the floor
And running up the score (run, running up the score)
If you a B-town girl put your hands up
If you a B-town boy put your hands up
If you an alumni put your hands up
If you an Indiana Hoosier put your hands up
Now put your hands up, now put your hands up!


Did you enjoy that?Yeah i know you did.

Haha bye,


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