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Sup dudes and dudetts. I'm a newbie so I'm not exactly the best writer but I'm decent eh? I don't give a damn about flames, haters are gonna hate so whatever. Curse all you want I won't stop writing.

Fav saying: No one can bring you down unless you give them permission to.

Fav foods: ANYTHING sweet. Hence why I consider myself L's daughter xD Not to mention I'm smart too :P

Fav drink: Coffee. With like... 10 lbs of sugar in it :P

Color(s): White, black, purple, blood red, and sliver.

Advice: Don't let bullies get you down. Your only showing them they've won. Ignore them, and if you can't do that, learn a bunch of big words and confuse them :D 95% of the time they are idiots. And most bullies have problems of their own. Try talking to them privately, maybe seeing whats wrong with them.

All I got for now XD

New Note: I'm going to be editing Angel Lawliet Chrinicles: First Year Turns. The names of the parents will be different, as will Nate's look (sorry for people who like him .-. ) and spelling/Grammar mistakes on my part xD holy shit I just noticed I seriously fucked up on chapter nine!!! I'm so freakingsorry! Will fix now!

New Note: I'm going to make a third story XD I know I'm already working on two, but this idea has been in my head for a long time. Once again, it will be an AngelxGaara story

New Note: I'm having trouble with Life in a Poem, sorry everyone.

NN: I know Angel Lawliet Chronicles is crappy right now, but the good stuff is just opening up :3 There will be soooo many surprises you won't know what hit you :D

NN: Everyone, changes will be made to both Wolf Princess and Angel Lawliet Chronicles. Meet Slytherin Head, my first Beta reader!

NN: So, I'm going to be really mean and keep you guys in suspense for a while =3

NN: Well damn you all must hate the hell outta me .-. Well I got a new job so I've been busy with that. Guys I still need a beta reader .-.

NN: Well Holy Shit. It's almost been like 2 years since I've been on... I'm sorry guys i didn't mean to be gone so long. I'm back though so whoop!

NN Febuary, 2017: Hey guys! So sorry for the loooonnnngggg away time. Just got out if a bad relationship and now I wanna get back into my original Hobbies! As you can see, Angel Lawliet Chronicles and Wolf Princess have both been taken down. I was an awful writer then XD I am currently writing a new version of Angel Lawliet Chronicles. I will also be writing a Death Note story about Angel and how she came to be a character. So! Here we go!

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