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Author has written 13 stories for Sherlock, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Doctor Who.

Wheee, writing writing writing! It's been so long since I've written anything fictional that it's all flowing out right now in the general direction of my Sherlock/Wholock stories!

I'm so incredibly amazed by all the people who have taken interest! Thank you thank you thank you!! XD

Common themes throughout all my stories are madness, the search for identity, and of course, love.

While I'm writing stories I do tend to go back and do edits on them before I tick the complete box. I hardly ever take stuff out unless it takes everything in the absolute wrong direction, but I do tend to add things. I like shoving characters in interesting situations, which sometimes start off as bare boned before I add extra detail.

I should also say this: I am a performance writer, which to me means I love having an audience for what I write. The more you read the more I write, and the more you review the even more I write. I love feedback, even if it's a little negative, and I love suggestions. If a suggestion really speaks to me I might twist my story a little for it.

That being said, if I ever meet any of my reviewers in real life, I will certainly take you out for texting and scones. You're all fabulous!

I also want to point out that I do write a range of fiction. My K+ will stay K, and my fics that are rated M are rated M for a reason. If you're younger and stumble across my K+ fics please don't dive into my M rated fics as they have potentially disturbing adult themes. Thank you!

Just so you know, here are the stories that I have written that are complete and will not change:

Three Patch Problem (M)

Interrupted Visit (K+)

I'd just like to encourage my Sherlock readers to try out my "Just Wait Until he Calls Your Name". While it is a crossover between Doctor Who and Sherlock, it focuses on Johnlock with the premise that if lots of little things were tweaked just a bit in Sherlock series we might have seen a romantic attachment develop between Sherlock and John in the show. There will be some Doctor Whoish crazyness near the end, but the focus is primarily on our two boys, with various regenerations of the doctor orchestrating the subtle changes in their relationship.

I also have two stories up on FictionPress.com that I will probably be working on later as my passion for Sherlock and John cools somewhat. My name is Anna Hemingway.

One is called "Protocol" and is the story of the love of a robot and his mistress

THe other is called "String Theory" and is about The Greek Parthenon, a Small Town College, madness, and love.

The Ava Watson Verse 3: Rocks of Salvation by KeelieThompson1 reviews
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