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Hello people who somehow wind up on my FanFiction page. I am the Half-Dragon.

I have found out about the site some years ago and it has interested me a lot. I have created an account on the off-chance that I may one day write and publish my fanfiction ideas into at least average stories (although the chance is almost zero).

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Likes: Final Fantasy, Tales of series, Star Ocean, Super Smash Bros, RPGs, some manga and anime, Touhou, and other stuff.

Dislike: I'll just say yaoi for now.

I will put my ideas on the page as well.

OC list (to be filled eventually):

OCs - Dimensia - Earth Plane: The main of three planes of the planet Dimensia. The size is about the size of Earth, although not much is known about the land.

Name: Danny Dragon

Gender: Male

Age: Around 18.

Height: 5 ft. 9 in.

Species: Human, but after absorbing a dragon's soul, considers himself a half-dragon.

Appearance: Short, spiky, black hair. Brown eyes that can seem red. Light, tan skin. Asian look. Average muscle build. Normally wears black sneakers and jeans, a red button-up collar shirt with a white t-shirt under it, and a dark long coat.

Residence: Dimensia, an original world that's said to connect to all dimensions (was originally of the real world), in the capital city of Void.

Abilities: Able to create and manipulate fire, able to use some light based skills, swordsmanship (can summon one or two swords to use).


- Will tend to hold back, unless fighting seriously.

- Darkness, Water and Ice skills are effective against him. (Dark does 25% more damage, Water and Ice does 50%)

Name: Blaze Heten

Gender: Male

Age: Around 500

Height: 6 ft.

Species: Humanoid Dragon (dragon with a human shape)

Appearance: A dragon but human-like in shape and build. Black scaled, or skinned, with red eyes. Above average body size. Wears clothes; large grey jeans and a grey, old-looking vest.

Personalities: Danny is a kind and helpful person, but that may not show much due to a tendency to keep himself distant from people. Blaze was a young dragon with a habit of getting into fights, raised to believe all other people who were not dragons were bad, especially humans, and hated all other people after they used him in an experiment. This changes a bit when they both meet, though not at first. With each others help, Danny is a bit more social and able to make friends, and Blaze has learned to like people again. Though Danny is still a bit shy around people, he has learned to be a better person and protective of his friends, while Blaze learned that while there are bad people, it does not mean all people are completely bad, and that some people are actually really good at heart, despite being somewhat bad.

History (Bio):

- Formerly from the real world. At age 10, his last relative has died and he needed to move to a new place, but while Danny was packing a freak accident occurred, a dimensional rip opened up and sent him to a new world, Dimensia (Di-men-si-a), a world that's said to connect to all sorts of dimensions, even the real world, at least for entertainment like games and shows, but it was never meant to completely open a way, so once Danny went through, he was stuck living in Dimensia.

He was taken in by an orphanage in the most famous capital of Dimensia, Void. There, he was raised for a few years and allowed to go to school, and things seemed to be going well, but being the first real world dweller to show up in a long time caused people to be wary of him. One night when coming home late from school, a group of teen confronted him and started to attack him for no good reason. Even when he was being pummeled, Danny did not want to fight back, but that was until something in his head snapped. The next day Danny woke up in the hospital. While he only had multiple bruises and cuts, he found out that the teens that attacked him were hurt worse than him, one even in near critical condition, and that the damage to them was apparently done by him. This caused him to be afraid of people getting close to him for not what they could do to him, but for what he could do to them.

At the present time, Danny has made a name for himself as a well-known helper in Void, and has made a great living by taking a variety of tasks from all around Void. He lives far in the outskirts of Void by himself and works on a grand project to use the knowledge of Dimensia to create a gate that can willingly travel to any dimension the user chooses.

- Blaze grew up on Dimensia in a land of dragons with his brother, raised by their father. As an anthro-dragon (something like Fox or Wolf from Star Fox), his kind was looked down on for being close to humans. He never really thought that humans were people to look down on, and was continued to be taught that anyone who wasn't a dragon was bad news and nothing but trouble. Years before Danny's adventure begins, he was captured for an experiment meant to give great power to people, and for the project they caused him lose his physical body and stay as a living soul. Blaze was chosen because he was of a rare breed of dragons known to have near limitless amounts of energy, although it would take thousands of years to have full use and control over it. As a soul, the energy would grow more and be controlled at a quicker pace. This incident caused him to hate all people with a passion.

In a turn of events, while Blaze was being held in a ruin outside Void, Danny was sent to investigate the ruins, and found him in a dormant state. Danny breaks Blaze out and causes him to merge his soul with Danny’s own soul. Now fused to Danny by mind and soul, Blaze and Danny will have to be able to work together in order to grow as beings of strong body and mind.

With Danny's adventures, he first travels to various place in Dimensia looking for the people in charge of the experiment, all while dealing with his fears of hurting other, but also an angry dragon soul hell-bent on controlling his body to get revenge on all people. Along the way, he had somehow made many friends and allies along the way, was able to be closer with people, helped Blaze get over his hate of people and understand them better, and succeeding in taking the project and it's creator down.

Some time after that, Danny had perfected in creating the Dimensional Gate, which causes a sealed dimension with creatures known as the Severed to open. Now this causes Danny and his friends to have to travel to different dimensions, such as Final Fantasy, the Tales series, Touhou, and various others to make sure the Severed are kept at bay until a day they can find a way to completely destroy them all.

Name: Maya Prism

Gender: Female

Age: Around 17

Height: 5ft., 4in.

Species: Human, mage.

Appearance: Upper-back length, straight, light brown hair. Light blue eyes. Small, slim figure. Normally dressed in dark brown boots, light brown and kind of puffy pants (similar to FF black mage humes), hip-length white robe with pink triangular linings (similar to a FF white mage) with a light blue, sleeveless shirt under it, and a light brown black mage hat.

Residence: Mage city Mystic.

Personality: Kind, helpful, fun-loving, a bit of a tomboy at times. She is always there to help her friends in hard times.

Abilities: FF Black magic, FF White magic, able to combine black magic spells and form a different multi-element spell.


- Like normal mages, has low physical stats (P. Attack, P. Defense, HP) and is mainly a long range attacker.

History (Bio):

- From a far city of magic users. Maya grew up around Final Fantasy magic and mainly studied black magic. Had an older sister who was very skilled in healing magic, but died from illness, and because of that Maya also began to study white magic. Sent to Void to create a relationship between the two cities, and planned to stay in Void for some time to keep up that relationship, about two weeks before the problem with Danny and Blaze occurs.

Name: Nickel Steel

Gender: Male

Age: Around 16

Height: 5ft.

Species: Human, Fusionist.

Appearance: Red, above shoulder length hair. Brown eyes. Small body size. Wears a normal long sleeved shirt, vest, baggy pants, and boots (all shades of brown).

Residence: Fusionist town Fuseios.

Personality: Somewhat hyperactive, not very serious, but a good person.

Abilities: Able to combine his body with types of earth, mainly metal and gem based things, so that he is able to use his energy for combat, fair marksman.


- While not fused with anything, his physical capabilities are only somewhat above human.

History (Bio):

- From a town of Fusionists, people with the ability to combine elements and other things with their body to fight. Has lived a fairly normal life but wants to do something more with it. Tends to mess with some of the local punks.

Name: Scarlet Lunari

Gender: Female

Age: Around 17

Height: 5ft., 3in.

Species: Human, Shadowmancer.

Appearance: Very dark purple, back length hair. Purple eyes. Fair figure. Wears large black robes (similar to a shaman or druid from Fire Emblem).

Residence: Hidden underground city Shade.

Personality: Distant from people, not too social, but is actually pretty kind.

Abilities: Able to create and manipulate shadows.


- Partially weakened abilities in light, strong weakness to light skills (75% more damage).

- Has better physical stats (P. Attack, P. Defense, HP) than normal mages, although still low.

History (Bio):

- From a hidden underground city where all residents are skilled in Shadow Control in some way. Her parents died in an incident, where it is thought that she had loss control of her powerful abilities, when she was young and now lives with her uncle. Due to the incident, Scarlet has stayed away from any form of contact with others except her uncle. She is more adept with her skills than any other resident, and unlike any of them she is able to create shadow.

Name: Dragoto Heten

Gender: Male

Age: Around 500

Height: 6ft, 2in.

Species: Humanoid Dragon

Appearance: A dragon but human-like in shape and build. Black scaled, or skinned, with red eyes. Thin average body size. Wears clothes; Black pants and long coat.

Residence: Unnamed Village of Dragons.

Personality: Cold and violent at first. A confident warrior and doesn't show much emotion, but tends to watch over others.

Abilities: Able to create and manipulate normal and dark flames, swordmanship.


- Strong weakness to Light, Water, and Ice (75% more damage).

History (Bio):

Name: Kasai

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, but sure that he is young.

Height: 1ft, 3in.

Species: Morphing Fire Dragon

Appearance: A small red-scaled dragon with wings.

Residence: Unknown area in the land of dragons.

Personality: Loyal and friendly pet. Smart-minded but a bit of a hot head.

Abilities: Able to morph into dragons of different shapes and size (only a few).


- Complete weakness to Water and Ice (2X Damage) and not fully used to combat.

History (Bio):

Name: Pichu (Nickname: Nezu)

Gender: Male

Age: Around 4 or 5.

Height: 1ft.

Species: Pokemon.

Appearance: Like every other Pichu, but his tail is as long as a Pikachu's tail and shaped the same way too.

Residence: Unknown.

Personality: Crazy, hyperactive, annoying, a prankster, violent, dangerous, cheery, cocky, a hot head, and overall chaotic. Despite this, he is a good, loyal friend and protective.

Abilities: Aside from his normal set of moves, can also use various moves of other types, such as Fighting and Steel types. Can also use multiple moves in combination.


- Aside from the normal weaknesses of his kind, his size may have an effect on his capabilities. Is also unable to evolve.

History (Bio):

OCs - Dimensia - Heaven Plane: The second of three planes of Dimensia, home to the dead and Angels. As the name suggests, it is considered the Heaven of Dimensia where the more good-aligned souls go after death. This afterlife is generally a gigantic city where the souls live at peace. Although at peace, they have a form of military and peacekeepers known as the Angel Squads (similar to the soul reapers from Bleach, but much less work or trouble(?)). Depending on the soul and how they act in the afterlife, a normal soul may be able to ascend into becoming an angel.

Angels here are basically the humans of the Heaven Plane. Angels here gain wings once they reach a certain age, around teenage years, and are able to make them come and go at will. Angels have the ability to use something similar to the weapons used by Bleach's soul reapers called their Soul Weapon, or SW for short. An SW has three different forms or levels. Depending on the SW, Angels may become a part of one of five of the Angel Squads: Knights (specialize in close-range weapons), Warriors (specialize in hand-to-hand combat), Snipers (specialize in long-range weapons), Mages (specialize in offense-based magic), or Clerics (specialize in healing and support based magic). There are different ranks in each squad: normal member (which has their own lesser number based ranks), Lieutenant, Captain, and Head Captain. Above them are the God Lieutenant and God Captain.

Name: Ken Haven

Gender: Male

Age: Around 18 (appearance as well)

Height: 5ft., 8in.

Species: Angel.

Appearance: Black spiky hair with the tips white. Dark blue eyes. Slightly above average body build. Tends to wear normal white shirt and pants along with silver body armor, boots, and gloves.

Residence: Heaven Plane, around center of city.

Personality: Smart, loyal ally. Hard worker. Friendly and willing to protect others in an instant.

Abilities: SW (Levels - 1st: Divine Rune Sword, 2nd (partially mastered): Divine Rune Blades), Light magic.


- Strong weakness to Darkness skills (75% more damage)

History (Bio):

- Rank: Angel Knight Lieutenant. Raised to become a member of the Angel Squads from a young age. Was made to be a hard worker by his father, the Angel Knight Head Captain.

Name: Tai Divinar

Gender: Male

Age: Around 50 (early 20s in appearance)

Height: 6ft.

Species: Angel

Appearance: Wild black hair. Dark brown eyes. Strong above average build. Tends to wear black karate pants, sometimes with the vest.

Residence: Heaven Plane, around mid-outer area within city.

Personality: Wild, outgoing, and carefree. Loves a good fight.

Abilities: SW (Levels - 1st: Aura Gauntlets, 2nd: ?)


- Although he has very high stamina, as well as equal willpower, Tai has a strong weakness to magic based attacks (75% more damage).

- Tends to hold back at times so he can get more fun out of a fight.

History (Bio):

- Rank: Angel Warrior Captain. A strong person who, despite the kind of personality he has, managed to become captain rank through the strength of his abilities. His sister, Charlotte, tends to keep her eye on him so he doesn't get into too much trouble, much to his dismay.

Name: Charlotte Divinar

Gender: Female

Age: Around 21 (about 18 in appearance)

Height: 5ft, 4in.

Species: Angel

Appearance: Long, waist length black hair. Light brown eyes. Slightly above fair figure. Tends to wear clothes similar to Bleach's normal soul reaper, but all white.

Residence: Heaven Plane, around mid-outer area within city.

Personality: Strong, caring, sister-type. Supportive to the point of being kind of pushy.

Abilities: SW (Levels - 1st: Magi Staff Divine Cast, 2nd: ?), Light, Healing, and Support spells, close-range Staff combat.


- Has a weakness to physical based attacks (50% more damage)

History (Bio):

-Rank: Angel Mage Captain. A smart girl with great magical ability who has managed to reach captain rank. Known to be a caring younger sister to her brother Tai to the point of keeping an eye on him at all times to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid that could get him in trouble.

Name: Rachel Yami

Gender: Female

Age: Around 17 (appearance as well)

Height: 5ft, 2in.

Species: Half-Angel, Half-Demon. Angel side shows.

Appearance: Long, waist length black hair tied up at the bottom. Red eyes. Slightly below fair figure. Tends to wear clothes similar to Bleach's normal soul reaper, along with a white long coat.

Residence: Heaven Plane, around the edge of the city.

Personality: Silent and non-social. Not that friendly but is able to be kind.

Abilities: SW (Levels - 1st: Grey Angel Bow, 2nd: ?), multiple long-range weapons (mainly guns).


- Although skilled, overall stats, aside from speed, are somewhat less than average.

History (Bio):

Name: Kari Celest

Gender: Female

Age: Around 18 (appearance as well)

Height: 5ft, 6in.

Species: Angel

Appearance: Long, blonde-brown hair tied up in a low ponytail. Blue eyes. Fair figure. Tends to wear clothes similar to Bleach's soul reaper captain, but with the white and black colors reversed (except for the captain robe).

Residence: Heaven Plane, outside the city.

Personality: Usually the stoic type around people, but when she is alone or only around her close friends she is quite the normal girl, almost too much of one.

Abilities: SW (Levels - 1st: Flashwing, 2nd: ?)


- Low offensive stats, and a partial weakness to Darkness skills (25% more damage).

History (Bio):

Name: Pearl Prism

Gender: Female

Age: Around 25 (about early 20s in appearance)

Height: 5ft, 10in.

Species: Was a human mage. Ascended to an Angel.

Appearance: Long, light brown hair tied up in a shoulder ponytail. Light blue eyes. Fair, womanly figure. Tends to wear a white long sleeve dress with pants, and a white mage robe.

Residence: Heaven Plane, around center of city.

Personality: Kind, caring, older-sister type. Almost motherly at times. Rarely, if ever, gets angry.

Abilities: Healing, Support, and Light magic, hand-to-hand combat, Pulse skill (able to use her magic to "tear apart" other magic).


- Will rarely ever fight an enemy unless completely necessary, and only when alone will she use her full strength.

- Her Pulse skill will start to cause her arms to bleed if used too much in a short amount of time.

History (Bio):

OCs - Dimensia - Hell Plane: The third of three planes of Dimensia, home to the dead and Demons. As the name suggests, it is considered the Hell of Dimensia where the more bad-aligned souls go after death. This afterlife is split into about ten different levels (1 to 10, top to bottom) where depending on how much bad you have done in your life and your level of strength you may end up on either a low or high level floor. Although this is considered Hell, there are various parts of each floor (mostly the low level floors) where things are pretty peaceful.

Demons here are basically the humans of the Hell Plane. Demons, like Angels, also have the ability to use a Soul Weapon.

Name: Claw Rouge

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (about mid 20s in appearance)

Height: 6ft.

Species: Demon

Appearance: Shaggy tan hair. Red eyes. Above average build. Tends to wear clothes like an assassin from Fire Emblem.

Residence: Hell Plane, level 4-5.

Personality: Smart, tough guy. Mature and capable of being quite cold to people, although fairly nice and at times may act out of character.

Abilities: SW (Levels - 1st: Rouge Arms, 2nd: ?), use of traps, chain user.


- Low offensive stats, and a weakness to Light skills (50% more damage).

History (Bio):

Name: Lance Ryuu

Gender: Male

Age: Around 18 (appearance as well)

Height: 5ft, 11in.

Species: Half-Angel, Half-Demon. Demon side shows.

Appearance: Black hair in a up and forward hairstyle. Red eyes. Thin average build. Wears a long-sleeved shirt, baggy pants, boots, and a headband (all shades of grey).

Residence: Hell Plane, level 4.

Personality: Cool and confident. Although somewhat distant towards others, he is quite nice to people and friendly to children. Likes to have a good fight now and then.

Abilities: SW (Levels - 1st: Ryuu Halberd, 2nd: ?)


- Will not fight young characters (generally around 13 and younger, may include young looking). At the very least, he will hold back a lot.

History (Bio):

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