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Hello everyone!

Thanks for visiting my humble abode

tl;dr - I'm a 17-year-old high school student, a musician, an artist, a gamer, and (most importantly) a relatively new writer, so please have mercy! I hope you enjoy my stories.

If you're reading my profile, then I guess that means you (choose one):

1) liked my story and decided to check my profile out.
2) hated my story and decided to laugh at my fail.
3) decided to randomly stalk me.
4) decided to do any combination of the three options listed above.
5) ... uh... whuut...? ur weird...

Haha, just kidding.

I've only recently become an active writer. Such recently came to me as a hobby while I was thinking of costume/fan-art/O.C. designs to draw. Certainly, my love of gaming will be blatantly obvious here...

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Location: One of the many states of the United States of America

Personality: Go and Google "Myer-Briggs Survey INFP type"... everything's pretty much there

About Me: I'm a gamer. Okay, that's not sufficient enough.

I am absolutely in love with music, art, reading, and having fun! [This includes anything from sniping people off of bridges with a bow in Skyrim or blasting my friends apart in C.O.D. (woops) to fooling around and doing random crap on M.M.O. R.P.G.s like Dragon Nest, Vindictus, C9: Continent of the Ninth, and soon-to-come Blade&Soul (I'm so excited for this game!).]

People who know me in real life will tell you how crazy, grammar-crazy, and *coughlackinginthecommonsensedepartmentcough* I can be.

Aside from all the blind-your-eyes-with-flashy-screens and literature/fan-fic stuff, I'm an active artist (although I'm still in practice as well as taking small steps to self-teach... well... myself) and a musician. I play the violin, sing, compose and cover all sorts of tunes. I have yet to update my DeviantART and YouTube page, so... stay tuned for that :l

Other Websites:

My Blog:


DeviantART: -To Be Announced- Nothing worth mentioning yet... lol

Hope to get along with you all!

Current Project(s): Please do not try to steal; such simply causes unnecessary trouble, and it is greatly appreciated if you respect other people's belongings including mine. Is that clear? ( ಠ _ ಠ )

Dragon Nest: Fable - A Dragon Nest Fan-Fiction; 2 years have passed since adventurers had set out in search of the Twilight Prophetess. The story follows the life of an archer, Kaaya, and her younger brother, Yan, as they travel through Lagendia in pursuit of their Telezia. Unaware of the abruptly changed world around them, for they have confined themselves to the safeties of the forest, they enter a new, strange, yet oddly familiar landscape. Crucial bonds will be formed to face the danger that awaits the siblings, as the expansion of the Abyss can only lead to conflict. This fan-fiction is based off of the Korean Version of the game.

Chapter Two: Mirrors and Mischief is currently being rewritten [Status: ?% Completed; Roughly ? words]
Chapter Three: Reminiscence
is currently In-Progress [Status: 5% Completed; Roughly 1000 words]

Dragon Nest Fable: Character Bios - What's a character with no background behind them? To keep track of names so that you all don't stray into confusion, here's a list of the characters and their backgrounds! All characters are my original creations.

*NEW* Flare - A TERA, The Exiled Realm of Arborea, Fan-Fiction; Nasche is a Castanic slayer and a Silver Knight of the Empyrean Divine. That’s about as much as anyone else knows about her. Cold and generally aloof, the woman is almost as enigmatic as her ambiguous past, always shrouded in mystery. Like a thorned rose concealed by an eternal mist.

She wanders the lands of Arborea with her mind set on vengeance and eradicating her enemies, those that would harm the innocent and threaten the Federation or even the Divines themselves. But with each passing day, Nasche feels her memories of years ago, memories of faded faces, warmth, and simpler times, gradually slipping away. And to forget frightens her.

So Nasche gathers her closest companions, and a night at the tavern becomes a night of reminiscence. And she herself becomes the storyteller of histories long lost to ash and dust…

…of a legend that lives as a memory.

Flare Honorable Mentions: Noillurie of Ambition, Delarya of The Empyrean Divine, Aceofjacks Project(s) at

Ex Lege Vitae Et Nil: The Charters of Life and Nil - [Full Summary is LONG (as in, 3-pages in MO long), so here's the narrowed-down plot]
Yrja, a daughter of Euforrian royal lineage, had always dreamed of a world beyond the darkness of the Umbra. As a girl, she finally set eyes on Helilon, the realm of light, and came into contact with a girl of Helion blood. The two would often spend their idle hours away, talking to each other, learning about the worlds that lay just out of reach. But one day, a small, thoughtful gesture led to the two realms teetering on the brink of war once again. The girls were torn apart, never to see each other. So Yrja, lonely and heartbroken, retreated back into the shadows. There, she resumed her lessons, learning how to become a proper Princess of Eunforra.

Years later, she returns back to the spot where she first met the girl. There, by mere coincidence, they meet again. How will the two young women, faced with generations of hatred, be able to continue their childhood friendship? Will it wither away, or will it blossom into something more? Loyalties are tested, rivalries resurface, and the world of Neovea is thrown into a repetition of its history.

Chapter One: Ribbon is currently In-Progress [Status: 265% Completed; Roughly 10,400 words; Experiencing Technical Difficulties]

Finis Terra - She was an enchanted deer with the power to turn into a human. He was a cursed man with the ability to morph into a wolf.

Chapter One: The Early Bird is currently In-Progress [?% Completed; Roughly 1000 words]

Forgotten Sanctuary - The Deity of Omniscience of an age-old empire long ground to dust and myth, Hiahn is determined to use all of her remaining powers to save the fate of two cursed siblings.

Forgotten Sanctuary [Chapter One: Condemned] is currently In-Progress [80% Completed; Experiencing Technical Difficulties]

[Important Note]: Unfortunately, I’m anticipating some trouble with keeping EIGHT separate plot-lines constantly updated. I’m already falling behind with my fan-fiction, Dragon Nest: Fable, because of my work on ELVEN, the development of Finis Terrae, and now Forgotten Sanctuary. Additionally, AP and Final exams are coming up, so things are looking pretty bleak. Accurate scheduling at this point in time is... pretty much impossible. But just know that I'm still working; I can assure you that. I've just hit a few blocks and stumps, so it will just take a bit longer.

Update (24 February 2013): I'M STILL ALIVE!!!Really! I swear! I'm working on a new TERA fan-fiction right now (added to the list of Current Projects) since progress for all of my other stories haven't been going so well... I might end up dropping them, actually, and stashing them away to pick up later.

I sincerely apologize for the awful delay.

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Dragon Nest: Fable reviews
Full Summary inside; 2 years have passed since adventurers had set out in search of the Twilight Prophetess. The story follows the life of an archer, Kaaya, and her younger brother, Yan, as they travel through Lagendia in pursuit of their Telezia.
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Dragon Nest Fable: Character Bios
What's a character with no background behind them? To keep track of names so that you all don't stray into confusion, here's a list of the characters and their backgrounds! This goes hand-in-hand with the Dragon Nest: Fable Fan-fiction.
Dragon Nest - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,514 - Updated: 3/12/2012 - Published: 2/13/2012