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Hi there

Back on Fanfiction after a not so short break. Hopefully I'll keep adding to the stories I've already got, so if you're waiting on a n update... soon ;)

At present I'm working on a project that has taken me some 2 years so far, that being the construction of the II Legion (Warhammer 40k, look it up heathens) and the recording of its history in a variety of different mediums, some even less cannon that it already is. At present I'm trying to help the Shadow knights become a wee bit more viral, which means any support is greatly appreciated.

I may do commissions, depends if I get any ;)

Below is my Deviantart account, where I will be posting pictures of my Shadow Knight Army (Including the mighty II Primarch, Valdes Rival) so if you by chance read the II Legion (pleeeeeeeeease) and like what you see, you can see exactly how I imagine these characters look and how they play in both 30k and 40k, plus Legion rules etc designed for use in game. Let us show these Traitors the full fury of the II Legion!

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Warband of the Forsaken Sons by Zahariel reviews
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Dark Shadows by DeepFriedDaddy reviews
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The II Legion reviews
It is the 31st Millennium, War and despair have yet to plague the empires of man, treachery has yet to reveal its foul visage. It is a time of heroes, mighty war gods lead legions of battle forged warriors on countless worlds in the Name of the Emperor and the Imperial truth. But two of them are doomed to be forgotten, lost in the mists of time. But this was not always the case.
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The War for Makuhero City reviews
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