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Author has written 2 stories for Tales of Vesperia.

Hi guys! I am DeMerio and I'm just your average guy who loves writing stories.

(Btw, my name is said: De-Mear-io)

I currently have two stories:

Tales of Vesperia 2: The Duke of Zaphias

An original story I have thought up about the adventure the original characters embark on, one year after the end of the first game. It is a sequel to the Xbox version but has elements of the PS3 version.

The story has the ToV1 party plus new friends and foes. It will contain (my best attempts at) humour, action, adventure and romance nearer the end. Between who however, you'll have to read to find out. ;) I will warn however, I do like to write dark parts and later chapters will hopefully be just that.

I have written my story to be as game-like as I could with original Skits and Boss Battle Secret Missions.

Lastly, I release a new chapter as often as I can. I hope you enjoy!

When the next chapter is planned to go up: Soon, friends, sooooon. The Great DeMerio has awoken!


ToV2: Duke of Zaphias Extra Stories

Since I really love writing my Tales of Vesperia sequel, I thought this up as a way to write more for it. While writing the story, I thought that certain parts would make more sense if they had more context behind them. One of the best ways I thought of doing this was to write them from certain character's points of view, in the first person. This will allow readers to see the scenes through the character's eyes and be able to read what they were thinking. I thought that this would add some very interesting depth to the characters and story.

In addition, there are some ideas I removed from the story. I will post them in this story when they would have come up.

Also, there will be chapters dedicated to skits, funny scenes and receiving title scenes (Which may be humorous too)

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoy writing it!

Youtube Series:

The Survival Diaries (Minecraft): Me and some of my friends attempt to survive the many threats of the Minecraft world; whether that be from monster attacks, from the effects of gravity or simply with each other.


Episode 1:


Tales of Vesperia: After having read my fanfic, one of my friends wanted to buy the game. He then asked if I wanted to co-star in an LP and I jumped at the chance. Watch me, DeMerio, and my friend, Pathogen015, play through the amazing game that is... Tales of Vesperia.

Episode 1:


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Radiant Zero (Head): http:///manga/digital/drawings/?order=9&q=R-0#/d5ld00e

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Here is where you can find many bonus stories from my Tales of Vesperia 2 fanfiction. Inside will eventually have bonus stories, retelling of parts of chapters/whole chapters from certain characters' viewpoints, deleted scenes and of course, bonus skits, titles and other little things for your enjoyment. I highly reconmmend reading my other fanfic first, or you'll get confused.
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