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Welcome, foolish Mortals! My name is Alex (not Alexy :P ) and I need more time. meh. thats enough complaining, back to the interwebz.*just fyi i ramble so you can skip this entire section if you want :D*

I am a huge Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance) fan, play Minecraft (on my PC) whenever i get the chance, frequently have my mind implode as i see the amazing stuff people do with redstone (in MC), send so many flames toward the Twilight saga you'd think i was a dragon (or had a flamethrower :D ), wish i had a flamethrower, wish i didn't have such a huge tendancy to ramble, wish i had a permit so i dont get arrested for possession of said flamethrower, wish i had something to burn, wish i didn't have such a huge tendancy to ramble, wish the world didnt hate pyromainiacs *quite* so much... and so on.
ALSO i'm a Brony now-meaning i watch MLP:FiM (my little pony friendship is magic). the first 3 series-es are terrible and should be killed with fire, but FiM is cool. also, the fanbase is FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!! seriously, you dont even have to like the show to like The Living Tombstone's, BronyDanceParty's or MicTheMicrophoneZero's awesome songs/vids. seriously. check them out. even if you think that ponies are the reincarnation of Cthulhu (which could be cool show anyway--heh heh, My Little Abominations: Insanity is Magic...), check them out. you wont be sorry. no, really, why are you reading this long-ass paragraph of grammatical horrors? SEARCH FOR THE LOVE OF CTHULHU SEARCH DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!...ahem...but yea, they are pretty cool. /sorehand

Minecraft-based amazingness...

EVERYTHING EVERYFREAKINTHING!!! ... there that about covers it i think.

Inheritance Cycle-based amazingness...

^see above^

MLP FIM based amazingness...(and the longest run-on sentance about cartoon ponies you will find in a while) i even have to say it? and also Rainbow Dash is the best pony because she can get 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat and holy living shi* on a stick that is overused...but yea. RD FTW, Applejack is OK is guess but Big Mac is cool (Eeeeyup!), Fluttershy is kinda boring except at peak points *you...are LOVE ME!!!!!, Twilight is interesting in that 'yeah shes the main character and is magical and pivital and crap--congrats' sort of way, spike the baby dragon is the second best pony because saying that would drive Twi insane (again, heh), Rarity is just sorta there to round out the group but nothin personal, and Pinky Pie is probably even more adept at being random than any other character in any kid's cartoon ever, Derpy is pretty much amazing in and of herself because she is Derpy after all (MUFFINS), the Cutie Mark Crusaders are ok i guess, they are kinda funny, HOLY crap on a cracker this is a long sentance, Tom is the best background character i think (props to those who know what that means :D, and as a final note i dont have anything personal (pony-sonal?) to any of the characters, i like them all, just some more than others. (pant pant) /handcramp

Shameless Non-Official Promoting of Amazingness!
Abney Park- Steampunk music group
the Glitch Mob- freakin' epic techno mixes
Minecraft (i bet you didnt expect that to be in this list huh?)
Inheritance Cycle (*gasp* just more and more suprises!)
the Order of the Stick (an online webcomic based off of Dungeons and Dragons)
Dungeons and Dragons (don't be hatin' :D
The Big Bang Theory (the TV show, is absoulutely hilarious, WATCH IT WATCH IT NOW!)
D&D Online (DDO) (a great MMO that is free to play-as much as any MMO gets-you can pay 10-15 USd a month for VIP status for extra goodies; also WoW can die in a fire because DDO is better imo)
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic (i watch Ponies now. Ponies are cool.)
^hate detected. firing orbital friendship cannon^ pew ^hate eliminated. proceding to phase 2: random song^ oh shi* nononononononononono...! ^song aborted^ yay! back to ... whatever the hell this godforsaken profile is supposed to be i guess...

Planned Stories to be Infrequently Updated*NOTE i do not own the Inheritance Cycle, Minecraft or anything else that is awesome. * *shameface*

because no one has combined my two favorite things- Minecraft and the Inheritance Cycle! your head will explode (glue not included), your eyes will bleed (unless Particles are set off), flailing punches thrown because thats all you can do with your hand, and 16-bit randomness (and explosions) shall ensue!
warning-chapters are going to be rated K+ through T+ for language, sexual innuendos and Arya being really freakin OOC in the first chapter)

Random Inheritance Crap!
a random collection of short stories/ideas/oneshots/disturbing crossovers in no apparent order (that YOU know of...muahahahaha) basically meant to kill off your brain cells (you didn't need those anyway right?) with stupidity and LOLZ. everything in here is intended as humor unless mentioned otherwise (yea right). any replies are appriciated and and ideas (PM please) given to me may or may not be utilized. any and all flames will be used against you to consider you a dragon and therefore vulnerable to +50% damage from all ice damage (no, i dont play D&D or DDO at
warning- chapters are going to be rated K (rarely in all likelihood) through T+ for language (as in shi, bleeped out), sexual innuendos and crossovers that make you wish you hadent read for the sake of your now-dying brain cells (ok JK there) (kinda) (idk it varies)

*insert witty outro here* /carpaltunnelsyndrome

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Random Inheritance Crap: CH 1 that's just scary reviews
Random Inheritance Crap-a modest compilation of any story/idea/bizarre oneshot that i thought should be shared with the world. prepare to lose brain cells. also individual stories. also, any individual stories will have varying ratings based on content.
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