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Well then, hello thar

Prepare yourself for the greatest! The one! The only! *dramatic pose*...

snort* who am i kidding. Let's try that again, eh?

clears throat*

Hey folks, Hantaliel here~

Uhm...uh...what do you want to know?

I'm a bit of a clutzy introverted kid(well, kid and kid, I'm 23 but i'm still a kid! I LIKE being a selfish, selfcentered, childish, and irresponsible, pathetic excuse of a soon to be adult!! Oh wait...adults are like that too, now that I think about it...) that has a somewhat hyper imagination that nags her into oblivion if she don't do anything about it. Why else would i be here? Well, there's also the little fact that i'm letting out my frustrations at not seeing my fav characters interact in the way I wish they would often enough...

Lessee...from my little rant you should have gotten three little facts:

1. I'm female

2. I'm 22

3. I tend to digress

I'll supplement the list by adding:

4. I LOVE sweets

5. I'm Chinese by blood and very proud of it.

6. I'm also very proud of the little kinda stuck up oil country called Norway because I happen to live here.

7. I have a strange fascination of small, sometimes meaningless visual details. Hey, I draw, so yes, visuals is something I focus greatly on.

8. I think in a very jumbled fashion which causes me to write sections of a story in a jumbled fashion too, which results in slow progress in the beginning, so I'll apologise in advance for anyone that reads my stories...It'll take some time before I pick up the pace with posting.

Another two small warnings I think I should include:

OCs will pop up here and there. I'll try to keep it at a minimum, though sometimes canon characters can't do certain positions in a story without becoming too OOC.

Yaoi from a very young age has lead to the decay of my mind so...don't expect much focus on hetero relationships from me...

This is my second account here on FF.net. I found my old one a tad too...childish...not me anymore...hadn't changed anything on it in years, but me being how I am(a sentimental dork) can't seem to be able to give it the overhaul it needs and make it suit me better...It's my childhood on the net! I can't give it an overhaul without ruining it!! So...here I am with a new account.

That's enough for now I suppose??

Hantaliel over and out!

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