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Author has written 11 stories for Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Nier.

Hi, I'm Fang! I see you managed to find your way to my profile. Welcome! While you're here, if you would like to catch up on any missed info about my stories under the 'announcements' heading, read through my stories, give 'em a review, and look up my recommendations (preferably in that order)?

About Me

I AM A REGISTERED BETA READER. (See BETA profile for further details)

Name - 0erbayunFang (What, did you expect my real name? Tsk, tsk.)

BETA status - Active

Birthday - 1st May

Star Sign - Taurus

Religion - I believe in reincarnation, and that's all. Don't shove your beliefs down my throat just because you can.


- Alright, I'm leveling with all of you. I'm going to rework TLTD. I'll have CrayonCalendar's help, but knowing me, I won't be able to stick to a schedule if I make one. I will, however, give you updates as to the progress I'm making. Honestly, it should be all done within six months to a year, but I'm covering all my bases. I've got a few chapters to sort through. Also, I'm thinking of changing the story's name, but I'm not sure what it should be. I'll work on that when the actual story's done up. The story itself will come out of the rework lighter in chapter number, but the story itself will remain, for the most part, at the same point as the latest chapter. It'll just have more description, hopefully, of the areas around the characters and even of the characters as they explore the world. I hope I do it justice.

- Guess who's got herself a BETA reader? That's right, it's this chick! CrayonCalendar is just the best, and has agreed to let me give him any and all FFXIII plunnies to read through before I post. Be sure to thank him!

- I've got a new story building for FFXIII. It's not posted yet, but I have all the plans for it (meaning I know how the plot's gonna play out!) safe and sound on my laptop, and I've already got ten chapters fleshed out. It's going to be called "Stem" and I'm really super-excited about it! I really can't wait to get started but I'm waiting til it's pretty much done before I even THINK about posting it.
UPDATE: It will most probably be completely done in about a year or two. It depends on how much time is available to me, and whether or not any other mystical plot bunnies (such as for CP or TLG) will appear.

- The Light To Darkness has been updated! Check out Chapter 21 now!

- Through the Looking Glass has been updated! Check out Chapter 3 now!

Recommendations: Deceiving Love, Organisation REI (Envious sky) Sweet sweet ignorance, Etro's Temple (seeker of the skies) Chance or Fate (YGP)

Supported Match-up(s)

FFXIII: Hoperai, FLight, Lanille, Fang/Vanille, Light/Snow (I firmly believe in H/L and F/V, though I do like the other ones)

FFX: Tidus/Yuna, Paine/Gippal

HP: Dramione, Hinny, Jily

Mortal Instruments: Clace, Simabelle, Malec

Infernal Devices: Will/Tessa, Jem/Tessa

Vampire Academy: Rose/Dimitri, Lissa/Christian

NieR: Kainé/Nier (Gestalt/Replicant), 2B/9S, 6O/21O (Automata)


I have split this section into two groups: stories I'm currently writing or have already written and stories I'm planning to write in the near-future. Bolded stories are my priority.

Key: (I) - incomplete, (C) - complete, (U) - unwritten as of yet, (P) - already planned, (SP) - semi-planned.

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2

The Light To Darkness (I) - Everyone has their own reasons for following a certain path: jealousy, fear, bravery and idiocy being only some of many of them, but righteous and good intentions can only get you so far. What compels someone to act, to save a life in the midst of utter chaos? What compels someone to try to rescue the already damned? And why do so many people have to die trying? (This one has by far my favourite summary *blushes with pride* what do you think? If you have any ideas or want to BETA my stories (I do need a BETA reader, I'll admit that, Claire!) just PM me with your ideas and I'll try to incorporate them, if not in one of these stories above, then in a new story.)

Better Days (C) - Your favourite FFXIII characters realise PSICOM's on their trail again and flee to the only safety they can - the nearby forest. And with the help of one, Lightning realises she shouldn't ignore what has been given to her. (AU, very short story, also the first one I ever wrote on the site, it's not very good, but you've gotta start somewhere. You could consider it a one-shot split up into five chapters. I am thinking of re-posting it as a full-blown story, but I really want its prequel to get some attention first.)

New Beginnings (I) - 'What is she hiding?' Hope is uprooted from the city he's grown up in all of his life. Although his school sucks, he meets new friends, and new challenges roll his way. Will he survive what's to come? (Quite obviously AU, my second story. I am quite proud of this one, so please leave some love in the form of a review or just PM me to let me know you're reading. I feel uncomfortable sometimes when I know people are reading but don't have anything to say about it)

The Second Titanic (I, SP) - When Lightning gets a letter saying she and her family and friends are invited to sail on the Titanic II, they think it's going to be an ordinary cruise - right? (AU. whoever says this should be in Crossover, it has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the movie Titanic. it has no movie themes whatsoever. No Crossover for you! *crosses arms like she knows what she's talking about*)

Reunion (C) - 'Nothing. I feel nothing.' Lightning is in limbo. She doesn't know who she is, but she retains her memories of those around her. And those around her, love her and want her home - one in particular. (Set after events of FFXIII and ignores events of FFXIII-2)

Where is My Mind? (I, SP) - Pretty much drabble about Snow and Lightning, mostly situated in Pulse, mostly there to pass the time. Am currently taking requests. (I might make a oneshot scrapbook about other characters as well, and if you want to request anything for these or any other stories I have in the works or something, just let me know in a review or PM and I'll see what I can do!)

If I May (C) - Hope's twenty-first birthday is coming up, and NORA were planning it for the fifth year running. What are they planning to make this birthday so different from the last? How will it impact his relationship with Lightning? (Something I wrote while I was sick. Contains a lemon, just to warn you).

Happy Family (C) - Hope didn't know how much longer he could keep going like this. (Oneshot, kinda angsty I guess.)

Driven To Drink (C) - Lightning just felt the urge to drink whenever Snow was in the vicinity. (Oneshot, mostly detailing Lightning's love for vodka whenever Snow's around and there's drinking involved. HopeRai if you squint.)

Annoyance All Around (C) - Cie'th are everywhere in Academia, and Noel gets frustrated. Serah attempts to comfort him, but it's really Mog that saves the day. (Oneshot, set in Academia. It's a pretty crappy summary, but it's all I could come up with.)


NieR: Automata - Cryptic Puzzle (C, P) - Certain important moments told from the perspectives of 2B, 9S and A2. Hints of romance, coarse language and death. (Rated M for the obvious - NO, that doesn't mean lemons! If you squint a little, you may see the 9S/2B ship sail.)

NieR: Automata - Through the Looking-Glass (I, SP) - There are strange rumors going around YoRHa and the Resistance. People are randomly disappearing without a trace and presumed dead, but this is the last thing on 9S' mind until he experiences the phenomenon for himself. When he, 2B and A2 are whisked away to a place that looks like home, but isn't, they will discover more about the world, themselves and each other than they could have ever dreamed. Will they find their way back home? Will they even want to? What is humanity's true fate? Meanwhile, the Operatives have their hands full trying to track down their wayward charges when their black-box signals reappear. (Thank Recycler for this little beauty! If not for him, this never would have come to be.)


Twisted: A Twilight Parody (I, SP)- A hopefully funny parody in which my good friend Lenah and I get thrown into the Twilight series. Will we make it home? Or will we be stuck there forever? (Summary could be better; I hate summaries. basically tearing the story to pieces with my friends because we were bored.)

Stories I'm planning to write. If you have any suggestions for these or the stories above, please let me know! I like when my readers know what they want :)

Final Fantasy XIII/XIII-2

Revenge (U, SP) - When Sanctum experiments turn on them, they are powerless to stop the chaos that follows. Lightning is one of those experiments and aims to stop more. Will she succeed? (HxL, AU)

Divine Conflict (U, SP) - What if Etro wasn't the Goddess most thought she was? What if she fought tooth-and-nail for a humanity who cannot protect themselves? What if Etro was betrayed by someone she loved, despite everything? What if Etro...wasn't Etro at all? (Something I came up with while listening to the XIII-2 soundtrack)

Eldest (U, SP) - In a world where magic and good are commonplace, two sisters live their lives as daughters of the Pharaoh. How will they fare when two strangers appear from nowhere, bringing with them emotional upheaval, freak storms and an ancient evil just waiting to pounce? (AU, FLight, set in Ancient/not-so-Ancient Egypt)

Stem (U, P) - In the year 3061, a malignant disease threatens all of mankind. The Academy continually works on a cure, but the disease is constantly evolving and is almost impossible to pin down, much less study. Meanwhile, a secret branch of the Guardian Corps, known only as SIGMA, protect the citizens of Gran Pulse the only way they can. Will this disease finally spell the end of the world? (AU, ignores the events of all three games. Will be rated M for adult themes, gore and death. HopeRai, FangxVanille, SnowxSerah).

Harry Potter

The Hogwarts Chronicles - Lenah Tsarro is an orphan, unknowing of her heritage as a Pure-blooded witch. When a letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry finds her, and then Professor Dumbledore himself, her world turns on its head. Thrown onto the scarlet steam-engine along with the legendary Harry Potter is frightening enough, but will she survive her first year? (Follows the main plotline to a point, but from Lenah's POV; pairings pending for this and later stories.)


Dance of the Evanescent - It is the year 3051, and humanity has gone back to its roots, eking out a medieval existence amongst increasingly dangerous wildlife. Amidst one small village not far from the Pacific Ocean lives Nier, a bright and simplistic young boy who cannot abide by cruelty of any sort, and his younger sister, Yonah, who is plagued by a disease humanity has dubbed "The Black Scrawl". Along his journey to save his young sibling, Nier will encounter new allies, and fight against a fierce and terrifying breed of enemy known as the Shades. But will he succeed in saving his beloved sister? ...Will he succeed in saving anyone? (Novellisation of NieR RepliCant. I briefly considered doing it for Gestalt, but promptly scrapped the idea, purely because Nier will have more luck accepting love if he wasn't a 40-year-old widower. And I ship Nier/Kainé hardcore. As you do.)

Heady Battle - In the near-future, there exists an underground world that no normal citizen knows anything about. It is a world of hardship, of trauma and violence, and quite possibly, of love - if either party believed in such a thing. But with a new enemy looming on the horizon, the possibility of such is highly improbable. (Twins!A2&2B. 2B/9S. Assassin underworld fic. Currently just a plot bunny.)

Wavering Faith - The story of NieR through the eyes of the longest-living androids the world has ever seen; two girls who have only ever had each other, and of Project Gestalt's collapse. (Plot bunny, told from Devola and Popola's POV.)

There. Above are my stories! Please, please, please, please, please R&R! I need some love :(


This section is basically a list and description of all my OC's, some of which are evil in some stories and/or just downright crazy.

Lenah Tsarro (This OC is one of my main ones, and stars in my stories 'New Beginnings' and 'The Hogwarts Chronicles'.)

- Bright green eyes, long black hair, usually tied up in a pony tail, in a tied-up plait or just plainly hanging down past her butt. Stubborn as all hell about almost anything, she is the one to have on your side during any sort of argument, or when your world is in danger of crashing down around your ears. She will listen to her good friends' problems, and more often than not she will beat up the person who started said problem. Fiercely protective of her friends and remaining family, this girl will both charm you and petrify you at the same time, depending on where you stand.

New Beginnings: Using the name 'Rainah' as a cover for her true name and purpose, Lenah is a vague, mysterious woman who is inextricably linked to her sister, her friends, and a very secret organisation, and may or may not have a tiny crush on the man who heads it.

The Hogwarts Chronicles: Lenah is a sweet girl, albeit puzzling and stubborn at times, and has had to go through a lot more than a girl her age should. Her only family was murdered and she now currently resides in the 'Happy Valley' Orphanage in Cokeworth. But that all changes when the great Professor Dumbledore himself shows up and offers to take her to a boarding school for others like her. "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry", the school in question, will show her that just because she had nothing to start with, doesn't mean she can't make her own future with the scraps that are given to her.

Andrea Stanford (Stars in 'The Second Titanic' and 'The Hogwarts Chronicles')

- Cool blue eyes, long black hair, usually kept in a tight bun to keep it out of her way. Often prefers to be professional, but sometimes her true nature shines through.

The Second Titanic - Lightning senses a dangerous aura about her that no-one else seems to be able to, almost sinister in its energy, especially around her. Why can Lightning never seem to force her guard down with this mysterious, sinister but seemingly harmless woman?

The Hogwarts Chronicles - A kind-hearted woman, Andrea adopts Lenah shortly before her eleventh birthday, unknowingly saving her from the hell that was an orphanage. But even the most kind-hearted and generous harbor secrets...

Ashely Greene (Pronounced the same as 'Ashley', stars in 'Revenge', one of the stories I'm planning, and 'The Hogwarts Chronicles' as a Greengrass)

- Grey eyes and short black hair died blonde, coming to around her shoulders. She insists that everyone call her 'Ashe', refuses to let anything get her down, and loves surprises, especially when they're made by the people she loves. Not one to mince words, she sticks to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, all delivered with a wink and a smile. She is confusing to strangers and downright insane to her best friends, and cannot stand to see someone close to her in pain.

Revenge - Ashely is a sweet innocent soul who still refuses to let anyone or anything get her down regardless of the situation, qualities that she's retained despite the hell the Sanctum put her through. She likes to think of herself as her team's calming influence, stopping them from jumping in while thinking irrationally - and sometimes when they're not thinking at all. She morphs into an eagle and has a hidden mind-reading ability.

The Hogwarts Chronicles - Not yet revealed.

Hannah Davis (Stars in 'Revenge')

- Short straight red hair and bright green eyes, a self-proclaimed chocoholic with a never-ending source of optimism. She doesn't believe in lies and she's no fan of people who tell them for kicks. A trusted secret-keeper who never leaves a friend behind, she will always have your back unless you betray her in the worst possible way.

Revenge - Best friends with Ashely, Hannah is one of the younger members of Keller's group and, during her captivity with the Sanctum, also one of the most prized and protected. As well as the ability to shift into a raven, she also has the power to create false memories and plant them into a single mind of her choosing. She can also coerce those with a weak mind (also known as 'hypnotism').

Raksha 'Keller' Lina (Stars in 'Revenge' and 'The Light To Darkness', the prequel to 'Better Days', which I am currently re-writing)

- Eyes that are a perfect mix of brown, green and blue, with green the prominent colour (could be considered hazel), long, long glossy, golden-brown hair tied in a messy braid. She is mysterious at best. You mess with her family, you mess with her. She's completely honest about what she's thinking about everyone, and loves a good fight.

Revenge - Keller is the mysterious leader of the rogue experiments and was the first to escape, causing other brave, labeled experiments to follow in her footsteps. With Lightning as her second-in-command, she and the rest of the experiments are on a quest to stop others from becoming like them. She morphs into a black panther.

The Light To Darkness - Keller accompanies Hope, Vanille and the others into the Vestige, where she is branded another enemy of the state and her home. But was Cocoon her home in the first place? Where does she come from? And what is her connection to Fang?

Galen Lina (Stars in 'The Light To Darkness')

- Messy sandy-brown hair, deep green eyes, freckles across the bridge of his nose. Recklessly brave, slightly naive, and loyal to the bone. The only person in the world he would do anything for is his sister, with whom he is extremely close.

The Light To Darkness - The group encounters Galen whilst in Bresha. It is clear that he is no local, and that he is rash and young. It appears that he is searching for someone, and that he currently harbors rapidly-deepening feelings for the redheaded l'Cie, Vanille. Unfortunately for him, her mind is almost always elsewhere.

Brenna (Stars in 'NieR: Automata - Through the Looking-Glass')

- A female android that shares 2B's facial appearance, and nothing else. Her hair is instead black, with red eyes. Fiery and sometimes quite rash, she is a modest soldier for YoRHa, acting as an intelligence officer paired with Silas, her best friend. Military alias '2B'.

Silas (Stars in 'NieR: Automata - Through the Looking-Glass')

- A male android that shares 9S' appearance, if he were modeled after a man and had red eyes and black hair. A quiet, insular sort, he is gifted in swordplay and is partnered with Brenna, his best friend, whom often he must calm when her emotions run too hot. Military alias '9S'.

Random Stuff

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Post Ruinam by Advocaat reviews
They've changed since the fall of Cocoon. Serah was never so wise nor Snow prone to introspection. And Hope… Sometimes, when she looks at him, she swears she sees another person looking back.
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Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 60 - Words: 421,781 - Reviews: 1878 - Favs: 2,324 - Follows: 2,606 - Updated: 5/15 - Published: 5/6/2012 - [Zuko, Katara] Aang, Azula
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Death. It had claimed Hope countless times throughout history, and she'd witnessed every heart-shattering instance. With Etro's aid, Lightning finally steps in, preventing his murder in Augusta Tower 13AF. But can divine intervention change that which is meant to be? In-game AU. Alternate Timeline!Hope/Lightning.
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Final Fantasy XIII - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 312,078 - Reviews: 273 - Favs: 267 - Follows: 307 - Updated: 2/21/2017 - Published: 3/15/2013 - [Hope, Lightning]
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Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Rated: T - English - Suspense/Romance - Chapters: 23 - Words: 99,231 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 32 - Updated: 4/13/2016 - Published: 4/13/2015 - [Caius B., Lightning] Noel K., Yeul
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