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Heya allllll! Wow ... I'm updatin' this again! Wow...

So what to say about myself? Uhmmm ... lets see.

I'll describe myself!

Who am I: Call me Zubs, Zubie, Zbee! I love writing! Whooohooo! If it wasn't for Physics, I'd probably end up in Literature ... or maybe Art. Ah well! Physics is all good!

Likes: Anime, Games (Resident Evil, StarOcean, GITS, XENOSAGA I&II, DOA, FF series, and so much more ...), playing all sortsa stuff, and eating chocolate.

Other likes(general or do with anime and games): Manga! Oh man! Sooo many! But at the moment: Eden, Claymore, Battle angel Alita - one of my favourites, Tenjou Tenge, D-Gray man, Shin Angyou Onshi, and a heck of a lot more. BUT!!! CLAYMORE manga is THE best!

Anime: Right now i am in love with Fate Stay Night!!! Absolutely beautiful! Also hooked on Red Garden (look at my website for more info), Chavalier D'Eon, Blood+ (unfortunately, i already finished it), Black Lagoon (has some splendid butt-kicking action!), D-Gray man, etc.

(Imaginary Zubair: Hey you! You're supposed to be talking about yourself! Dont brag about how many animes you've seen!)

Zubair: Uhm .. okay!

Height: Um ... not too tall. Just six feet! I'm an idiot (hehe ... some of the people I hang around with are like ... milord! Huge! So i guess I'm average ... whatever that means! heheh!)

Eyes: Black! Thats it people!

How old am I: (age sounds too formal) A BIG FAT SECRET!!!!

Where do i live: hehehehehe! So who wants to know? (grins)

Uhm, so anyway... what else? Oh yah! Hair! You cant forget the hair!

Hair: Black and always curly spiky!

Music: Right now, Kamelot is THE best thing that happened to me - in terms of music anyway, lol. Amon Amarth is great as well. Rammstein is Awesome! Disturbed has some pretty nice songs as well - Mistress for one. Love Apartment 64 all the way! Lacuna coil's pretty awesome. Evanescence as well. Linkin Park's up here. U2 rocks and some of Limp Bizkit is pretty good! I love E-nomine as well. Has anyone heard of them?! They are sort of a German/gothic/rock/pop band. Not bad! Techno's good when you're writing fanfics and so is classical. Bach or maybe Mozart! (the former being inspired by TJ!)

Well i gotta go now!

Hehe ... I'll see if I update this more often! Ah well! Sigh ...

Random Quotes 1: "Did you kiss?" - Hermione.
"Well?" Ron said finally, looking at Harry. "How was it?"
"Wet." - Harry ('truthfully')

Hahahaha ... oh man that scene from Harry Potter's latest is just sooooooo funny! Hahahahha! (rolls around on the floor)

Okie ... phew!

Anyway ... now that I've bored all of you ...!

Oh wait! I just remembered! Here is a list of my favourite characters(anime, movie, manga, etc.): Clare (Claymore), Saber (F/SN), Noriko (BattleRoyal), Yukio ( Battle Royal - Movie), Alita (Battle angel Alita), Kasumi (DOA), Ayame (DOA), Motoko (GITS), Tifa (FFVII), Lirael (Abhorsen), Sabriel (Abhorsen) ... and soooo many more!

Sigh ... If you're still reading this! You are very, very, very kind! (Not to mention patient!)

But ...! I gotta go now!

Now you know a bit more about me! Which is good!

Till later folks!

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