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Do people even read these?? o.O

Amateur baker...amateur gardener...amateur writer...hit me up if you wanna be amateurs together ;D

I will one of these days fill this whole darn white box with words...yes words...lots and lots of words...all sorts of words too...simple words...crazy words...words that don't even exist..words I can't for the life of me pronounce...words that should never have been made into words...

So I was texting my cuzin one day and found out "dinky" was an actual word...who knew, been using it without even knowing it was an honest to god word.

My cuzin one day tells me that dumber isn't a word and i'm like nooooo way, BUT then good old internet saves the day...ok not really it was the dictionary that did it but still, anyways dumber is a REAL word! HA! In your face cuzin...l kid, i likes u cuzin! :)

Yay!!! i gots words, courtesy of MrTaxiMrSimpleHaru (Thank you very much!)

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - The fear of Long words (it's not a real psychological fear though, which is rather interesting, seeing as I always heard of the fear but didn't know it wasn't real real)
(She learned how to spell this a couple of years I didn't stalk her, she told me)

Antidisestablishmentarianism - The disagreement of the disestablishment of the church in England.

Uncopyrightable - Not able to be copy righted.
The longest word not repeating a single letter.

There is an evil word in the labs that I attend that always twists my tongue and I have the hardest time pronouncing causing much embarrassment: spectrophotometry i rue the day i met you, though you do make a wicked lab tool.

7 kooky words made in the USA courtesy of ;)

Lollapalooza: an extraordinary thing, person, or event.

Sockdolager: decisive blow or remark

Catawumpus (sounds like something Catwoman would say...): confused or diagonal

Hornswoggle: to trick or hoax

Foofaraw: a great fuss about something insignificant or an excessive amount of decoration

Discombobulate (one of my favs): to confuse or upset

Bumptious: offensively self-assertive

Had a teacher in high school who would claim that "Yeah" was not a real word...which bugged me cuz it's as real a word as they come, although it is informal...but then again most words were informal at one point or another in their long lives.

P.s If any Koreans or Japanese ppl are reading then message me if you want, cuz I'm trying to learn both worries I'm not a creep...which is something only creeps say...huh...

Got a wattpad account that is collecting dust...that needs some love...if you guys are interested in non-fanfiction stories...


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