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Hello everyone! My name is laxusXlucyfan! I have recently joined FanFiction and currently only have 2 stories up.

I also have a DEVIANTART account, here is the link to my home page. :

The reason I picked my fanfiction name is because I am a huge fan of the LaxusXLucy pairing, though there is not much of them out there. I still enjoy other pairings as well, such as NaLa and GraLu, also LoLu and many more.

I really think Fanfiction is an amazing website with such talented writers and I hope you will all accept me and my writing with open arms. Thank you all for your support you've all ready given me. _

Some of my favorite animes/Mangas are:

1) Fairy Tail!
2) Ouran High School Host Club

3) Naruto

4) One Piece

5) D Gray-man

6) Shugo Chara

7) Toradora

8) Clannad

9) Inuyasha

10) Kyo Kara Moah

11) FMA/FMA Brotherhood

12) D.N Angel

13) Death Note

14) Angel Beats

15) Full Moon wo Sagashite

16) Fruits Basket

Here are some of my own personal quotes and short paragraphs that have inspired me to make most of the chapters of my story, "The 20 Man Game"

Nothing you can do.

Have you ever seen a friend fall to the ground in front of you, the only emotion on their face is that of pain? I have. It's scary. You know what is causing them pain, and all you want to do is help, but you have no idea how. It makes you feel weak and pathetic. That's my inspiration for the ending of this chapter.

The changes of battle

I've heard that war is a constantly changing thing. At moments things are calm, small moments of Happiness filling the gaps. Yet suddenly tragedy can hit so fast, without anyone being able to stop it.

The simple hug

Hugging is always a way to show emotions. Either it is for comfort or joy, is all gives us a warm feeling inside. When ever I feel overjoyed or sad, I look towards someone, anyone, for a hug. Hugs can be such amazing things.

There is nothing to fear, you're not alone

Even if times are hard, you always have friends by your side. They support you and understand what you're going through. So enjoy those little moments of peace and joy, and don't be afraid when those bad times begin to show themselves again. As long as your friends and family are by your side, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Small Clues

Those small, almost irrelevant clues can change the outcome of any situation. For it's those small clues that give us hope. Hope that we can see our lost loved ones again.


For any battle, a strategy is needed. If you just go running out into the battle field, you are sure to die. If you have friends though, and can come up with a plan, then you can survive. A strategy can come in handy, much more then you realize.

Some of my OC's!

Ven (Age: 16): He is small around the waist and is the height size of 5'5 (almost 5'6). Has a build similar to Natsu's and Gray's. He has light blue hair (sort of like a light ocean blue) that is straight and frames his face in the front, but spikes up in all directions in the back. His eye color is a mix between light gray and blue. It looks most like a gray when it is dark, and more blue when he is in bright lights. He normally wears a short sleeved black shirt (it shows off his muscles a bit _ hehe). His pants (similar to the ones Gray usually wears) are black as well. Ven, much like a chid, is excited very easily. Normally very happy and his eyes are practically sparkling with joy. Only on occasions when his friends are hurt are when his eyes grow dark and fierce. When he his angered his eyes turn to a dark gray.

He is a OC from my story "Old Friends and Jealous Dragon Slayers". His magic ability is Gravity Magic, which allows him to control the gravity of the earth and other objects.

Kiyo (age 18): Kiyo is 6'2 (tall 0.0) and has a very toned body. He has bright red hair that spikes up in all directions around his head. (His hair is sort of like how Loki's is from Fairy Tail when he is in his spirit form) His bangs are combed neatly towards the right side of his face, stopping just before they cover his eyes. Kiyo has dark green eyes that are always serious, except when he is around his brother or friends. His expression is soft and caring when he is around Lucy though (except when he is teasing her _) Kiyo normally wears a black leather jacket that doesn't completely go down to his waist and wears a white shirt underneath. Also wears long black pants that have a red line going down both pant legs.

Kiyo is also from my "Old Friends and Jealous Dragon Slayers" story. He is the Water Dragon slayer, but was instead implanted with Lacrima, like Laxus, instead of being taught by a Dragon.

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