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Welcome to my poorly written fanfics, hopefully you'll enjoy them.

I like writing general fanfiction that can possibly fit with canon...I like Sherlock fanfic and I can attempt to take any prompt and write it for you if you want. One of my favorite characters is James Moriarty- I like delving into the mind of the man and finding whatever strange things pop out. However, recently I haven't been nearly as interested in Sherlock...perhaps by S3 I will continue with that writing.

However, I am very interested in Criminal Minds, and unlike Sherlock most of these will not have anything to do with canon- I'm doing two stories on it so far. I love the fan fiction for Criminal Minds so I decided to write it myself. I'm not super interested in writing pairings, so it will mostly be general. I'm assuming that every story I decide to write about will be based on Spencer Reid, he's the one I can relate the most to and I adore his character.

Sherlock Stories-

'Not As it Seems''s probably going to end up being several chapters long- since it is in the works I generally know where it is going but I'm not entirely sure of every detail. (Current Position: Stand-still, can't get what I want into words. It will be a while before updated again.)

'How The Fuck Did You Get Into Our Flat' ...I'm not sure how many chapters long this will be, but I'm expecting many. I did it while I was bored and it ended up getting more notoriety then I expected. OC in Sherlock world, very fun to read. (Current Position: Stand-still. Not currently interested in Sherlock.)

'The Curious Case of James Moriarty' ...This is also another story I am currently working on (it's not posted quite yet, it will be very long and I'd much rather get many chapters in before I post. I'm also doing a lot of research.) It is essentially a Moriarty life story entailing his childhood, his teenagehood, his criminalhood- basically all the hoods up to Sherlock. I will try to fit all of Moriarty's life story into canon so you can gladly think of it as a 'headcanon'. Once I get to the Sherlock part of story, it will continue, in a seperate whole fanfic based from Moriarty's point of view up to his suicide. (Current Position: In-the-works, not posted. Due to the finale of S3 I'm waiting until I get an explanation of Moriarty's death)

Criminal Minds Stories-

'Assault of Empathy' *Runner-up for 2016 Best Drama in the Profiler's Choice Awards... This has become my most popular story. After getting pretty involved in Criminal Minds, I am now writing my first fanfic on it. So far it's the one I'll be writing the most, just because it's what I'm most interested in at the time (Current Position: On-going, chapters will be posted in a reasonable time)

Those are all my developments.

Thank you,

Moriarty-Mastermind (A Consulting Criminal)

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Assault of Empathy reviews
Dr. Spencer Reid is an Empath. He senses the emotions and mental state of others, can affect their own emotions, and feels the emotional imprint left on objects. He's dealt with the power since he was a child, and has learned to keep it secret. But how long can he keep it from the members of the BAU? Especially when the powers start getting hard to control.(2nd for 2016 Best Drama)
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How The Fuck Did You Get Into Our Flat reviews
Okay, I can't exactly tell them the whole truth. I can't say that I saw them on a show or that I know how their lives will play out that would just be- that would just be disastrous. I must be in a dream. "I was sitting in my bedroom, when I open the door to my bedroom and POOF!" I make my hands do a little finger flinging, "I'm suddenly here. In your home."
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