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HI HI!!!! I like writing Kenshin and...well, Kenshin. Kenshin is soooooo cute and the characters are easy to use in a story so it's easy to write for. I try to write alot on weekends and as much as I can in my hectic schedule during the week. Thx for being patient!!!

I LOVE Kare Kano. It's the best. Such a cute story. If u think it's stupid, then go to hell. muhuhahahahahah.. (j.k. nothing personel. it does not matter what you think. What I think matters!)

I also LOVE Fruits Basket!!!!!! It is the coolest. To bad they can't hug. Its so sad. I like Kyo even though... Well, I won't say if you haven't seen it. Kyo kyo kyo kyo kyo-kun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^(^-^)^

I love manga. It is awesome!! ^.^ I like the following: Kare Kano, Mars, Maramlade Boy, Fruits Basket and... any more I read/watch that I like!!

My Info:

Name: Amelia ?? (you'll never know!)
Gender: Female
Age: Not telling
Location: USA (hehe)
Likes: piano, dancing, talking, reading, playing on computer, gum, popcorn, stuffed animals, dogs, my dog, friends, music, manga, anime, and anything I forgot.
Dislikes: My brother, long trips, BUGS, people talking bout nasty stuff, annoying people, gnats especially, boring assemblies, graduation practice, practical jokes, and anything else I left out in my mind.

Chibi Me! (saw on another bio and thought it would be fun ^(^-^)^ )
Name: Mia
Age: 6
Location: USA(with me!!)
Likes: Everything I like and... sweets, chocolate, and more
Dislikes: BUGS, sour stuff, annoying boys, and anything i hate.

A little something you should know about me:
-I forget practically everything unless processed into my long term memory
-don't depend on me to do anything without forgetting something
-please save me from my mother, the perfect, neat, oh save me lord queen
-every little thing i do has to be perfect (Your i isn't dotted! you left dust on the sink!) (That's just a taste of it!)
-i forget what i'm talking about sometimes. just out of the blue. it goes out of my mind. (bye bye thought 0:))
-that's it. it think. (never depend on me) (I'm already forgetting... *sigh*)

Favorite Couples:

Kenshin/Kaoru (Kenshin)
Megumi/Sano (Kenshin)
Aoshi/Misao (Kenshin)
Yukino/Soichiro (Kare Kano)
Toonami/Sakura (Kare Kano)
Rei/Kira (Mars)
Miki/Yuu (Marmalade Boy)
Miki/Kei (" ")
Yuki/Tohru (Fruits Basket)
Kyo/Tohru (Fruits Basket)
Kyo/Me (My own little world)

I also want to do a Kare Kano or Fruits Basket fan fic. I need to think of a good plot. Hmmmmmm... I hope I come up with one soon!

Byes!! Cyaz!! Adios!! Ja ne!! Later!! Good-bye!! Ta ta!! Ummmmmm... Out of ideas... o.o

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