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Author has written 29 stories for Harry Potter, Roswell, Chronicles of Narnia, Wicked, Charmed, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Young Hercules, Smallville, and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.


I've decided to add a little section about stories to come (that I have yet to write a trailer for and even plan out) and stories that I've started. If I post up small summaries, then I'll have to write them and get them done. So here it goes:

Current Works-In-Progress:

Untitled for Now - A girl from the future is taken back to the past due to a connection she shares with Chris. The sisters are especially wary of the girl, who seems to have a certain power over their newest whitelighter. As she and Chris work towards saving Wyatt from turning Evil, they must also fight their feelings for each other. Will they succeed? Or will their attaction to each other distract them from their quest?

Choices - When Troy returns from winter break, he really wants to be in the upcoming musical. His phone-friend Gabriella encourages him and often gives him advice on what to do about a girl he's crushing on...Sharpay. As he gets the part in the musical, and grows closer to Sharpay, he is given a difficult choice to make when an important rehersal and the Championship game fall on the same day at nearly the same time. When he makes his choice, someone's heart is broken and now he must work to fix his mistake while dealing with his teammates who have now discovered his role in the play.

The Magic of High School - A new girl comes to East High and Troy is immediately attracted to her. Everyone seems to like her, even Sharpay. But soon a few students start to notice strange things happening that seem to be connected to her, when they discover something about her that makes everyone on edge, they try to deal with her themselves. Everything's a mess and now she must try to get them to understand her and how being different isn't always a bad thing.

East High Pirates - Sharpay and Ryan are different...much more different than anyone could have guessed. But who can blame them when they take a look at their uncle. They aren't even from this time, having lived centuries ago, out on the open seas. When a freak storm sends them back to their own time, a few of their fellow students are sucked back with them. Will they ever get home? Will they even want to leave?

When the Past Returns - An old friend of Hercules and relative of Iolaus comes to visit and attend the Academy. She and Hercules start to get closer and closer. When they need to help their friend Jason out of a jam by getting her to pretend to be married to Jason, Herc gets jealous and goes off to do something very dangerous. Can she stop him?

The Sound of Silence - Jason, crowned prince of Corinth, has a sister that is mute, but the gods can hear her, and so can Hercules. They bond over being different as she attends the Academy, but when she is captured by enemies of Corinth, a rift forms between her brother and Hercules. Will they work out their differences and save her in time?

Fire and Ice - A new student at the Academy has a hidden past and startling powers. She and Hercules are far from being friends, constantly fighting and competing against each other. As a fire that once nearly consumed him returns, she is the only one who can save him. When a past that nearly killed her retuns, he is the only one who can help her...will they?

Broken - Tess left for Antar while her family assumed she'd betrayed them. When she returns, they are less than thrilled, so she makes to leave again but is captured by their enemies. When they see her again, accompanied by a familiar face, she is not the same girl that left. All that they knew, all that they thought was true, wasn't. She's broken somehow and only the Pod Squad can help her. Will they?

The Destined Two - Clark and Alicia were very much in love, and it was a love that was predestined. They are more alike than they originally thought. Alicia was taken much earlier than intended, only to be saved by someone Clark felt was an enemy. Her true past was awakened as she was returned to Clark to help him on his journey to his own destiny.

Stories to Come: (basically ideas, not all have titles yet)

Harry Potter #1 - My first HP idea. In a time of war, there are always ideas and prayers for peace. When Harry comes back to his last year of school, a certain someone follows him. She and Harry have more between them than many know. She's become a major influence in his life, altering his entire perception of the war with Voldemort. When he gives up his will to fight in the war, suspicions are raised about the girl in question. When a talent of hers is discovered, fear for Harry's well being rises, and drastic measures are taken...measures which are not in the best interests of everyone...

Harry Potter #2 - Another HP idea. Harry and his 'family' are stuck in Australia for a business trip when Harry's path crosses with that of another, a girl. When he returns to Hogwarts, his friends can immediately see a change in his personality. He's more confident, more powerful, more...dark...What does this new exchange student from Australia have to do with it? How is her own dark past influencing Harry's future?

Harry Potter #3 - My last HP/OC idea. Harry and his friends meet a new student who isn't all that new. She's in Gryffindor, she's a 7th year, she's Madam Pince's assistant...but they've never noticed her before. When they start to get to know her, she ends up becoming an important part of their group. But when the identity of her parents are revealed, tensions rise between her and Harry especially. When Voldemort challenges Harry, he must accept, but there may be more riding on his final duel with the Dark Lord than he'd ever thought there could be. Will 'the power the Dark Lord knows not' be compromised?

The Light of the Moon - (title may change) Luna Lovegood is a bizarre character, but one who Harry really feels a closeness too. What if there was something lingering just beneath the surface, brewing between the two students without them knowing. When Luna becomes secretive and aloof, Harry takes it upon himself to find out what is wrong. But what he discovers may be more than he bargained for...let's just say...Harry isn't the only Hogwarts student with a prophecy about them...

Charmed #1 - An important person from Chris' future suddenly arrives in the past bringing grave news. Who is this mysterious woman? What is her relation to Chris? And why are the Charmed Ones so determined to see the future that Chris had warned them about? (lame summary, I know)

Charmed #2 - When Chris overhears an agonizing conversation between Piper and one of her sisters, he feels worthless, like he was just a big mistake. So he does the only thing he can think of...plans to go back to the future. Why should he care about the future of his family, if his family doesn't care about him? When his spell brings the one he'd been trying to save to the past, the Charmed Ones get their first glimpse at the new Source of All Evil...Wyatt. When Chris willingly goes back with the man, they follow, and are in for a big surprise...

Charmed #3 - Chris is wallowing in self pity one day in the park, wondering about the future he's trying to save when a girl sits down next to him. This single occurence changes the course of the future as he knew it. When he begins turning to this girl to talk of his problems, he soon finds himself attracted to her. He tells her of his family and learns that she has a bigger destiny than he'd originally thought. But how is it possible that her destiny is in the future when she lives in the past?

Haunted High School Musical - The halls of East High hold a deadly secret within them. The ghosts of the past still haunt the school, and two students are about to be pulled into their story. Two students who can't stand each other slowly find themselves being pulled towards each other. But is it their own attraction growing? Or the ghosts that have slowly been taking them over? Troypay.

-Just so you know...these ideas probably won't be written till the In-Progress ones are finished.

Hey! How are Ya peoplez?

SO here's some info about my fav's:

LOVE: Sailor Moon
Dragon Ball Z
Harry Potter! (Azkaban= best book, worst movie)
Lord of the Rings

HATE: non-fiction
A Series of Unfortunate Events
(a little disturbed by) slashes
And fiction that sounds like it could be non-fiction (ex. the Grapes of Wrath, etc)

I like to write, if you read my stores and have a problem with something in it please just wrtie it POLITELY.I have no tolerance for people who curse off others because they like the odd couples. So if you do not like my stories DO NOT READ THEM! Simple as that.

Thank You

P.S. I'm going to try to get Untitled off the backburner.


Things I'll Never Say
Going Under
The Truth
Love for the Wicked?
QueenT and Slayer Fae
The Prophesy
Icebergs and Ice Queens
History Repeats Itself
Behind Closed Doors
Family Ties
Destiny's Game
A Charmed Life

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