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The name is Morgan and i love reading,drawing, and watching animes.

Fav animes: inuyasha,db,dbz,dbgt,code lyoko,and ect.

fav couples in inu: kagxsess, inuxkagura, shippoxrin, rinxkoharu, inuxkag, sanxmir...

I am a true kikyo hater, i think shes just in the way between Inuyasha love life.

Some other reasons i hate kikyo:

1. shes walking clay

2. she trys to kill inuyasha and kagome

3. She lives... why cant she drop dead!

4. she takes innocent woman soul for her own selfishness(gross)

5. She just sucks peroid ( no offence kikyo fans)

6. only alive for inuyasha death

7. she stole kagomes shikon shards and gave them to naraku

8. she didnt even thank kagome for saving her

9. shows up everytime inuyasha and kagome get close in their relationship

10. she TOO DAMN calm

11. she shows no emotion

12. she wanted inuyasha to turn into a human for her own greed

13. Sh kissed Inuyasha in front of Kagome

14. She showed up and interuppted Inuyasha and Kagome

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Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, then weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile.

My name is Lucifer
I am three,
My eyes are swollen
I cannot see,
I must be stupid
I must be bad,
What else could have made
My daddy so mad?
I wish I were better
I wish I weren’t ugly,
Then maybe my mommy
Would still want to hug me.
I can’t do a wrong
I can’t speak at all
Or else im locked up
All day long.
When im awake im all alone
The house is dark
My folks aren’t home
When my mommy does come home
I'll try and be nice,
So maybe ill just get
One whipping tonight.
I just heard a car
My daddy is back
From Charlie’s bar.
I hear him curse
My name is called
I press myself
Against the wall
I try to hide
From his evil eyes
I’m so afraid now
I’m starting to cry
He finds me weeping
Calls me ugly words,
He says its my fault
He suffers at work.
He slaps and hits me
And yells at me more,
I finally get free
And run to the door
He’s already locked it
And i start to bawl,
He takes me and throws me
Against the hard wall
I fall to the floor
With my bones nearly broken,
And my daddy continues
With more bad words spoken,
"I’m sorry!", I scream
But its now much to late
His face has been twisted
Into a unimaginable shape
The hurt and the pain
Again and again
O please God, have mercy!
O please let it end!
And he finally stops
And heads for the door
While i lay there motionless
Brawled on the floor
My name is Lucifer
I am three,
Tonight my daddy
Murdered me
Now i roam the underworld,
to help those in need.
I may seem evil,
but i'm not.
And if you read this
and don’t pass it on
I pray for your forgiveness
Because you would have to be
One heartless person
To not be effected
By this Poem
And because you are affected,
Do something about it!

So all I ask you to do

Is pass this on!


Her name was Auroura
She was only five
This is what happened
When she was alive

Her dad was a drunk
Her mom was an addict
Her parents kept her
Locked in an attic

Her only friend was a little toy bear
It was old and worn out
And had patches of hair
She always talked to it

When no one's around
She lays there and hugs it
Not a peep of sound
Until her parents

unlock the door
Some more and more pain
She'll have to endure
A bruise on her leg

A scar on her face
Why would she be
In such a horrible place?
But she grabs her bear

And softly cry's
She loves her parents
But they want her to die
She sits in the corner

Quiet but thinking," God, why? Why is

My life always sinking?"

Such a bad life

For a sad little kid
She'd get beaten and beaten
For anything she did
Then one night

Her mom came home high
The poor child was hit and slapped
As hours went by
Then her mom suddenly

Grabbed for a blade
It was sharp and pointy
One that she made
She thrust the blade
Right in her chest,

" You deserve to die

You worthless pest! "

The mom walked out
Leaving the girl slowly dying
She grabbed her bear
And again started crying

Police showed up
At the small little house
They quickly barged in
Everything was as quiet as a mouse

One officer slowly
Opened a door
To find the sad little girl
Lying on the floor

It must have been bad
To go through so much harm
But at least she died
With her best friend in her arms

If you hate child abuse then repost this on your profile. If you don't then you have no soul!!

Month one

I am only 8 inches long
but I have all my organs.
I love the sound of your voice.
Every time I hear it
I wave my arms and legs.
The sound of your heart beat
is my favorite lullaby.

Month Two

today I learned how to suck my thumb.
If you could see me
you could definitely tell that I am a baby.
I'm not big enough to survive outside my home though.
It is so nice and warm in here.

Month Three

You know what Mommy
I'm a boy!
I hope that makes you happy.
I always want you to be happy.
I don't like it when you cry.
You sound so sad.
It makes me sad too
and I cry with you even though
you can't hear me.

Month Four

my hair is starting to grow.
It is very short and fine
but I will have a lot of it.
I spend a lot of my time exercising.
I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes
and stretch my arms and legs.
I am becoming quite good at it too.

Month Five

You went to the doctor today.
Mommy, he lied to you.
He said that I'm not a baby.
I am a baby Mommy, your baby.
I think and feel.
Mommy, what's abortion?

Month Six

I can hear that doctor again.
I don't like him.
He seems cold and heartless.
Something is intruding my home.
The doctor called it a needle.
Mommy what is it? It burns!
Please make him stop!
I can't get away from it!
Mommy! HELP me!

Month Seven

I am okay.
I am in Jesus's arms.
He is holding me.
He told me about abortion.
Why didn't you want me Mommy?

Every Abortion Is Just . . .

One more heart that was stopped.
Two more eyes that will never see.
Two more hands that will never touch.
Two more legs that will never run.
One more mouth that will never speak.

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You know you live in 2011 when...

1) You accidentally enter your password on a microwave.
2) You haven't played solitaire with real cards for years
3) The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is they don't have a facebook
4) You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the buttons on the TV
6) Your boss doesn't even have the ability to do your job
7) The books on your shelves are just decorations cause, really, who needs books when there's internet...
8) As you read this list you keep nodding and smiling.
9) As you read this list you think about sending it to all your friends.
10) Your evening activity is sitting at the computer.
11) You go to a party, sit down and take pics and put them on facebook
12) And you were too busy to notice number 5.
13) You scrolled back up to see if there was a number 5.
14) Now you are laughing at yourself stupidly.
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This is weird, but interesting! If you can raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane
mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. I cdnuolt
blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal
pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy,
it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny
iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The
rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs
is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed erveylteter by istlef, but the wrod
as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was
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I was walking around in a Target store, when I saw a cashier hand this little boy some money back.

The boy couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 years old.

The cashier said, "I'm sorry, but you don't have enough money to buy this doll."

Then the little boy turned to the old woman next to him: ''Granny, are you sure I don't have enough money?''

The old lady replied: ''You know that you don't have enough money to buy this doll, my dear.''

Then she asked him to stay there for just 5 minutes while she went to look a round. She left quickly.

The little boy was still holding the doll in his hand.

Finally, I walked toward him and I asked him who he wished to give this doll to.

"It's the doll that my sister loved most and wanted so much for Christmas. She was sure that Santa Claus would bring it to her."

I replied to him that maybe Santa Claus would bring it to her afterall, and not to worry.

But he replied to me sadly. "No, Santa Claus can't bring it to her where she is now. I have to give the doll to my mommy so that she can give it to my sister when she goes there."

His eyes were so sad while saying this. "My sister has gone to be with God. Daddy says that Mommy is going to see God very soon too, so I thought that she could take the doll with her to give it to my sister.''

My heart nearly stopped.

The little boy looked up at me and said: "I told daddy to tell mommy not to go yet. I need her to wait until I come back from the mall."

Then he showed me a very nice photo of him where he was laughing. He then told me "I want mommy to take my picture with her so she won't

forget me. I love my mommy and I wish she doesn't have to leave me, but daddy says that she has to go to be with my little sister."

Then he looked again at the doll with sad eyes, very quietly.

I quickly reached for my wallet and said to the boy. "Suppose we check again, just in case you do have enough money for the doll?''

"OK," he said, "I hope I do have enough." I added some of my money to his without him seeing and we started to count it. There was enough for

the doll and even some spare money.

The little boy said: "Thank you God for giving me enough money!"

Then he looked at me and added, "I asked last night before I went to sleep for God to make sure I had enough money to buy this doll, so that

mommy could give it to my sister. He heard me!''

"I also wanted to have enough money to buy a white rose for my mommy, but I didn't dare to ask God for too much. But He gave me enough to buy the doll and a white rose.''

"My mommy loves white roses."

A few minutes later, the old lady returned and I left with my basket.

I finished my shopping in a totally different state from when I started. I couldn't get the little boy out of my mind.

Then I remembered a local newspaper article two days ago, which mentioned a drunk man in a truck, who hit a car occupied by a young woman and a little girl.

The little girl died right away, and the mother was left in a critical state. The family had to decide whether to pull the plug on the life-sustaining machine, because the young woman would not be able to recover from the coma. Was this the family of the little boy?

Two days after this encounter with the little boy, I read in the newspaper that the young woman had passed away.

I couldn't stop myself as I bought a bunch of white roses and I went to the funeral home where the body of the young woman was exposed for people to see and make last wishes before her burial.

She was there, in her coffin, holding a beautiful white rose in her hand with the photo of the little boy and the doll placed over her chest.

I left the place, teary-eyed, feeling that my life had been changed forever.. The love that the little boy had for his mother and his sister

is still, to this day, hard to imagine. And in a fraction of a second, a drunk driver had taken all this away from him.

Now you have 2 choices:

1) Repost this message.

2) Ignore it as if it never touched your heart


Page If
Down The stairs

A teenage girl about 17 named Diane had gone to visit some friends one evening and time passed quickly as each shared their various experiences of the past year. She ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone. She wasn't afraid because it was a small town and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she walked along under the tall elm trees, Diane asked God to keep her safe from harm and danger. When she reached the alley, which was a short cut to her house, she decided to take it. However, halfway down the alley she noticed a man standing at the end as though he were waiting for her. She became uneasy and began to pray, asking for God's protection. Instantly a comforting feeling of quietness and security wrapped round her, she felt as though someone was walking with her. When she reached the end of the alley, she walked right past the man and arrived home safely.

The following day, she read in the newspaper that a young girl had been raped in the same alley just twenty minutes after she had been there. Feeling overwhelmed by this tragedy and the fact that it could have been her, she began to weep. Thanking the Lord for her safety and to help this young woman, she decided to go to the police station. She felt she could recognize the man, so she told them her story. The police asked her if she would be willing to look at a lineup to see if she could identify him. She agreed and immediately pointed out the man she had seen in the alley the night before. When the man was told he had been identified, he immediately broke down and confessed. The officer thanked Diane for her bravery and asked if there was anything they could do for her. She asked if they would ask the man one question. Diane was curious as to why he had not attacked her. When the policeman asked him, he answered, "Because she wasn't alone. She had two tall men walking on either side of her." Amazingly, whether you believe or not, you're never alone. Did you know that 98 of teenagers will not stand up for God, and 93 of the people that read this won't repost it?

LIfe Lessons

1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
"If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just finished

2. My mother taught me RELIGION.
"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."

3 . My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of
next week!"

4. My mother taught me LOGIC.
"Because I said so, that's why."

5. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC.
"If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going to the
store with me."

6. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.
"Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident."

7. My mother taught t me IRONY.
"Keep crying, and I'll give you something to cry about."

8. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.
"Shut your mouth and eat your supper."

9. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM.
"Will you look at that dirt on the back of your neck!"

10. My mother taught me about STAMINA.
"You'll sit there until all that spinach is gone."

11. My mother taught me about WEATHER.
"This room of yours looks as if a tornado went through it."

12. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.
"If I told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!"

13. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.
"I brought you into this world, and I can take you out."

14. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.
"Stop acting like your father!"

15. My mother taught me about ENVY.
"There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't
have wonderful parents like you do."

16. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION .
"Just wait until we get home."

17. My mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You are going to get it when you get home!"

18. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to freeze that

19. My mother taught me ESP.
"Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?"

20. My mother taught me HUMOR.
"When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me."

21. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT.
"If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up."

22. My mother taught me GENETICS.
"You're just like your father."

23. My mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born in a barn?"

24. My mother taught me WISDOM.
"When you get to be my age, you'll understand."

25. And my favorite: My mother taught me about JUSTICE.
"One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you."

Pickup Lines That Are Doomed To Fail...

1. You look familiar; have I seen you before? Oh yeah, I remember! You look like my next girlfriend!

2. Hey baby, I'm like a rubix cube. The longer you play with me, the harder I get.

3. If I bit my lip, would you kiss it better?

4. Do you have a map? I got lost in your eyes...

5. If I said you have a nice body, would you hold it against me?

6. You be an iceberg, I'll be the Titanic, and I'll go down on you.

7. If I tossed this 50 cent coin, what are the chances of me getting head?

8. I'll be the flower, you be the bee, and you can have a taste of my honey!

9. Are you an alien? Cause you've just abducted my heart.

10. Can I take your picture? I want Santa to know exactly what I want for Christmas.

11. Your beauty was so distracting that I ran into a wall, so I'm gonna need your name and number...for insurance reasons.

12. Excuse me, I lost my number. Can I have yours?

13. If being pretty is a crime, then you are guilty as charged.

14. Good thing I brought my library card, 'cause I'm checking you out!

15. Are you free tonight or is it gonna cost me?

16. Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

17. Are you an overdue book? 'Cause you've got FINE written all over you.

18. Do you have a mirror in your pocket? 'Cause I can see myself in your pants.

19. Did you fart? 'Cause you blew me away!

20. I know I'm no Fred Flinstone, but I can make your bed-rock.

21. The word of the day is "legs." Let's go back to my place and spread the word.

22. What do you say we go back to my room and do some math: Add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs, and multiply.

23. That shirt’s very becoming of you. If I were on you, I’d be coming too

24. Nice dress; but it would look better on my floor.

25. Did they just take you out of the oven? Because you’re hot!

26. If you were a new hamburger at McDonald's, you would be McGorgeous.

27. Can I borrow a quarter? I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the girl of my dreams.

28. Do you have any raisins? No? Well, then how about a date?

29. Can I interview you? I'm writing an atricle on the finer things in life.

30. Can you help me settle a bet? My friends say angels don't eixst...

31. Is there a ninja in your pants? 'Cause your butt is kicking!

32. What's that say on your neck? 'Made in Heaven'.

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Unstable Equilibrium by jtav reviews
Asami's father died when she was six. Since taking over Future Industries, she's devoted herself to justice for the downtrodden. Making things more...equal. For Korra, it's love at first sight. A pity no one told her how this balance thing was supposed to work. Equalist!Asami AU.
Legend of Korra - Rated: M - English - Drama - Chapters: 45 - Words: 201,870 - Reviews: 402 - Favs: 347 - Follows: 476 - Updated: 9/27 - Published: 1/30/2015 - [Asami S., Korra] Amon, Raiko
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Bardock Son of Gohan by Gamer AlchemistZ reviews
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Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 38 - Words: 82,003 - Reviews: 200 - Favs: 115 - Follows: 96 - Updated: 8/4 - Published: 6/20/2013 - Gohan, Videl, Pan, OC - Complete
Half Demon's Sister by OneHellOfANekoDemon85 reviews
Bella is a half demon and InuYasha's sister. When she goes back to Japan, the Cullens follow her and fall down the well after her. Read to find out what happens. R&R. E&B After Twilight, before new moon.
Crossover - Inuyasha & Twilight - Rated: T - English - Humor/Supernatural - Chapters: 24 - Words: 34,100 - Reviews: 179 - Favs: 194 - Follows: 156 - Updated: 7/4 - Published: 6/27/2011 - Inuyasha, Bella
Ralph and Sam by only-looking reviews
This is my Kim-and-Shego-slowly-become-friends-and-more Kigo origin fic. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Shego has it bad for Kim. Kim has no idea, about a lot of things. Can Shego handle being around Kim any better than not being around her? Love makes you do things you never expected to. Starts off post-StD, in the summer between junior and senior year. Slightly AU.
Kim Possible - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 22 - Words: 155,017 - Reviews: 320 - Favs: 263 - Follows: 413 - Updated: 7/2 - Published: 8/19/2014 - Kim P., Shego
A Second Glance, Book III by Valkrez reviews
They got a second chance, but what will they do with it? A parallel-canon story taking place in Book III of Legend of Korra. This is part 3 of the "A Second Glance" series.
Legend of Korra - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 4 - Words: 20,641 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 37 - Updated: 6/22 - Published: 6/1 - Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami S.
My Friend The Vampire by katara-zuko1714 reviews
Mako is a misunderstood student at RCHS, while Korra is the new girl with a big secret, she's a vampire. How would a misunderstood kid like Mako and a vampire like Korra ever going to be friends or more? Korra is a good vampire and Amon is a evil one.Tenzin, Pema, and the kids are vampires too and Korra is their child.
Legend of Korra - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 2,712 - Reviews: 25 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 6/17 - Published: 9/18/2012 - Korra, Mako
The Nameks (Demonic Love Followup) by Vickychan reviews
The sketch-style 'sequel' to Demonic Love, focusing on the every day life of King Piccolo and Frikiza. Piccolo Junior is still struggling to accept his new family, and King Piccolo is still determined to defeat Goku, while Fortune-teller Baba's vision of King Piccolo and Frikiza's future finally becomes a reality...
Dragon Ball Z - Rated: M - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 29 - Words: 122,221 - Reviews: 45 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 6/11 - Published: 2/9 - [King Piccolo, OC] Piccolo, Frieza - Complete
A Second Glance, Book II by Valkrez reviews
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Legend of Korra - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 27,572 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 6/1 - Published: 4/28 - Korra, Mako, Bolin, Asami S. - Complete
Sugar Queen and Thick Skull by Lemonmaker12 reviews
Okay this is gonna be a Yuri Lemon with Katara and Toph. There's gonna be a storyline too. The Sex will start in ch. 2 for you pervs. Please R&R.
Avatar: Last Airbender - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 9 - Words: 14,551 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 82 - Follows: 75 - Updated: 5/15 - Published: 7/3/2008 - Toph, Katara
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Legend of Korra - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 30 - Words: 109,874 - Reviews: 253 - Favs: 210 - Follows: 234 - Updated: 4/1 - Published: 7/15/2015 - [Korra, Asami S.] Bolin, Kuvira - Complete
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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,798 - Reviews: 84 - Favs: 152 - Follows: 248 - Updated: 2/28 - Published: 8/9/2012 - Kagome H., Sesshomaru
Twilight Priestess by LovelyLadyMarMar reviews
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Crossover - Inuyasha & Twilight - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 29 - Words: 49,609 - Reviews: 383 - Favs: 393 - Follows: 517 - Updated: 1/13 - Published: 7/28/2012 - [Kagome H., Seth]
Walking Towards the Sunset by Vintage Taylor reviews
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Dragon Ball Z - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Family - Chapters: 28 - Words: 169,864 - Reviews: 546 - Favs: 557 - Follows: 388 - Updated: 1/6 - Published: 4/4/2015 - [Gohan, Videl] Chi-Chi, Bardock - Complete
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Law and Order: SVU - Rated: M - English - Crime/Romance - Chapters: 47 - Words: 130,926 - Reviews: 184 - Favs: 60 - Follows: 75 - Updated: 2/1/2014 - Published: 8/8/2013 - A. Cabot, D. Cragen, O. Benson, D. Lewis - Complete
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