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hey hey hey

my name's fangalicious fudgy llama

my fanfics will be about MAXIMUM RIDE (note the use of the word "fangalicous")

MR is friggin AWESOME! (and fang is sexy ;P dylan's a carebare X3)

some info about me:

saying: when life gives you lemons, SHOW A BITCH HOW TO MAKE APPLE JUICE!

hair: brown and curly, pretty long

eyes: brown (but they tend to change colors. when i was little my eyes were blue, then green, then i had one brown eye and one green eye, and about 2 years ago i had hazelish eyes.)

I'm 13 (gonna be 14 on October 25). I have two half sisters, Shalee (15) and Emma (3 or 4. I don't see either of them much). My mom and dad have been seperated since I was seven. I have a step dad and a step sister. I have 5 cats, Polly (he's orange, 5yrs, yellow/green eyes and he has thumbs! he's a mitten paw cat. look it up), Jagger (he's black, 5yrs, yellow eyes), Karmen (she's a simese/himalain, 5yrs wit blue eyes and red pupils), Molly (she's a lot of random colors but mainly brown, 3yrs, brown wit gold flecks and is jags and karms kid), and P.J. or Polly Jr. (he's orange with what looks like tattoos, 3yrs, golden eyes and is jags and karms kid. we have no idea how he turned orange cuz karms wasn't around polls until now.) and two dogs, Prestin and Casper. C is 9 and P is 7, and they have white curly hair and brown eyes. my mom has black straight hair and green eyes. my dad has black hair, brown eyes and a lot of tattoos.

I play electric guitar, uchustic guitar, alto saxophone, and piano. i like to sing too, but i know i'm bad lol. my dad plays flute, bass guitar and he's a good singer. my step dad plays electric guitar and uchustic guitar. my step sister plays violin, electric guitar, and drums. and finally, my mom's a singer. not famous, just a singer.

i'm extremely clumsy (if that was in the olypmics, i swear to MR that i'd win. you can ask StormyCloud83), i have to correct people if they say something wrong or i'll literally chew my lip off trying not to, i'm very outgoing (i can't wait to go cliff jumping and serfing with my dad this summer!), people say i'm creative, so i guess that, i'd say i'm smart cuz i get mainly A's and a B or two on my report card, umm, i can kinda be at a loss for words when not planned out, and i tend to talk really fast. most of the time people can't understand me. if the teacher hears jibber jabber in the class and can't make out what's being said, she knows it's me. when people look at me, they tend to think i'm preppy, but underneath, it's an exact opposite story that i shouldn't really talk about on here.

when i grows up, i want to become an author and a doctor. and an avian. if that's possible, i swear on MR i WILL become an avian

favs list:

colors: lime green, black, white, and all neon colors (yes, even neon pink)

food: SPAGHETTI!!!!!!!

actor(s): JOHNNY DEPP (so sexy...) & IAN SOMERHALDER (so sexy... but not as sexy as Johnny Depp)

actress(es): JESSICA ALBA & NINA DOBREV (atm)

animal: dogs/wolves

i am SO on the wolves side (vampires suck, except ian somerhalder. he doesn't sparkle. he darkles. that's a real word!), but avian bird kids come before them sooo...yeah

BIRD: raven, albatross, dove, hummingbird, ostrich, flamingo, etc.

movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas (i have two awesome Jack Skelington hats)

movie series: Pirates of the Caribbean (idk if i spelled that right)

And my award for the sexiest guy EVER goes to... ANTHONY FROM SMOSH! OMG I F* LOVE HIM!:P melbell gets ian. ickth.


my absolute FAVS are: Three Days Grace (Adam Gontier is sexy), Paramore, All Time Low (Alex is sexy) and The Script

others are:


Lady Antebellum

Black Veil Brides

Lady Gaga


Cee Lo Green

Bullet for My Valentine

Bruno Mars

Adam Lavigne/Maroon 5

Justin Bieber (JKJKJKJKJKJKJK LOL HAHA that probably scared StormyCloud83 lol you know you love me)

The Ready Set

To verify any of this info, check with StormyCloud83 (sorry for puttin you on the spot like that stormy...not really. i do that all the time.)

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