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Author has written 4 stories for Code Geass, Bleach, and Fragile Dreams.

Konichiwa! My name is Shizuka Odamaki! I'm a newbie so please bear with me. My age is secret but,I'm pretty mature.I'm a female but, I'm a tomboy. NOTE : I'M A MAJOR OTAKU !!!!

Favorite Anime: Code Geass,Bleach,Ouran High School Host Club,Black Butler,Neon Genesis Evangelion,Naruto,Pandora Hearts,Kaichou wa Maid-sama, and many more.

Favorite Anime Couples: Code Geass: LuluEupie,LuluShirley,LuluSuzu(Please don't ask!),SuzuKallen and KallenRai(From Lost Colors)

Bleach: IchiHitsu(Again,please.),IchiRukiRenji(I like the love triangle!),HitsuHina(Not really) and GinRan

OHSHC: HaruHikaTama(Again,triangle!),HunRei(If you don't know Reiko,check Vol.10)

Naruto: SasuSaku(It's better than NaruSaku), NaruHina(Again, better than NaruSaku)

Favorite Anime Characters: Code Geass: Suzaku(Dreamy!),Shirley(She was so sweet! Why did Rolo kill her!),Lelouch(Nice evil laugh!),Euphie(She has to be the nicest and sweetest anime character ever!).

Bleach: Toshiro(Cutest and Chibiest workaholic ever!),Ichigo(Something about his orange hair or his desire to protect his friends got me interested.),Momo(I was really sorry for her when Aizen stabbed her.),Rukia(I'm really skilled with her in the Soul Resurreccion game. That and I love her drawings.),Byakuya(Go Byak-kun!),and Menoly.(At least she's better than that b*tchy Loly!!)

OHSHC: Haruhi(What a nice heroine!),Hunny(Super Loli-Shota!!!),Hikaru & Kaoru(The Hitachiin twins,nothing to say but, they are just like Tamaki!) I like every character in the series. I'm just lazy to list them all.

Black Butler: Ciel(Behold,Toshiro the second.) and Sebastian(Greatest Butler ever!!!)

Naruto: Neji, Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, Temari, Kankuro, Gaara, Lee, and Itachi.

Pandora Hearts: Gil, Alice, Oz, Elliot, Leo, Break, Lacie, Oswald/Glen, and Echo

Anime Characters that I hate or I'm ok with: Code Geass: Nina(I don't really hate her,I just see her useless. She's also very creepy.)

Bleach: Tosen(See useless!),Orihime(She's an ok character. I see her useless when she was kiddnaped by Aizen. I liked her in the first season of Bleach.), and Loly(Ah God! Do I have to explain this! She keeps talking about her 'Aizen-sama' and made poor Menoly follow her! She's a freaking b*tch!).

Here are my OC's so far.

Riruka Yoshida(OC not in use right now)

Age: Well she's a shinigami,you can guess how old she is.

Appearance: The Black and White Death of the Soul Society

Zanpactou: Aoisugi. I switched it because it suited Riruka more than Norii.

History:(WARNING, there are spoilers here!!) Riruka starts out as a 13th seat in the 2nd squad and a bodyguard for the Kuchiki clan. Her family had good ties with the Kuchiki's. Riruka was assigned as Byakuya's bodyguard(Byakuya was around a teenage year at that point). His first impression on her:"Are you a kid?"(Riruka was 9-years-old in Human years but her appearance mistaken everyone that she was 3rd grader). Riruka still respected Byakuya, eventually falling in love with him(Of course Byakuya didn't notice). When Byakuya married Hisana, Riruka still respected his chose and started to bodyguard Hisana more than Byakuya. Riruka respected Hisana so much and was crushed when Hisana died of sickness. Riruka helped Byakuya find Rukia and treated her like Hisana.

During a mission with Rukia and some other members of Squad 13, she was almost killed in battle when she was tending to Rukia's wound, leaving her in a bed-dreaded state, still recovering during Aizen's betrayal.

Two days after Aizen's betrayal, Riruka some how took the place of the 5th squad's captain and met Shinigami Daiho,Ichigo Kurosaki and his other friends. The two bonded better than when Ichigo met Rukia. Riruka visited Hinamori, promising her that she'll be a responsible captain to her and that she'll never betray her like Aizen did. Then she visited an old friend named Toushirou Hitsugaya. They bonded when Riruka entered the Gotei 13. The thing they share in common: being treated like a kid because of height. She promised Toushirou that she'll help him get revenge on Aizen. Finally, she went to visit Byakuya in his sickbed. Byakuya commented that he was so glad that she was safe, making Riruka break down crying and apoligizing for not protecting the Kuchiki siblings. Byakuya comforted her by hugging her and letting her cry in his shoulders(Whoa, OCC Byakuya!! I hate myself.). Riruka composed and promised him that she'll always be his shield.

Back to the present story, Riruka and Rukia go to Karakura town to deliver a request to a raven-headed exiled prince and a cheerful brunette. They meet Ichigo and he helps deliver the request which was easy since he was friends with the exiled prince and the brunette. They success the mission and... I can't say any more or else I'll spoil it...

Relationship: Riruka can be a tsundere at times so her relationship with some people may seem off from the others.

Lelouch: So far, it's a respect-hate relationship. In The Black and White Death of the Soul Society, if Lelouch makes fun of Riruka, or the other way around, Riruka will kick Lelouch in the back or Lelouch will karate chop her with a random book that appears in his hand. But way later in the story, Lelouch understand her feelings and will fight anyone who threatens to kill her.

Suzaku: In Riruka's opinion, Suzaku has a better attitude than Lelouch. Suzaku doesn't fight that often with Riruka, but along with Lelouch, he will fight anyone who threatens to kill her.

Ichigo: Riruka doesn't have a problem with Ichigo. Except Riruka wants Ichigo to call her Yoshida-taichou or Yoshida-san instead of her first name.

Shirley: So far, a flighty girl that's head-over-heel for Lelouch.

Norii: So far, a kind and gentle girl that Suzaku overprotects...

Rukia: One of Riruka's masters. Riruka states that she's also a good battle partner.

Byakuya: One of Riruka's master and Riruka's crush. Byakuya respects her as a captain.

Toshiro: An old friend who understands what it means to be treated like a kid.

Momo: Unknown for now...

Norii Sarusaki


Appearance:The Black and White Death of the Soul Society,The Ashford Academy Host Club

Zanpactou: I'll think of something. I just need to find the Kanji for it.

History:(WARNING! Some spoilers for The Ashford Academy Host Club!) Norii is a childhood friend and lover of Suzaku. She transfer into the Ashford Academy and finds Suzaku after 6 years. They some how got back together and was force to join the Host Club. Later in the story, Suzaku go's into seduceive mode and Norii got well, you can read the summary to find out.

I'm deciding if I should make a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon story. I love that game!

Going to cancel future projects for 'The Black and White Death: Lost Memories of War. Because I have some thing else planned.

Future Projects: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blur of Memories

Current Projects: The Black and White Death of the Soul Society,(Discontinued)

The Ashford Academy Host Club,(Will not be M-rated)

Full of Sunshine, A little Code Geass fanfic telling us about a little AU in which Lelouch and the others(and my OC, Norii.) are all grown up and are parents. I guess it's a sequel to The Ashford Academy Host Club.(If you really like SuzaXEuphie or really hate LuluXShirley, I suggest you don't read it.)

Loneliness Resolved, A Fragile Dreams 'What-if' fanfic about Seto finding an alive survivor instead of PF.

Some random phrases that I find interesting. Some are from Minecraft Youtubers. I'm not advertising! I'm just kinda bored and I'm away from my desktop, so I can't update my story's yet.

BODIL40! BODIL40! SUBSCRIBE, BODIL40!-Skydoesminecraft doing a Epic Jump Map... Map.

GET OF HIS CHEST, TROPICAT!!-Chimneyswift11doing a episode of the Minecraft Files

If you don't shutsie upsies, I'll force you to be quiet!-Chappy from episode 117 of Bleach

Cry me a river! You wimp!-Allegretto from Eternal Sonata

If that's just Black Star saying 'Welcome to my big show!', I'll be pissed.-Soul Eater Evans from episode 6(?) of Soul Eater

Bananas look like Valkines-Pascal from Tales of Graces

FRIEEEENNDDDDSSSS!!-Richard doll from Tales of Graces

I must say you look silly yelling at a pill in public.-Rukia Kuchiki from episode 7(?) of Bleach.

RRUUKKIIAA!! DDEEAARR!-Kon from a random episode of Bleach

Don't you look at me!!-Deadlox playing Minecraft Mini-Game:Siege

Who smeared butter on the Hadron Cannons?...-Lelouch Lamperouge from the Code Geass OVA: Nunnally in Wonderland

No, No, No. I'm going to kick your ass.-Flynn Scifo from Tales of Vesperia

When Aizen appears, everyone goes 'Kya!'. When Byakuya appears, everyone goes 'Nii-sama!'. And when Renji appears,...-Tatsuya Isaka from Bleach Live Bankai Show Code 002, who plays Ichigo Kurosaki.

For the Lolz, Dawn! For the Lolz!-Skydoesminecraft pranking Dawnables

...Something exploded.-Deadlox playing Epic Jump Map with Skydoesminecraft

...HE TURNED INTO A DOOR!!!-Skydoeminecraft playing Zombie Apocalype with Deadlox and Jason

I'm back in action and I just discontinued The Black and White Death of the Soul Society! -_-

Yyeaahhh... I couldn't really make it that interesting anymore I guess... There's some other reasons if you check the eighth chapter... Sorry guys. :p

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