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Where to start... lol I know what to do (for the next sentence, imagine someone talking REEEEEEAAAAAALY fast, k? (btw, whenever you see something in parenthicies you can stop imagining but when it's out of parenthicies imagine it again))!

I love cats and foxes my parents are divorced I write Pokemon and some other stuff I think Warriors is a milliion times better than Seekers and Survivors I live in Alabama I'm not a red neck I've gotten trapped outside in a thunder storm before (LE DEEP BREATH) and I was ten feet above the ground and really freaked out I'm a Christian (shit happens, guys) my favorite types of music are techno vocaliod rock electric some rap and dubstep my favorite TV show was Invader Zim but now it's MLP: FiM I'm writing a Regular Show fan fiction and an Invader Zim fan fiction I fell off of a swing (LE DEEP BREATH) before and the worst part of it was that I was all dirty when I landed yep I didn't even get a bruise I'm a lucky bitch I'm a girl the weirdest dream I ever had was about a giant toilet that a person who I had never met beofore got flushed down and almost took me too (LE DEEP BREATH) Tennessee is my favorite state because of the fireflies and awesome views and hiking and great tubing spots Erin Hunter is awesome I'm bicurious it ticks me off when someone keeps on talking in the morning when I'm trying to sleep and when someone starts fighting with me for no reason and when I'm holding an adorable animal and the animal decides to poop on me and that one time (LE DEEP BREATH) when I was holding a baby frog and was sitting on the floor and one of my dogs came along so I had hidden the frog under my hand and the dog stepped on my hand and killed the frog and everyone to this day said it was my fault the baby frog died (when I say baby frog I don't mean tadpole I mean like...frogling. XD) I no longer have a Flipnote Hatena account because my (LE DEEP BREATH) old DSi broke I got a new one but it was too late (RIP Flipnote Hatena) I'm also writing an American Dad! and Invader Zim crossover that'll be really weird and I would die without the internet and THAT'S ALL

Oh wow... eAe

Every thing you just read was 100% true. Bye now!

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The Return Of Lil' Gideon by Smiles1998 reviews
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Gravity Falls - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure/Mystery - Chapters: 3 - Words: 1,392 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 8/25/2012 - Published: 8/10/2012 - Dipper P., Mabel P., OC
Love Shot by Lolo25 reviews
When Timmy does another Trixie scheme he's plan turns a girl into a beauty. How can feel he for her without realizing he's falling for the same person. SUCK SUMMARIES! I mean really! Just read it PLEASE! (NOTE: This was an older work of mine for those of you have issues with grammar, I do apologize, don't read if you don't like it :3)
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Decisions reviews
Decisions are things that can effect pretty much anything. The effect of Decisions caused everyone in the town of Gravity Falls, Oregon, to look at Dawn Evergreen and Leif Cedar in a weird way. The effect of Decisions also caused the people to think about them in a weird way... No, not a weird way. A horrible way. All thanks to these stupid Decisions. Rated T for later chapters.
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