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Poll: Name three characters you feel Azymus from "Pure as Blood" should ally with, and become very good frinds. Yes, this does affect the outcome quite dramatically. Vote Now!
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This is Lucida Anseris.

Gender; Female, though my profile name does give it away somewhat, don't you think?

Age; Hello? Privacy

Interests; Writing, Law, History

Fanfiction I prefer to read; Pride and Prejudice, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Inheritance Cycle, Twilight

Pairings I LIKE;







Legolas/Elven OC

Eragon/ OC


Bella/ Member of Wolf Pack


Yeah, I'm not a great fan of canon pairings...

Pairings i always will loathe with all my heart;






Eragon/ Arya







10th April 2012

9th April 2012

"I'm going to go ahead and agree with *..
This is one of the worst concepts I've ever read. What's the point of making Ron/Hermoine/Dumbledore so manipulative/evil? it doesn't even come close to fitting there canon personalities. I'm all for AU's but when you take well established characters and give them completely different personalities it's just boring.
Harry is not a pureblood, or the heir to a bunch of dormant lines because Lily wasn't a pureblood descending from a long line of squibs. Once again I'm fine with AU (I actually prefer AU) but there needs to be some logic behind the idea, and lets not forget that this is one of the most overused plot devices ever.
Goblins are bankers not a genealogy department, they don't give two shits about wizards they just handle money. This stupid "ritual" idea would be the equivalent of walking into a bank, speaking to the teller and upon saying the right words he spouts some bullshit about your great great grandfather leaving a billion dollars to whoever had a certain trait.
Finally, having Harry change his appearance/name etc. is ridiculous, at this point it's not even a Harry Potter FF it's some half-assed, poorly written, unoriginal fantasy story.
This is bad. This story has no redeeming characteristics, may god have mercy on your soul."

I don't mind critical or harsh reviews. But, this is just plain insulting. I put out a plea to aeveryone who looks at this.

People should actually think before they write. What was the need for this???

I'm not going to take down my story because of you sirius009 but, you need to get an attitude ajustment, or you'll get nowhere at life. Do you think it's funny to rip into a teenager? For that is what I am, after all. This is my first fic, and i'm proud of it! For someone whose never written your own story on, you're rather judgemental.

Lucida Anseris


P.S. But, watch it sirius009. I'm not happy.

8th April 2012

Updated Pure as Blood. Astoria, Chapter Three is now UP! Thank you to tyme24, who is being a great help. Thank you to everyone who is reading and reviewing, it means a LOT!

If you are here, please answer the poll on what affliation Azymus should have. It would do a lot for the final outcome. Put in your fifty cents. Go on, you know you want to!

Lucida Anseris


7th April 2012

Updated Pure. Pure as Blood is now up! Thank you to those who have reviewed. I managed to skip Int 2 revision and work on the first two chapters, which are up NOW!!! And I just looked at my hits and views list, and had a panic attack. So many hits... its better than I ever thought possible. I only put Every legend has a beginning up at 11 ish this morning!!!

For a first timer, this is pretty special, so thank you all.

Lucida Anseris


11th February, 2012

Thank you to Aerodactyl Fire, who gave me her story 'Pure'. Any feedback from readers would be good, considering that I am the adopted author.

Oh, and my profile image isn't mine. Just to put in a disclaimer in here.

Lucida Anseris


10th February, 2012

Exams are now over (Thank god)

Lucida Anseris


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