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I have been writing for years but all by myself for myself. Then I found fanfiction and the rest is history.. meh :)

My first story on here is "And then there were three" .. set in the world of BBC'S Sherlock (and couldn't you just stare at that face forever and a day).

AU John's grieving teenage daughter comes to stay. It has established Johnlock, but won't be graphic, mainly because it fits with the story, and there are only two bedrooms in their part of Baker street. And my Jocelyn needs her own room.. I have changed the rating to K as it only really has a few sweary words and maybe some more teenage plus themes like bullying, puberty, loss of a loved one. and kissing.

Disclaimer. Nothing is mine, all belongs to the wonderful ACD, Messers Gatiss and Moffit, but Jocelyn and Layla are my own little sweethearts. No copywrite infringement intended.

No money, no profit just fun to play with.. and serves you right for making us wait too long for the next series.

Any and all reviews will be much appreciated, you don't need to be kind, just truthful, but if there is rudeness I will find you and turn you into shoes... (bless you Moriarty for being so inventive) ...well no not really but it's such a fabulous threat I had to try it somewhere.

Sept 2012.. started to review and update the chapters, trying to make them flow a little better. Nothing structural in the changes so its not a problem if you don't want to re-read them.

Show No Mercy
Okay, had a complete brainstorm and saw Sherlock' s face on the Show No Mercy Poster instead of Lord Hal in Being Human series 4. Wrote the first chapter and uploaded it because I couldn't get that bad boy out of my head, why has no-one mentioned that it is addictive to start new stories when you haven't finished the first one... And I called it Show No Mercy, because, because, because.
He is so baaaaaaaaad and evil and delicious in this one, I think I will have to go lay down in a darkened room, and poor brave sweet jumperless John is as mad as a box of frogs. Thats what happens when you take his jumpers away...
Spoiler... guess who Sherlock has made into shoes...heheheheh

Disclaimer, Nothing is mine except the blood offering. The worlds of T Whitehouse and Moffit and Gatiss collide... British Broadcasting Corporation owns everything. No infringement intended.

*Sept 2012... have been inspired as just seen the location signs for the filming of the new series of BH... did I tell you I live in the same place they film most of it... so expect a new chapter soon... *

The Crew Cut and the Mohawk. My first one-shot, (aw bless). Silly haircuts and escalating childish tit for tat with a little twist at the end. It made me laugh, hope you do too. (OOOPs it is Sherlock and disclaimers as above)

The Riding Crop and the Scalpel. My second one-shot. (aw bless 2) Warning : Rude and Naughtiness a "bounds". Yes pun intended. Body swap with Irene and Molly (go Molly). Anderson gets insulted, and Anthea gets revenge. Enjoy but it is naughty so beware. Meant to be funny. Hope it is. (OOOPs it is Sherlock and disclaimers as above)

The third one will be ... Donovan and Mrs Hudson... na only kidding, its Mycroft and Lestrade, (but now I think of it Sally and Mrs H also has potential hmmmmm) Any suggestions ?

A Good Man. Lestrade made me do it, he stood there in that church and was hurting so I am going to make things better, because he's lovely, he's lonely, he's loyal, he's likeable, he's luscious and he's Lestrade.
I wasn't going to start another story while still working on John's parenting skills and the evil genius of the devlishly deadly and delicious Vampire Lord of the British Isles, but he's Lestrade for goodness sake...not a one shot, he can have as many chapters as he wants, because he's lovely, he's lonely, he's loyal, he's likeable, he's luscious and he's Lestrade

* Sept 2012.. having a little rethink about this, taking on board some valid comments and intend to rewrite chapter 4, but not change it too much because it has to fit in with the rest of the story...*

* Jan 2013 * Revised Chapter 4 is up, new reason for Sally kneeling on the Andersons floor, and Sherlock being wrong... hope you enjoy and more chapters will be up soon. Reviews gratefully accepted

Disclaimer: As per the rest, not mine, only fun, and written out of love.

Impossible Equation (Sept 2012)

Set in the same Universe as And then there were Three, but back at the beginning and from Sherlock's point of view and how he copes with the intrusion of John's daughter into their lives. For Sherlock its an impossible equation because three does not fit into two... was meant to be a oneshot about the first time Jocelyn steps into Baker Street, but decided there was quite a bit of potential with the "firsts" theme, no real plot except for following the main story more an exercise in character development...and Sherlock is being quite a git... which is fun !

Disclaimer: As per the rest, not mine, only fun, and written out of love.

The Promise (Sept 2012)
shock horror, not a Sherlock Fanfiction, not even a cross over but a tale (tail... look I love puns what can I tell you!) of the wonderful Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega series. Go on give it a go, you never know you might like it.

Werewolves and welsh girl, motorbikes and menace. Ranting and raving, lunacy and laughs. Thats just the opening two paragraphs...this is a mystery wrapped in an enigma because I really don't know what I am doing with this one but its making me laugh and is fun to write and I hope you will like it too. Besides which Bran Cornick is fascinating and needs to get out more...

Disclaimer: Belongs to the mega amazing incredible talented Patricia Briggs and no infringement intended. Having fun, lots and lots and lots of fun.

Omega: Lost and Found ( Nov 2012)

Ok, had to go and do it. Its in the Alpha and Omega universe. Warnings: Mentions child trafficking and abuse.

Alpha Sherlock, his Omega Mate John, Alpha Mycroft and Alpha Lestrade rescue a group of Omega children from an illegal child trafficking facility.

Mycroft and Lestrade take in the one child they can’t identify and return to her family, Lestrade because he cares and Mycroft because he believes she holds the key to destroying the child trafficking network.

Please be warned, quite a dark fic with mature themes but not explicit.

The Sacrifice (Oct 2013)

First Teen wolf Fic. Read some fabulous ff stories which promoted me to check out the TV series. Have only seen a few episodes. What can I say but Derek, oh Derek wherefore art thou? Then I had a vision of Derek dressed as a Roman Soldier and The Sacrifice was born(Have no idea why but my brain just let me there... go brain)

Omega Stiles was about to be sacrificed to the Gods by the Druid Priests. He is rescued by Soldiers of the great Hale Empire. Stiles is no ordinary human omega, he belongs to the royal caste, may even be a son of the Sheriff, the Ruler of Beacon Hills. The same Ruler the General of the 10th legion has come to negotiate with. General Derek will know what to do about this, won't he?

A Gladiator's Tale (Oct 2013)

This is a one shot in the universe of my story "The Sacrifice". The image of Isaac Lahey as an enslaved and abused under age Gladiator rescued by Alpha General Derek Hale from the certainty of a short life of death fights and his hated father taken from that story wouldn't leave my poor little brain alone. So here it is, (Werewolf story)

If you read them and I really hope you do please please please review and blessings and love will be yours. (pleassssssssse)

Yve x

July 9th 2015 Update

Hi there, just wanted to apologise for the slow updating recently. Unfortunately I haven't been very well for a little while and it has really slowed everything down. I promise I haven't abandoned any of the stories that are still WIP just taking me longer than normal to actually write anything. There are some new stories that haven't been added to the list above.

A fine Romance with No Kisses - TeenWolf - Complete ( supposed to be a romantic comedy, with a little touch of angst)

Degrees of Love and Forgiveness - Teen Wolf - WIP ( Kid Fic - weretiger baby and Magical Stiles)

Second Chances - Teen wolf/Avengers cross over WIP ( The Sheriff V Tony Stark)

Thank you for continuing to read my stories, can't tell you how it cheers me up especially at the moment.

Yve x

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