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I'm a HUGE Inuyahsa fan! I know everything that's needed to know and more. I even know what happened to Kagome's father. I've been reading fanfictions since I was AT LEAST 10 or 11 and I hope that all the fanfictions I've read will help me write my own. I will stay in character to the best of my ability. All I will say is that in my stories I'll always add my own personality in to the mix. My favorite couples are Inuyasha&Kagome, Koga&Kagome, Sesshomaru&Rin, and Sesshomaru&Kagome. It used to be all about Inuyasha and Kagome or Koga and Kagome. Sadly I finished all the Inuyasha and Kagome stories and there are not many Koga and Kagome stories. So I began to explore my other options. I am open to suggestions. Any ideas or comments I'd love to hear. I hope I'm a good enough writer to please the readers out there :)

I do NOT own Inuyasha in anyway what so ever! All props go to Rumiko Takahashi. An amazing person with amazing ideas.