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UPDATE 12-05-2017

I realized people may want to read a teaser of my book on here. If you want to read the first 3 chapters, subscribe to my website by clicking this link. I'm going to paste the prologue of my novel Echoes of Ashes: Ember below:


Lightning forked across the sky, electric tendrils grasping at clouds and spreading like embers over a fire. Its flash in the night illuminated the forest below, if only for a moment, casting stark shadows on the faces of the bloodhungry canids stalking through the woods. They had been hunting for days, relentless in the pursuit of their prey. Their leader, a gray canid called Karkus, lifted his nose and inhaled deeply, nostrils fanning and absorbing the scents in the air.

Canids are the anthropomorphic wolf people of the Far Land, coming in all sorts of colors and breeds. These canids, however, were quite unusual. They were bloodhungry, having consumed the flesh of another sentient creature, and thus were corrupted, preferring the blood of that race of creature to all else. This made them excellent bounty hunters, and often cold-blooded killers. And, though bloodhungry hardly ever worked together, these canids had been hired for a specific purpose. A mission—one they must not fail.

The rain was delaying their progress, muting the scents around them. It was making it even more difficult to track the elf girl, and Karkos’s small pack was getting frustrated. He could hear them muttering and whispering behind him as they walked, clearly disgruntled with hunting this late at night, and in the rain. Their pelts were dripping, their armor was soaked, and they smelled vividly of wet dog.

“Quiet,” Karkos growled, baring his teeth slightly and angling his head to look at them. They fell silent as he eyed them. His ruby irises glinted as lightning flashed once more. “We are too close to give up now. It could be another month before we find her again, like last time. I don’t think any of us want that.” His gaze never wavered, settling on them each in turn. After a moment, he turned forward again, gesturing . “Fan out. I thought I smelled her, directly ahead.”

They spread out in a wide formation, combing through the woods with their noses in the air. Thunder cracked right above them, the earth under their feet vibrating from the sound. Several of the canids had already drawn their swords, as they were more fearful than the others. They were on high alert, ears perked up and swiveling to capture the quietest of sounds, even through the pounding rain. These nervous canids were the oldest recruits, having tracked the elf girl from the very beginning. They had seen what she could do, and would not be caught off guard.

Their search dragged on through the night, with the girl’s scent fluctuating from strong to weak every few minutes. They appeared to me making little progress. It seemed hopeless once again, and they began to worry they would have to start from scratch to find her. The rain was relentless; each droplet that struck them lowering their moral.

Suddenly, a glimmer of hope. “Here!” howled one of the canids, far to the left. The others howled in response, blood pumping through their veins in anticipation for the hunt to come. They turned to close in on their comrade’s location, sprinting through the mud. Lightning flashed again, and thunder like cannon fire sounded soon after.

Without warning, right in front of them, a new light flashed. Several of the experienced bloodhungry stopped in their tracks, whining in fear, for they knew already what had happened.

“You cowards!” snarled Karkos, in the lead, continuing his pursuit. He came to a small clearing, though it was not natural. The trees had been blasted away by something powerful, their trunks smoking and cracked. Those closest to the center of the blast had been nearly disintegrated. And, lying on the forest floor at the apex of the blast site, was a canid.

Karkos came to a stop when he reached the scene, feeling grim. The other canids came out of the woods in turn, each coming to a halt when they realized what had happened. After a moment, Karkos approached the body of his pack member, kneeling beside him and pulling his eyes shut with his clawed fingers. One of the bloodhungry behind him howled, with all of them soon joining into a mournful chorus. The eerie sound could be heard for miles, and even the clap of thunder could not silence them.

“At least he fed one last time,” lamented Karkos, noting the blood around the dead canid’s muzzle. His bloodhungry instinct tempted him to lick the blood off of the dead body, but he resisted, keeping his composure, regardless of how intoxicating the elf blood smelled. He turned instead to his fearful pack members, who looked to him for inspiration, though their red eyes were filled with fear.

“We are closer than ever before!” Karkos barked. “Our fallen comrade was able to weaken our prey before taking his last breath. He tasted her flesh!” The other canids’ tails began to wag, several of them opening their jaws to pant with anticipation, drool collecting at the corners of their mouths. “Know this: once we catch her, we will be rewarded with more elves than we can possibly eat!” His tone fell dark, as he looked each of them in their scarlet eyes in turn. “But, remember, should we fail, our fates will be worse than death.”

He turned around, towards her scent, which was now much stronger than before. He pointed towards the treeline with his sword. “Now go! Find her!” he howled. The others howled back in return, and they took off into the woods, renewed resolve consuming their every breath.

UPDATE 11-28-2017

Wow I haven't been on Fanfiction in quite a while, and who knows if I'll stay. But I'm back, for now, only updating a few of my stories.

Going back and reading Allora Silverfield honestly makes me cringe. My writing quality has at least doubled since the last time I updated it. Who knows, I may continue the story, I may not. It is a love of mine, being my first story I ever wrote. And I know a lot of my long-time fans really enjoyed it and would like to see it finished. The ending is still fresh in my mind, I'm sure it will come out some day.

As of now, what have I been doing? Right now I'm in the process of publishing my first full length novel: Ember, the first novel in the Echoes of Ashes trilogy. I have started my own publishing business, Owl Griffin Press. I have been working with fellow author Krimson Kane on a couple collaborative projects, including hiring him as a ghost writer under my publisher persona. If you don't know Krimson Kane's work, you can check out his amazing fanfiction here.

You can visit my author website at this link. If you subscribe to the website, you can read the first 3 chapters of my book completely free. The book is scheduled to be released February 27, 2018. I also regularly post to my blog, and, of course, you'll stay up to date on my work.

You can follow my book's progress and social media at my Twitter and Facebook pages.

I hope my long time fans who have stuck by me for so long take some time to look at my real work. I have come very far, and in the next few months, I'll be able to really call myself an author.

Thanks again, everyone. I have decided to maintain my profile as a sort of log now of my progress, so occasionally you may see new updates from me on this page. Happy reading!

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