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"I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant. It is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are." -Mewtwo

My work:

Allora Silverfield (in progress): My first story for Fanfiction. This story is based off of a lot of ideas about the world of pokemon that I had in my head for a long time. Most of them concern the fluidity of the "poke system," which includes the government, the choosing of careers by young people, the way the schooling system works, the creation of rare candies, and more. The story follows young and charismatic Allora as she travels with her best friend Cali, their friend Jamie who is Officer Jenny's son, and the mysterious Erik, who has more tricks up his sleeve than she can imagine.

Allora Silverfield Johto (to be announced): This will definitely not be the title, I will just have to see how to lead Allora into Johto from her Kanto adventure. This will be a sequel to Allora Silverfield in that it will complete parts of the first story that will be left undecided.

Soldier (break): The story of a young girl that grows up 1000 years ago in the world of pokemon. Pokemon didn't just appear when pokeballs and all of the technology was created for them. No, they have always existed with people. This story delves into the mechanics of how that would have worked in medieval times, as well as tells a deep story of a young girl's trek through life. Tired of being discriminated against, when the tournament for who will be the next ruler of the Rudan region goes underway but "No ladies shall participate," Vega takes life into her own hands. Living as a man to accomplish her dream, and trying to keep the balance of the Sects, things get pretty crazy.

Typeminders (in progress): This is a new world that I created where people can use the power of pokemon. People are born into being selected types, called minders. A fireminder, for example, is a person born into fire typing, that can use fire powers. They normally have flaming hair, reddish hot skin, and orange eyes. The main character, Connor, is what they call a normal born. Normal born people are people that aren't born into powers. They have none initially. They can learn up to two powers, but are inherently weaker than minders with magic. They can also soul bind with any kind of pokemon, being different from minders in that fact too, because minders can only soul bind with pokemon of their type. Connor must journey through the region to stop the world from coming to an end, and to prove that he can be just as good as those born with power, and that your label doesn't define you.

What You Know (break): Josi is a young girl who lives in our world; the real world. She enters a Nintendo competition with her pokemon handheld game and wins the international competition to become a "real pokemon master," along with a trip to Japan to meet the creators of Pokemon. What she doesn't know is that when Nintendo created Pokemon, the Pokemon Universe was given the right conditions to form into an independent, functioning world. The pokemon professors are the only ones who know about these two worlds, and the only portal into the world is in Japan, and in Oak's office. So far anyway. Recently Team Rocket scientists have discovered an alternate universe, and are planning to create a portal themselves to this new world. With no outlet point in the real world, when Rocket begins sending deranged bloodthirsty Pokemon through their portal, the pokemon will spawn from handheld pokemon videogames around the world, killing millions of innocent people, both accidentaly and on purpose. Josi is the real world's Pokemon Master, and partnered with the virtual world's Pokemon Master, she must journey through this new world and stop Rocket before it is too late. This is my second story for fanfiction, written in first person. I love this story, and if you like Allora Silverfield you will really enjoy this one.

Enlightened (break): Toni is a young college student at Violet City Academy. She is studying to be a biology major and pokemon researcher, but realizes that biology classes are a lot harder than you would think. She decides to take a pokemon religious studies course, and learns more about herself and her past than she ever knew, or would like to know. This story is rated mature for language and violence, not anticipating lemons. Several darker elements within, including child abuse, poverty, and death. One of my first serious stories, aside from Soldier. It is meant to be written at a higher writing style than my other works, and directed towards an older audience, even being fanfiction.

From Childhood to Destiny (break): Carson and Sky chance upon two stones as children that will change their lives. When the weather goes crazy in Hoenn, it is up to these two young trainers to stop it. Team Revival has captured two legendary pokemon that must be freed with their respective "keys" to calm the raging Rayquaza. In a turn of events, the whole world suddenly changes, and Sky and Carson are thrown into a world where Rocket is king and the only hope for righting all the wrongs is the wish pokemon. Be careful what you wish for.

The Unknown (break): Jessica is a very successful trainer already, and has decided to head off on her own... away from society to explore new horizons. BOOM. That's not the plot. In the midst of this a giant tsunami covers Hoenn. Kyogre has become upset with pollution and humans in general. Mostly Team Aqua, who have risen again after prodding at Kyogre and sealing away Groundon and Rayquaza. It is up to Jessica, as one of the strongest trainers in the region, to not only stop the madness, but stay alive, and try to rescue as many as she can, and remember the countless others whose lives were taken in an instant.

Clash of Ages (break): A story set in medieval times, about a young woman disguised as a man to join the military. Pokémon training is also common practice in military training, but can she prove her worth and show that she has what it takes, without letting anyone discover the truth?

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