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Hello there,

If you're reading this, it probably means that you were at least mildly curious as to who I am. I am afraid that that is a more challenging endeavor than you might have imagined. I will, however, attempt to satisfy your curiosity, to a degree, and open a brief glimpse into my being. Though I warn you, my explanation of myself will be rather long.

Allow me to begin. I am a complicated (and rather long winded) person. I have a tendency towards megalomania, among other things, and I am not what one would call your average person. If I were to choose one word to describe me the first that comes to my mind would be complicated, the second would be intelligent, the third fat, and the fourth strong. Picture an unusually tanned and scholarly viking and you'd have a rough image of me.

I am a collector of weapons of all kinds. They fascinate me, you see. What it is that I find so interesting about them is the intention of their design. Human nature, I feel, is partially embodied in the weapons we create. I find it interesting that as a race we strive ever further to invent new means of destroying one another. That is not to say that I oppose weapons, I was raised around them and I find their presence rather comforting. Though I can certainly concede that many countries seem to do better without them, I am afraid that I allow myself to indulge in a small measure of hypocrisy in that I refuse to have mine taken from me.

As a writer I find that my experience is severely limited. Personally, I enjoy happy endings. When I read I see the world that the writer describes in a kind of three dimensional view with ever changing camera angles. What I see and how well I see it depends on the writer and how he builds his world, so attention to detail is key. I use these worlds as a sort of escape, so when I leave them I like to feel like I was somewhere that was worth going to. To me a place's value is determined largely by how my last moments there were, so a happy ending usually leaves me feeling happy for at least several days, sometimes weeks. Not to say that unhappy endings aren't good, it's just harder to satisfy me with one. It must be very well done for it to work and I find unhappy endings are generally much harder to effectively pull off.

Now of course everyone knows that manly men have to get their fancy on, as it were. I tend to dress like a nineteen thirties gangster, apparently, or a sea captain. It depends on which hat I'm wearing. Speaking of hats, I have a slight proclivity for wearing hats and enjoy finding a good hat to wear whenever the opportunity presents itself. I've also taken to wearing several shirts which I came into possession of rather recently. They belonged to a person who is now dead. It feels weird wearing a dead persons clothes, but they sure are nice shirts.

Though I don't smoke, I like pipes and have a small personal collection. As I'm sure you can imagine, I read often and voraciously and have a large collection of books. I enjoy most forms of music, though I tend to favor classical (especially when I feel like the music tells a story or could be played at important moments in a story) and traditional instrumental music from Asia. I do not limit myself when it comes to music, however. I will listen to and enjoy almost anything, it's just that when I go looking for music I tend to follow certain patterns. I do not know very much about sculpture or painting, but I find both have a great deal to offer, it just so happens that I haven't explored that particular avenue of art very much.

So I suppose the image you now have in your head is of a some kind of axe wielding viking sailor dressed in a smoking jacket and slippers, smoking a pipe, while wearing a fez. While we're at it, let's add a monocle, just for fun.

Hmm... well, I guess that's the image you now have of me. Ah well, I suppose it'll have to do.

I think that that is probably more information than you wanted, so I shall leave it at that. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my work and that it adds some modicum of light and warmth to your life, if only for a little while.

Yours truly,

Deep Sea Anchor

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