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Author has written 5 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and 07-Ghost.

Name: Kagayaki


Gender: Female

Update: Well, I've been gone for a good 4 years without a notice to focus on my school work. Also, I've realised how cringy I was and I really want to bury myself in a hole. But everything which is in progress will be slowly updated as well as have the previous chapters deleted for the revamp. Thanks for reading!

My stories:

KHR!Famiglia column: Deleted

Was fun while it lasted.

Awakening: In Progress

A princess from Cirst. A prince from Raggs. Both fates are tied together but separated when they were in war with Barsburgh. Will they meet and realize their destiny or walk their own paths, against fate? An OC story, featuring another destroyed country named Cirst, the neighboor of Raggs. And also another eye, named the Eye of Laciel.

Breaking the Law: In Progress

Kurayami was snatched away from the hands of her family to be treated as a lab rat but was miraculously saved and raised as an assassin. One day, she was asked to tackle an irrealisable assassination; to kill the Vongola 10th candidate. However, under her teachings of the importance of repayment and the unfornate event of Reborn saving her life, she was made to train Tsuna. Will she find her true roots and family in the process? An OC story, featuring a Vongola hating Famiglia; the Alberi

Moments: On Hiatus

A series of one shots!

Valentines Day with Kyoya?: Completed

A little Valentines Day fic for D18

Worst Day ever!: Completed

A fic of Squalo dealing with the worst day ever

This part onwards is for me to take note or for you if you want to know more about my OCs


Name: Naito Kurayami (Last/First)

Code name: Thorn Owl

Age:15(Present) 26(Future)


Gender: Female

Birthday: 7/7

Love interest: Undetermined

Famiglia: Alberi(Trees)

Flame: Originally gifted with the flame of sky. Human experiments performed on her during the time of pre-ottavo Alberi Famiglia gave her a fusion of the mist and cloud flames, in hopes of creating an assassin with three main flames, which led to the birth of shadow flames but in the process the experiment cancelled out her sky flames and shortened her life span.

Flame property: Control

Box animal: Lupo delle tenebre(Wolf of darkness) and Civetta della Luna(Owl of the moon)

Box weapons: Throwing knives and needles

Vongola X gear: Shadow anklet

Vongola X weapon: Rapier Nerezza

Back story: Heir to a Yakuza family before the base was infiltrated and extinguished by the Alberi Family under orders of the Alberi Settimo. She was taken in by force and used for the experiments for research of flame fusions. Just before they were about to inject other flames into her system, Aletta forcefully took over the family and halted the experiments. Hence allowing Kurayami to become a survivor of the experiment.


Age: 26

Height: 169cm

Code name: Grimm reaper

Weapon: Scythe

Occupation: Varia member/ Vongola Shadow guardian

Status: Dead

First Generation

Name: Mafalda

Age: 26

Height: 170cm

Occupation: Alberi Primo/ Vongola 1st Shadow guardian

Weapon: Scythe

More on the Alberi Famiglia:

Current boss: Alberi Ottavo, Aletta

Trainer: Raniero

Backstory : As the shadow guardian, Alberi Primo formed the family and made the family to be assassin centred so that the role of the shadow could always be fulfilled even after her death. As years went on, the Alberi broke off from the Vongola under the Alberi Secondo. Soon after, the family went under harsh scrutiny when information of how the assassins were trained and of the human experiments were leaked to the other families. Despite this, the quality of assassins coming from the Alberi was still superb and did not affect the amount of requests from before Secondo took over.

07 Ghost OC:

Name: Amara Lorenz

Birth name: Verzicht Frai Cirst

Height: 170cm

Zaiphon: Manipulation (Main), Healing (Sub)

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