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Author has written 2 stories for Teen Titans, and Harry Potter.

Been awhile hasn't it? Long story short. Brain cancer. It hurts, it sucks, and yea...

Personal Information:

Name: McDowell and yes, it really is Fáeyte (Blame my mother)

Age: Last birthday was the 33rd

Gender: Male

Personallity: Scitzo? I think one thing and do another. I like to think of myself as reserved, romantic, and mellow. However people take this as brooding for the whole cancer thing, so I end up making pervy jokes, or trying to make people laugh with me or at me with stupid statements. I don't enjoy it but I feel the fake peppy-ness is needed to be accepted

Appearance: White and red!

Books: Fanfiction, Garden in the Moon, Tale of Two Cities. And so many more.

Movies: I don't much like movies.

Music: Liquid DnB, Ballroom style orchestra, Nightcore. Lots and lots of Nightcore. I'm a mood listener, it can be the same song 5-10 times in a row. Or Hollywood Undead then Harry Belafonte.

Radio Station: c89.5...anyone else who happens to play something decent for a one song block.

Story Information:

Cool Powers: Things I'd like to see

Harry Potter: Armis Mortis, Armor of Death. A shortened ritual spell granting the user a protective layer of death. Affects are similar to the Kaioken. Pros: increases to movement and base magical powers, immunity to Avada Kedavra. Cons: All of the spell damage taken is delayed until shield ends. Any physical contact replicates Avada Kedavra on friend and foe alike. Prolonged use may cause knee-jerk application during moments of heightened emotions.

Favorite Pairings: As main characters

Princess Resurrection: Hiro/Hime

Teen Titans: Raven/Beast Boy, Mild Starfire/Beastboy Cyborg/Jynx, Mild Cyborg/Bumble Bee, Mild Robin/Starfire

Naruto: Naruto/Konan, Naruto/Fuu, Naruto/Ino, Naruto/Shizune, Mild Naruto/Temari. Towards the end of Naruto I just couldn't see Hinata and Naruto together (Even after the Pein confession)

Bleach: Ichigo/Rukia

Love Hina: Keitaro/Motoko, Keitaro/Motoko/Tsuroko, Mild Keitaro/Suu, Mild Keitaro/OC

Full Metal Panic!: Tesse/Souske (Unrealistic in most cases but...fanfiction so there)

Kim Possible: Ron/Shego, Ron/Bonnie, Ron/Yori

Evangelion: Shinji/Asuka, Shinji/Rei, Mild Shinji/Rei/Asuka

Harry Potter: Harry/Daphne, Harry/Luna, Harry/Gabrielle, Harry/Tracey, Mild Harry/Hermione, Mild Harry/Fleur

Vampire Rosario: Tsukune/Mizore, Tsukune/Moka (Herself not her mother's half)

Least Favorite Pairings: As main characters. Non canon Yaoi/Yuri save SELECTIVE pairings Like to a certain story/situation once in a million shot. This is a list of avoided pairings, they are to me rarely done well or seem to need to much stretch to be believable OR they simply clash with my taste for pairing.

Princess Resurrection: Hiro/

Teen Titans: Robin/Raven (I can kinda see why...but still no) Beastboy/Harem (Nope)

Naruto: Naruto/Hinata (She gives her life more or less for him, and he ignores her for some odd hundred chapters?) Naruto/Tsunade (Not a fan) Naruto/Sakura (So mild it's rare I can see it working out) Naruto/Harem (Harems are fine, just right place right time)

Bleach: Ichigo/Orihime (Reminds me a lot of Naruto/Hinata. It seems to safe bet, or too tailor made to fit. So perfect it's just not engaging) Rukia/

Love Hina: Keitaro/Naru (He deserves better) Keitaro/Tsuroko (Misleading much? She IS married, so long as that is handled or addressed without simply killing her husband off it's acceptable) Keitaro/Mitsune (Rarely she is written well enough to deserve him) Keitaro/Mutsumi (I like her, but shes like Naruto/Hinata. Had Naru not been in the picture they would have a perfect relationship without much character building)

Full Metal Panic!: Souske/Kaname (During Second raid. I used to like the Tsundere trope, but the overt comical physical abuse is hard to get past. Like Keitaro/Naru she just falls short of enouch character structure to really acknowledge him)

Kim Possible: Ron/Kim (It can be good, but Ron's character in canon simply would drag Kim down too much ending in lost relationship) Drakken/Shego: (What where they thinking?)

Evangelion: Not really Against any I've come across

Harry Potter: Where. To. Begin. Harry/Hannah. (Blank slate character so 50-50) Harry/Susan: (Very few good stories found. But they were Very good) Harry/Bellatrix (Time Travel, Voldemort possession etc It's possible but usually not very good. Harry/Lily Potter: (I don't Mind incest depending on stories, but this is difficult without time travel or worse she was hidden in a coma)

Vamipre Rosario: Tsukune/Moka (her mother's half) Tsukune/Kurumu (Rare to find a decent one)

"Just some food for thought, Life is messed up enough for others to mess with it. Let those who are happy be happy, and one day you will find yourself in a better places, as a better person." Aitouketsu

Adopted Stories:

Love Me You Fool {Aitouketsu}: Troubling pranks, New villians, and more!

Sing For the Moment {Aitouketsu}: Keitaro, obtains a powerful item that he uses to change his life. For better or worse, that may not be for him to decide. (Posted as a one shot, I plan to take it further.)

More to come...

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