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Hey everyone. Just want to note that I have stopped writing my story for the time being. I have been having hard times and just can't seem to get to work on My fic. I'm terribly sorry to all of my reviewers and readers. However, this isn't the end of my story. I am still writing. I am writing a co-fic with my best friend, Torchie-1, and maybe someday, we might just upload it on here. So I'm not getting out of writing. I will continue my story and I WILL finish it. But as of now, I want to let you all know that my story is still on hold but not forgotten. I will try to write soon but do not know how long it will take. Thank you for understanding, everyone. Take care and have a great day. :)

BTW, it's been two years since I've started writing. :)

Not much to say about me... Hummm... Well I'm 18, and I started reading fanfics sence november of 2011. Let's see, I'm home schooled so I have a lot of time to read/write storys. Let's see, I think I played the first Spyro games in 2002, and have played the heck out of them, but did not know about the TLOS ones until october 2011, but as soon as I found them, I got them and played the heck out of them. I beat ANB in 6hrs, TEN in 8hrs, and DOTD in 12hrs, within a week. After the end of DOTD, I was sad :( I thought there should be more, so that is why I'm here, reading and writing stories. And sometimes, I do a little drawing, I getting there. And if anyone has questions about me, feel free to pm me and ask, I'm on this site everyday with my iPhone 5 so I'll pm back FAST!!! :D

Favorite game platform: PS3

Favorite games: Dawn of the Dragon The Eternal night, A new beginning, the classic Spyros, Rock Band 3, Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2 Uncharted 3, Need for Speed Most Wanted (PS2) and PS3, Warhawk Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty BL1 2, Ghost, The Last of Us.

Soon to get games: PS4 and PS4 games, Black Flag, Amnesia The Dark Descent.

The pic I have on now is something I drew from sratch for fun. It took me about two hours to do. :D

I also have a Deviantart account, my name is the same on there, I don't have much now but I have some better pics that I'll put on some day.

If anybody out there knows TRAXXAS or is in the RC life. Then please PM me and tell me about you RC. And I will tell you about mine. Like how I riged my T-MAXX 3.3 with remote start and remote cut off. Thats right, All custom. and easy too. AND CHEAP!!!!!!

This part of my profile will tell you when my next chapter will be updated. I will be letting you know in my chaps but sometimes there might be a delay or will update sooner, so I will let you know on here, It will say ( on time, delay, ahead of planned day, or the new day it will be put on)

Chapter 4 planed to be on, 5/5/12, delay to 5/19/12, sorry but another delay. D: new day (And it WILL be on at this time), 6/2/12, sorry no more delays for this chapter, promise... ;D (was updated on 6/3/12 due to internet issues.)

Chapter 5 plan to be on 6/16/12 or 6/17/12. (On time) Updated on time

Chapter 6 plan to be on after 6 weeks, 7/28/12 (On time) Updated on time

Chapter 7 plan to be on 8/11/12. Now a delay to further notice. Sorry, I have had a lot on my plate this month between BSA summer camp, vacation to Cedar Point, work, school, and other stuff. I have gotten lazy with my story but I hope to get back into the mood soon. Hope everyone can wait a little bit longer. new date. 10/1/12. Updated on 10/2/12

Chapter 8 plan to be on 8/25/12 (delay to further notice) New date: 10/7/12

Chapter 9 Plan to be on 11/30/12. updated on 12/1/12 because to internet problems.

Chapter 10 Plan to be on 12/25/12. (On time)

Chapter 11 Plan to be on 1/1/13. (On time)

Chapter 12 Plan to be on 1/28/13. (On time)

Chapter 13 Plan to be on 3/2/13. (I think a week late. Sorry, forgot.)

Chapter 14 Plan to be on 8/23/13. (Delayed two months later.)

Chapter 15 Date pending...

Cheat code for Spyro the dragon, for PS1. Go to the main menu but don't push start. Push L1, R2, square and hold them down.
You will go to a demo race of CTR. Cool!!!

Name: GP-38 (My ff name)


Location: In the good old U.S. of A. (Not so much 'good' in it anymore)

Hobbies: I love to work on my N/O scale trains. N scale or 1/160 scale, I have been in for 8 or 9 years, I've been working on a N scale layout for 3 years now, and I own a lot of N scale rare stuff like, 6 rare RF&P locomotives, 5 auto carriers, 7 flat cars, and the rarest 5 RF&P passenger cars, a rare sears catolog house, 5 single bridges, and a rare DAD'S root beer box car. O scale, I have been in for 2 years starting with my grandfather giving me his trains including the Spirit of 76. Layout in planning, my great grandfathers 90 year old trains, all lionel, and my new Hudson 4-6-4 steam locomotive. Rare o scales, my super rare oreo box car, 1 of 500. I love to fly RC nitro planes with my dad, I love to drive my RC trucks, like my T-MAXX 3.3 and 1/16 E-REVO VXL. I love raising my Chickens, and 2 dumb rosters. They're only 6" tall but cocky as all get out, or Suger, Honey, Iced, Tea if you want to go there. His name is Chicken Little and Comet... I like to play the first Spyro games, but like playing the TLOS better. I like to draw a little. I love to bowl, I have been into bowling for 11 years, averge 199 max game 279. I am in scouting, been in for 11 years, and now I am an Eagle Scout 2011.

I also love to fly RC planes. I have lots of them too. I think I have over 20 planes and helis. :) Ranging form a single 4ch UMX extra 300 3D, all the way up to a 7ch 35% Extra 260 DA 85CC. (8 ft wingspan) Flying is my favorite thing to do.

Things to do on free time: All my hobbies. And Fly my Planes. fly on the Realflight 6.5 simulator. and RealFlight 7.

Number of stories planned to write: 3 (Other two still thinking about)

Jesus had no servents, yet they called him Master...
He had no degree, yet they called him a teacher...
He had no medicine, yet they called him a healer...
He had no army, yet kings feared him...
He won no military battles, yet he conquered the world...
He committed no crime, yet they crucified him...
He was buried in a tomb, yet He still lives today...
Be honored to serve such a leader who loves us.
If you believe in God and Jesus Christ His Son...

Then PM me and copy this to your profile.

My stories Planned/In progress or completed

Age of Covexity-- in progress

Age of a new hero, part I-- Planned (Probably not)

Age of a new hero, part II-- Planned (Probably not)

Age of new life-- Planned

Age of eternal light-- Planned

The two hero books are still being planned out.

This part of my profile will tell you a little bit about some of my OC's in my story. Warning: This contains spoilers, if you have not read my story yet, please do not read this until you have read my chaps.


Age: 16

element: fire

New element: unknown til metioned in chapter

gender: male

A normal red fire dragon who is kind-hearted and will do anything to help train and protect his younger brother, Zackary, even if it means giving his own life for him. Even though he plays around with his brother that makes him mad, he still cares for him and hopes for the best for him. He and his brother had been living in a cave throughout the war and with high hopes of seeing the legendary purple dragon.


Age: 14

element: Shadow fire

New element: unknown til metioned in chapter.

gender: male

An unusual black dragon who can't find his true meaning to the world, despite his differences, he is a kind-hearted and emotional young dragon who always looks up to his fearless brother, Singe and always wants to help out in any way. Even though his older brother picks on him and drives him crazy, he loves him as much as a young brother should. He always discovers new hidden powers that he never knew existed when his brother trains him. His primary goal in life is to one day become stronger and more powerful then his elder brother, meet the legendary purple dragon, and maybe have a family and a home to stay again. He's a little shy at times and also is very sensitive.

Still to come, Zalon, Kitchaty, Trema and more.

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