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Author has written 30 stories for Harry Potter.

You can follow me on Twitter at @AcaciaCarter. You can read about me writing about writing fic that you will read. It's so meta. (Seriously, though, you might get some sneak peeks at stuff, if you're into that kind of thing.)

Hi. I write Harry Potter fanfic, and I'd like to think I'm somewhat good at it, but I'm terrible at profiles. If you came here to be further entertained, I'm going to have to disappoint you. Worry not, though, because apparently I have nothing else to do at my job but write, and so you have a treasure trove of more than 300,000 words below.

If you like what I'm writing, please review. I cherish every review I get. I put them in little bottles to look at when I'm sad. (Not actually.) I like to know what I'm doing right. Or wrong, for that matter. Really, I like to know that you care enough to let me know you've read it.

If I'm posting a Work in Progress, rest assured I will not leave it unfinished. I am physically incapable of not finishing something. WIPs will always be completed. They may go on hiatus, but they'll be completed eventually.

My OTP is Harry/Neville. Not sure where it came from, but frankly, it's adorable, and you get to reap the benefits, since there's not much Harry/Neville out there. I don't exclusively write Harry/Neville (in fact, you'll notice I get Neville to shack up with nearly everyone in canon), but I hold a small place in my heart for them.

Oh, you like smut? Sorry, I don't write it. (Much. Okay, I'm lying.) Plus, doesn't allow users to post smut. (AO3 totally does, though. Not that I have a profile over there or anything. :whistles innocently:)

And because it's bound to be a FAQ: Yes, when I block these scenes in my mind, I use the movie actors. Yes, I have a ridiculous fixation on Matthew Lewis's eyebrows. (Have you SEEN him furrow his brow? He could slay entire legions, I swear.) Thus, by extension, Neville has the Eyebrows of God, apparently.

How Best To Read My Stories:

Most of my stories are stand-alone and do not interact with each other in any way. While most diverge from canon, they are all different continuities. You can read them in whatever order you'd like.

There are a few notable exceptions: An Ode to Living, The Breaking Point, Polarity, and Tempus Vernum are all part of the same continuity, in that order. This continuity has been titled Long Way Down.

Likewise, Lost in Revision will make a bit more sense if you read Revisionism first.

Interesting Facts About My Fic:

Ode to Living was my first Harry Potter piece, as well as my first HP/NL piece. It was a plot bunny that bit me early one Friday and wouldn't let go until I'd spent the day giving it its due, beginning a longstanding tradition of furtively writing fic at work when I have nothing better to do. My intention was to write it and let it rot on my USB drive, but the lovely Nightsinger beta read it and told me I should really go about posting it, as well as continuing to write fanfic. Look what you've done to me, Nightsinger. This is ALL YOUR FAULT. This is the first piece in the Long Way Down continuity.

Tea for Two was a happy accident. It sprung into existence one night when I was waiting for my World of Warcraft raid to start, coming out almost fully-formed as I typed as fast as I could to keep up. It remains one of my favorite one-shots I've written.

A Scholarly Pursuit continues to astonish me. Most of it was written in a lounge chair in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, where I was vacationing at the time. I didn't expect it to break 10,000 words, and I didn't expect people to like it so much. It's still one of my most-viewed fics and I'm honestly flattered. Where are you all coming from? I'm bewildered. I also consider it one of my worst-written fics, so I'm in the process of doing a complete rewrite, since everyone seems to love it so much and I want to love that you love it. As an aside, yes - every single mundane plant in there, including the Jumping Cholla, is a real plant, from Mala Mujer to the Horrible Devil Tree. (The Jumping Cholla obviously doesn't actually behave like that...or does it?)

Revisionism was an interesting fic to write. Originally, the entire point of it was to have that Big Damn Kiss at the end when Neville comes out from behind the portrait, because that is my absolute hands-down favorite scene ever in HP7:II. (Be still, my heart.) Somehow, that Big Damn Kiss got more than 30,000 words of lead-in. I worked very hard to ensure that the "revised" scenes were not simply word-for-word copying from the books with Neville shoehorned in; if you compare, you'll see that I actually did rewrite every scene taken from the books, making sure that it wasn't the same. I'm kind of proud of that. I also had to reread the books several times in order to do sufficient research, in order to stick to canon as closely as slash would allow.

Lost in Revision was fantastically fun to write. When I wrote the last line of the first chapter for the first time, I literally could not stop giggling for a good five minutes, and rereading it, it still makes me chuckle. I never anticipated it going for so long, surpassing 60,000 words, and though I really, really didn't like Ginny when I began it, I've actually come to like her a fair bit, and I feel bad for what I have to do to her to make everything line up with Revisionism. Fun Fact: when I was looking for wedding vows for my wedding, I stumbled across a file titled "wedding vows" in my writing folder, found some I liked, and we used them. It wasn't until later that I reread LIR and realised, oh dear - I had indeed written those wedding vows, but, er, I'd written them for Harry and Neville. Don't tell my husband that they said them first.

You can't read An Extra Bed here. If you scour my profile above, you may find the very subtle hint of where you can find this Harry/Neville smut that I wrote as part of a challenge. And no, I did not write this one while I was at work. I do draw the line somewhere, and graphic depiction of two blokes bumping uglies is where I draw it.

An Intervention was a plot bunny that just would. not. let. go. one day over lunch, and so finally I gave in and started writing it. I kept saying to myself, "I can't believe I'm writing Scorpius Malfoy," and then, "I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM DEFENDING DRACO MALFOY," and then I finished it and went "...that's actually a pretty sweet story." For a gen piece, anyway. At any rate, it's gotten a rather good reception, and I know at least one of you was introduced to the lovely world of slashfic because you read it and wanted to read more of my stuff, so I'll consider it a win. This one is on hiatus for a little while as I pursue other projects.

I've been wanting to write something like Wand Lore for a while now. So after I finished Lost in Revision and was casting about for something simple and short and episodic to do, my mind came back to it. I'm rather surprised and pleased that it seems to want to be freeform narrative poetry when it grows up - this is a style of writing I don't get to do often since everything else I write requires a different sort of prose. And while it's not exactly a bid for more reviews, this story really does need reviews - the kind-of-subtle prologue is begging for them, actually, because I want you to tell me whose wand you want to see the story for. It's almost an exercise for me as a writer, to try and get inside the persona of someone's wand that I don't even like and would never have thought of and try to tell a story. Do it. You know you want to.

The Breaking Point was written for a challenge on Archive of Our Own, and holy nuggets, it's a dark fic. I really, really want to hug Neville at the end of it, but he probably wouldn't let me. I actually kind of disturbed myself when I wrote it. I... don't think I like writing torture. It makes my lungs feel funny. This story comes second in the Long Way Down continuity.

Small Hours is another off-site challenge, this one MuggleNet FanFiction. My prompt was "Christmas at Ground Zero," and the story had to take place during one of the Wizarding Wars and could not be at Hogwarts. That kind of made it difficult for me to slip Neville in, but if you read it, you'll see that I managed it. This story won second place in that challenge, by the way, which tickles me pink.

Second Guesses. This totally destroys my reputation as a slashfic writer, but dammit, Luna's just so much fun to write, and I'm really enjoying looking at this window in Neville's life. Treat it more as a Neville story than a Neville/Luna ship, even though the ship does seem to take center stage for most of it. It's finally finished, and I'm absolutely thrilled that people not only like it, they're not raking me over the coals for the way it ended. I was expecting torches and pitchforks.

Policy and Protocol was written for a challenge at MuggleNet FanFiction. The only requirement is that it has to be more than 1,500 words and contain a ship. Since I haven't visited Harry and Neville for a while, I decided to get back to my roots and the result is something I'm very pleased with.

Polarity Yessss! Back on track with the slashfic! Although, um, you may notice it kind of strays from my Harry/Neville icon up there, in that this story is quite firmly Neville/Draco. Yes, Draco. In fact, it's a Draco fic with Neville in. I'm not sure what's gotten into me. Once again, I'm having a ton of fun playing with a new character, and the ship is absolutely intriguing and moves in ways that Harry/Neville just doesn't. This story comes third in the Long Way Down continuity.

You also can't read Friction here. Once again, it is too explicit for the likes of FF.N, and so it has been relegated to Archive of our Own to live with An Extra Bed. If you like shameless PWP with The Boys of Prophecy, you might want to head over there.

A Most Auspicious Mistake is another MNFF challenge, this one focusing on Percy and Audrey, of all pairings. I actually quite like it - Percy was a refreshing departure from writing Harry or Neville, and it was fun to explore the beginnings of his relationship with Audrey.

Of Babbling and Balls is yet another MNFF challenge. There's not much to say about this one. It's a story, all right.

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much was my last entry into that MNFF challenge, and by this point I was grasping at straws trying to find characters that had not yet been taken. And so I ended with The Fat Lady and Sir Cadogan, and wrote this out in about an hour and a half, submitting it with a whole hour to spare before the challenge deadline. It really was very fun, as well as being my first (and so far only) piece written in first person present tense.
(Wand Lore doesn't count.)

Tempus Vernum is actually my pride and joy. This was written for a plot challenge at (you guessed it) MNFF, and it won first place in its category. If you're looking for something representative of my writing style and preferences, this piece is it. Fourth in the Long Way Down continuity.

Bless You is just a short, sweet Neville/Hannah (one of my first). I wanted to write this kiss, and really couldn't see it happening between anyone but Neville and Hannah, and so here we are.

Briefly is a collection of drabbles, 1000 words or less. Most of them are about Neville. A few of them have won awards. I'm particularly proud of the one entitled "Flowers."

Can't Fight the Moonlight: No. No, I can't explain where this one came from. If you want to follow along, grab a moon phase chart from 2007.

His and Hers was written for another MNFF challenge in which I had to write a story for a picture someone else drew. The picture was a portrait of Hannah on her wedding day. Well, since we know who Hannah married, that made this a Neville/Hannah story. Do note that, yes, I reused the wedding vows from Lost in Revision and my own wedding because they're beautiful (that's why we said them in real life). But, thankfully, NONE of the disasters in this story actually happened at my wedding.

Badges: Good lord, I write for a lot of MNFF challenges. This was a character study challenge, requiring me to write a "missing moment" of one of the major characters' lives. Well, I wouldn't be Acacia Carter if I didn't write about Neville, and so I chose the moment that he took over Dumbledore's Army and made it his own.

Strong Enough to Break is all my beta reader's fault. We were messing around on AIM and she was chiding me for all the people I've paired Neville with, and she dared me to write a Neville/NextGen. And lo, the plot bunny bit. I am actually greatly, greatly enjoying this storyline and this iteration of Neville.

Once again, you cannot read The Unbound Principles of Feverfew at FF.N. It resides where all my other smut resides. Er, it is very likely the smuttiest smut that I've ever written, so if you're into that sort of thing, Harry and Neville await you at AO3.

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