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Welcome to This Never Happened Part 2

FanFiction is a great medium to draw people together and one story in particular brought four new friends together to accomplish a special and meaningful project. This profile page was created by Blue Orchid, the daughter of Jude (pen name JudeCairnsmom), and three friends for the purpose of presenting a continuation and eventually a conclusion to Jude’s beloved story, This Never Happened, which unfortunately Jude was never able to finish before she passed away.

We hope you enjoy reading our offering of the second half of this remarkable love story.

Part 1 (Chapters 1-84) was written by Jude. We have revised these chapters solely to fix typos and correct inconsistencies critical to the flow of the story and posted them here for your reading pleasure. Jude's daughter was unable to access her mother's posted story or profile page to make any corrections or additions, so this was our only option.

You can visit Jude's FanFic profile page, which has many of her photo links:

and her photobucket page: http:/

Part 2 was created as a collaborative effort between four friends following Jude’s notes and vision under the direction of Jude’s daughter, Blue Orchid.

In 2009, an incredibly talented author, Jude, crafted an amazing love story between Stephanie Plum and Carlos Mañoso that captured the hearts and imaginations of thousands of fanfic readers. Unfortunately, before she could finish it, she was taken from us… much too early. She continued to write and post until the last final weeks of her life. Her story, "This Never Happened," the only Stephanie Plum story she wrote, has sat unfinished for more than two years, though every year hundreds of new readers continue to discover her magic for the first time or choose to reread the touching love story again and again.

Knowing how important this story was to her mother, Jude’s daughter, Blue Orchid, wanted to finish this remarkable story in her mother’s honor. She had copious notes and the memories of countless conversations with her mother regarding how the story would end. She and Jude were collaborators on the creation of ‘This Never Happened’. But the daughter isn’t a writer. She decided to seek the assistance of other writers to complete her mother’s dream.

Two writers, writes4fun_81 and Jago-ji, collaborated on the actual writing and Blue Orchid and bgrgrmpy provided their considerable insights and proofreading skills. While no one can write another’s beloved story quite the way the original author would have, we offer the following in Jude’s memory.

The remaining chapters are truly a collaborative effort of the four of us who loved Jude’s "This Never Happened" and wanted to help complete her vision. We hope you see the spirit of Jude in them, and that you enjoy reading our ending for one of fanfics’ truly extraordinary stories.

It is highly recommended that you read (or reread) Part 1, the first 84 chapters of ‘This Never Happened,’ before beginning Part 2.

The following is a quick synopsis of the first 84 chapters:

Carlos Mañoso and Stephanie Plum meet for the first time one October Friday evening in a hotel bar in Newark, New Jersey. Stephanie, a week away from her 27th birthday, is at a bachelorette party for a girlfriend from work who is getting married Saturday. All the girls at the party work at E.E. Martin, a budget department store where Stephanie, or Stevie as she is known, is a discount lingerie buyer.

Carlos, now 27, is on a weekend leave from his government job as a member of the secret Special Operations unit known as Delta Force. He just finished one long harrowing mission and has been ordered to deploy Monday morning on his most dangerous mission to date. There is a 90% fatality rate predicted for those in the unit. Before he ships overseas on what is essentially a suicide mission, he is looking for a one-night stand with a gorgeous sexy woman. He sees Stephanie at the hotel bar and decides she is the one.

Steph has had a disappointing evening and she is still adjusting to her newly divorced status from her cheating husband, Dickie Orr. She runs into Carlos literally and falls into instant lust. After an amusing though embarrassing verbal exchange she agrees to spend the night with Carlos, as long as he agrees that ‘this never happened.’

What happens is an amazing love affair that builds over the weekend ending with Carlos proposing marriage to Stephanie. She accepts Carlos’ challenge to learn to ‘fly’ and ‘be all that she can be’ while Carlos is away on his 18-month mission. Though her heart is breaking, she remains strong and sees Carlos off at the airport and then returns to her own life.

Carlos heads off on his ‘suicide’ mission, though he has experienced an amazing transformation due to Stephanie’s belief in their love. He is now committed to somehow survive the impossible odds and find a way to return to his newfound ‘love of his life’.

After a series of unplanned and remarkable events, Steph quits her unsatisfying E.E. Martin job. She accepts a position designing lingerie with a well known but outdated lingerie company owned by Dawson Books, who knows his floundering company needs some fresh modern designs. Stephanie creates a new lingerie line she names after Carlos’ nickname for her. The Babe! lingerie line is an instant hit. While her career is taking off, her family and friends interject themselves into her new life, for better or for worse.

Carlos did not want Stephanie to meet his family, as he knew they were very nosy and would try to control Steph’s life while he was gone. So, he arranged that Steph would be watched over by his cousin, Mateo Herrera, and four Army friends while he was on his mission. Carlos was forced to let his father and brother meet Stephanie, but only if they would agree to be introduced to her as family friends.

However, even the best laid plans can go awry and they do.

We picked up Part 2 of the story here.

If you'd like to see the illustrations we've selected for Part 2, go to this link.

This is a story to get lost in, to immerse yourself in. We hope you enjoy it! We loved bringing it to you!

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