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About Me- I like turning everything into a game. It's a very bad habit of mine.

Name: Bluewings is fine, but you're free to guess what my real name is. Though I doubt you'll guess right since there's an infinite amount of names out there.

Sex: ew, gross. No thanks. Go ahead and guess my gender.

Age: younger than 100. And yeah, you can guess at my age too.

Place of residence: "Somewhere over the rainbow." If you live where I do, or visited, you probably know where I live by that quote... but now I'm somewhere on the mainland.

Hobbies: Swimming, camping, reading, writing (I guess, why else would I be writing fan fiction?)

Dislikes: Erm...Bugs... I don't really know what I don't like. Oh, SCHOOL, homework and exams!

5/ 27/ 2013

I've been hit by the plot bunny curse and now I have three stories running through my head, along with all the other stories I have already started. And summer's right around the corner for me... yes, I'm not on summer vacation yet, unfortunately. So in two weeks - why in the world do I still have two weeks of school! *cries*- I'll begin updating: Link, Second Chances, and the plot bunnies that I have yet to title, regularly...Hopefully... for the next two months until school starts again... I hate school...


So I've just moved to the mainland, and holy bananas the place is awesome! I arrived in Seattle on Friday then had to take a connecting flight to some other place. And let me tell you, I'm so glad my parents where against going to the urban areas. My lungs were dying for the three minutes that I left the airport. The air sucks. It smelt like gasoline mixed with smoke (like from a cigarette) and a tinge of oily McDonald food. The view of the city lights was really cool, I wish I could have stayed in the city for a week but couldn't. Then when I got to my destination on Saturday I saw I wild bunny, squirrel, and deer. I think people were looking at me strangely for taking pictures of them, but seriously; if you saw a dolphin you'd be taking pictures too. Oh and then I had orientation at my school. I swear I must have been the most naive person there. For starters...

I've seen a squirrel but not a 'squirrel in a tree' and that made me loose a game

I've only seen a road rage once.

I wave at people when I drive, and apparently mainlanders would mistake a wave of thanks as the middle finger.

Mainlanders call the middle finger, flipping.

When I heard the word 'rodeo' my brain freezed and I had no clue what they meant.

I laugh when people say 'flip-flop.'

I gagged on 'sparkling water' when I tried it.

Sparkling water doesn't sound like the name of a drink but the name of a lake...

... And that's just the start of it! I honestly don't understand a single thing about mainlanders and I probably make a fool out of myself with how many questions I ask. And the weird thing is, I'm having a blast even though I know practically nothing! The fact someone asked, "if people from where I live wear coconut bras" might have helped. A bit. Plus everyone's nice... but a different nice than what I'm used to... but it's nice. That made no sense. (It's late people, give me a break! I still haven't gotten over my jet lag.)

The only thing that I found weird was that they have this whole nationality thing going on, and the different races act differently, talk differently, look at you differently, etc. Plus everyone's a pure breed. You're either white, black, or Asian. So then what happens to the people who're mixed and you can't really tell what they are? Where I'm from, there's a really large diversity, including people who're mixed and the people who are 100% of their nationality. I also don't get why everyone makes jokes about the different races and I see no reason to be afraid of clearly stating what your nationality is. But this is the mainland, so I'm thinking this is normal????


Huh, I completely forgot I posted comments about my thoughts on the mainland... I can't believe I wrote that. Ok, yes past me, you were naive...

Well anyway I've been getting questions about my stories. Specifically about my Trinity Blood stories, and I really have no excuse for not updating everything sooner.

A Different Type of Justice League: is on hiatus. It was my outlet for all the extra fluff and plot bunnies running rabid in my head. Since I haven't had any recent encounters with bunnies it's on hold until the bunny comes to plague me again.

Link: This story is also on hold, but fear not, I won't make you wait for a whole year until I update. Most likely I'll be updating at the end of this month or during winter break and hopefully I'll finally complete it.

Second Chances: On hold until winter break.

Boy in The Scroll: being updated sporadically because finals are getting closer.

Sorry for all of the inconvenience.

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Sequel to Rage of Fire. Cain's game sends a shrunken Abel to the past, while it brings a taller yet younger Abel Nightlord to the present.
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Blood gushed out of his wounds as he removed some of the bullets, daggers, the one lone sword, and needles. Abel groaned in pain and frustration, when he couldn't reach the bullets in his back. He could feel one bullet just by his heart, causing pain to shoot up his spine with every beat. Abel stopped himself as he reached for another dagger. If only he had a second chance.
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