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27 year old obsessed with the teenage wizardthat's me. Fan fiction is the closest thing to a support group that I have found.

Ok, I have been sorely disappointed with the number and quality of novel-length 6th year fics following OotP so I just decided to write my own. Plus I had a few theories about the septology mystery and endings. (Back around 7/2003)

Having been a Fanon reader for over a year, and never written before, I will make some vows based upon the things I hate most from authors. Here are my vows:

I solemnly swear not to post annoying Author Notes as chapter updates to get your hopes up only to dash them with news that you won't get an updates for days or weeks. If there's a problem with my keeping on schedule, check the yahoo site for a message. Ideally, will try to foresee any problems and let you know when I post if there is expected to be a delay in the next update. Of course, this just can't happen for unforeseen delays...damn if I only I had Trewlawney's Inner Eye...

I solemnly swear not to turn off spell-check or grammar-check on my computer and to make efforts to produce non-annoying-as-hell writing. (Word is only so good though and a Beta can't catch everything.) U kno who ur u idiots whose tipe lick this!

I solemnly swear to base the majority of my own plot development on canon-supported (or at least non canon-contradicted) facts and inferences. It has always bugged me when out of the blue some new skill or power or person appears totally bungling up the Potterverse. (Even when JKR wrote OotP, I had to stop from screaming, "That's not in canon!' and then realizeoh yeah, it is now.) This will be my theory for what JKR just MAY do. I am sure it is wrong. But, hey, if every other idiot with a computer can write crap and post it, the I can too.

I solemnly swear not to beg or blackmail for reviews. I do now, however, understand how they can get addictive (you all make me feel so loved!) but I refuse to beg and plead. After becoming an author on here, I now realize how helpful reviews (well-thought out ones that don't just say, "More now!") can really be. I went from be a very rarely reviewing reader to now reviewing as much as I can.

I solemnly swear not to post a long-ass list of every reviewer at the end or beginning of a chapter. I annoys the hell out of me when I print out a chapter to read only to have the last two pages be a list of names that mean nothing to me. I won't reply to every damn reviewer, eithertoo much space and a waste of words. Only if there has been a question raised that I think may help clarify things for all readers, will I make an Author's Note to a review. If discussion with me is what you want, either email me directly or go to the Yahoo group.

And finally:

I solemnly swear not to make Hermione fall in love with Ron. If you sail this ship, great for you but I refuse to believe she would be happy with the dolt. You won't see it here.

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