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Author has written 4 stories for Halo, and Legend of Korra.

Well, a little about myself, I am a sophomore college student in GA currently working on a pre engineering degree.

Currently I have written one Halo Fanfic and one cross over between Halo and Legend of Korra. I get to hold the distinction of having the first Cross over between the two. I am working on a sequel to Legend of Roland called, Ashes to Ashes.

I am a United States Marine Reservist, drilling out of 4th Recon Battalion. As crazy as it sounds, I did make it through Recon training. Check out surviving the cut if you want to learn a bit about it, or just shoot me a PM. I graduated with a class of 19 on 20 Dec 2013. That being said, I enjoy writing fighting scenes and I'm not quite as good at bridging the gap between firefights. I currently look at my writing skills as a rough diamond, something that needs refined and polished, but already worth something.

I'm a Christian, so you'll notice there isn't a lot of cursing in my writing. I have considered changing that, but going from no cursing for 12 chapters to suddenly cursing would seem weird. I included my first 'bedroom' scene in Ashes to Ashes and wanted to explain why I am okay with it. I believe sex is meant for one man and one woman once they are married as is taught in the Scriptures. I don't think there is a Bible in many of the stories I do, so I am willing to bend the rules on that a tad.

Some of my hobbies are Airsoft, shooting, hiking, etc.

Some of my issues in writing.

I write fast. Normally I'll get inspiration for something and I'll just write for a few hours. Now the problem arises when I don't do a detailed proof reading before posting, so yes there are some grammar and spell mistakes. No English is not my second language, although please remember I am a Marine...

Sometime I cut my chapters short...

Shipping: (Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I won't fight you on yours if you won't fight me on mine. Yes I am aware of the 'canon' but I don't care.)

Avatar the Last Airbender:

Katara and Zuko

Aang and Toph

Sokka and Suki

The Legend of Korra:

Korra and Mako the entire time. I don't understand what everyone has against the poor guy.

Bolin and Asami pre season 3

Bolin and Opal post season 3


Master Chief and nobody! The dudes the Chief, he's got a 'connection' with Cortana, yes. But not a romantic one.

For Halo proper, I don't really care about relationships. I just wanna have Covenant get blasted

The Legend Of Roland (My Story)

Roland and Korra.


Avatar the Last Airbender

The Legend of Korra

Halo, Spartans, ODST's I love em all

Star Wars, specifically the Republic Commando series or anything to do with the Mandalorians.

Starship troopers, one of my favorite books growing up

Pet Peeves:

People who go overboard into a story. I write for fun on the side, so I am sorry if a weapon I mention was not produced around the date specified. Point it out nicely and I'll fix it, which leads to my next one.

People who offer straight criticism instead of constructive criticism. I've been through some intense stuff, so nothing you say is going to hurt me, but if you see a problem, offer a solution, or at least bring it to my attention in a nice way.

People who ignore the Golden Rule.

People who fight hardcore about shipping. Everyone has their opinion. Now that being said, I hate Korrasami... I won't fight you over it, but it goes against my beliefs and seriously hurt my enjoyment of the series in the final moments.

People who don't finish a story! I know life happens and there have been many periods where I haven't updated for months, but I have always come back because I want to finish the story for myself and more importantly for y'all.

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