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Hey there all of Fanfiction. I'm a young man who likes to write stories whenever I want to. I try to be as kind as possible and I try to make friends rather than make enemies. I am witty most of the time and I make a bit of sarcastic comments sometimes. I am a positive person and I despise negativity. I LOOOOVE video games to death and they inspired my love for art and writing.

You may say I'm a fool, feeling the way that I do. You can call me Pollyana say I'm crazy as a loon. I believe in friends and laughter and wonders love can do. I believe in miracles I swear I've seen a few I believe in second chances and the time that will come when you see my point of view

Favorite video game series

Kirby (It was my first video game and Kirby's powers are fascinating. It adds versatility to the game to change your powers every so often by eating things. The cutesy nature of the game really helps when you had a bad day.)
Sonic the Hedgehog (There are all sorts of interesting characters and I love playing as all sorts of characters. It's a pretty nice action packed game. I do dislike the fanbase however...)
Mario spin-offs (Paper Mario,Mario Party) (Paper Mario has a good story,fun battles, and lovable partners. I like what they did with the paper design sometimes.)
Pokemon (It's just fun, I can't explain it. It's a world filled with all sorts of different super-powered animals which makes it very interesting and its fun to see and write biology entries about the Pokemon.)
Pikmin (Played it while I was a kid, I thought it was pretty fun. I like viewing all sorts of regular stuff from planet earth in an alien's point of view to see what they try to do with it or what they name it. It's a good puzzle game too. Olimar's entries in 2 were great, I love biology entries on fictional creatures. Especially if they have supernatural powers.)
Mother/Earthbound (I love Mr. Itoi's way of telling a story. Comical and heartwrenching at the same time. I like the things put in the game representing how he feels about the real world and it's an RPG taking place in the modern world. The dialogue is one of the best I ever read. Plus PSI is an interesting power.)
Suikoden (Another great RPG series. It's heartwarming, heartwrenching, and I love the funny scenes they sneak in for stuff to do while not progressing the stories. The fact you can recruit 108 people allows you to be able to choose from several people to put in your party. They put the icing on with the fact they all represent the stars in the sky. Being the superpower fanatic I am, runes are interesting.)

Current interest:Suikoden
Secondary interest:Mother/Earthbound


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