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Name: Shane

Age: 22

Likes: Video Games, Movies, Open-mindedness, Writing, Music, Playing Guitar, Singing, Honesty. (to many more to list)

Dislikes: Country Music, Being Woken Up without good reason, Arrogance/Ignorance

About Me:

I'm 22, my name is Shane. I live in Iowa but unlike the agriculturally fixated individuals who surround me I have a passion for computers and music. I play guitar and I sing, I write lyrics but have not taken my passion any further than the drawing board persay. I love writing, I love making music, and generally I just enjoy helping the people around me. I'm an avid volunteer and am almost always willing to listen if people ask. I'm the youngest of 5 siblings and I hold family very close, even if there's a rough patch I try to remember that in the end it's family that will look out for me.

Apart from writing I really enjoy drawing though I'm not amazing at it. I try my hardest in any activity that I take on, and so I'm proud of most of the things that I create. I do a lot more writing than I do drawing but that may change as I find more and more things to draw. If you're interested in seeing my artwork I do have a deviantART account that you can check out. Like I said i don't draw very often so it may be a while between new releases but if you're interested you can take a look and let me know what you think, any feedback is very much appreciated.

A Word on my works:

Call me old fashion but I'm a sucker for Romance. I'm a Romantic at heart and my stories portray that. I have no trouble differentiating between pairings whether it be Man & Woman, Woman & Woman, Man & Man, because all people have the same right to happiness as the next person(the same goes for characters in a story). When it comes to stories I try to write them in a series, making my own world inside of a world, so a lot of the time I draw off the events that have happened in my other stories. The two fanfictions that I have now happen in a series with the second taking place after the events of the first but focusing around a different set of characters. Likely this is the way that I will always write.

As far as writing actually goes I'm an amateur being fairly new to fanfiction. I don't plan any of my chapters out in detail, I have a set of goals that I want each story to achieve and very large events vaguely thought out in my mind, but as far as chapter by chapter I let the story tell itself to me. I find it very fun to write stories in this way because I never know what is going to happen until I write it, so in a sense I'm my own first viewer.

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The fox girl attempted to scramble up on all fours, but tumbled face-first into the ground. Bewildered, she tried to get up again, and was met with the exact same result. She sat there on all fours, panting heavily, and as her initial shock and confusion gave way to rational thought she realized that something was horribly wrong. What had happened to her paws?
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