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I'm sure that some of you know anout my other accounts here at ff.net. I have decided after thinking for a while that i will remove the stories which I have at these accounts:

Yura of The Hair

Deadly Teardrops

To this account:

Jade Garden

I have already moved three of my one-shots there, but they are raw versions that are unedited. I will hopefully have edited versions of them tomorrow on the net. This all will happen this week since next week I won't be in the country. I will be at Estonia spending a long waited week there having some R&R before the holidays.

So I will be updateing soo, hopefully with some good news.

ja ne!

Yura of The Hair (Jade Garden)

Konnichi'wa Minna-san! Watashi wa Yura of The Hair. Although my name is Yura of the Hair, it doesn't mean we look the same. We have different eye color, hers is brown and mine is green, so deal with it! I'm a big fan of Sesshy-chan, Koga-chan, Miroku-chan and the Monkey-boy (Aka: Naraku)! I mostly like pairings that are unique, like Sess/kag, Inu/sang, something that doesn't show on manga or anime at all. They are much better to read, because they are something new! (ano... well.. not something new, but you got the idea, ne?)

Fave Anime/Magna: Inuyasha Fushigi Yuugi (I hope I spelled that right! -v ) Guardian Angel Gitten (I forgot the name! Great me!) Peach Girl

Fave Pairings from Inuyasha: Sesshomaru/Kagome Naraku/Kagome Inuyasha/Kagome Sango/Kagome Miroku/Kagome OC/Kagome

WARNING TO ALL THOSE WHO DON'T LIKE NOTHING BUT INU/KAG-FICS; I, Yura of The Hair, write ONLY Sesshy/Kagome, Koga/Kagome, Miroku/Kagome and Naraku/Kagome, etc-fics! So If you don't like the pairings I suggest not to read my fics

Author's chat room

Yura: anooo... konnichi'wa minna-san. ducks a rotten tomatoes and watermelons that are thrown at her Gomen nasai for my lack of update! bows deep I promise that on this moth to the next month I will update more offen! Honest!

Tenchi: Hai... That's it if your muses are not going ealy summer holiday trip.

Yura: sighs Whatever... anyway.. It's going to be Beltane soon! (I hope I spelled the name right) It's a wiccan sabat, which I will celebrite with my friend who is wicca. (Like I'm too!) YAY! jumps happily up and down Tenchi: hit's the author with new ideas to get her shut up and work on the next chapters

Here's a few cool links you might wanna try to use and see!

They all are Sesshomaru pages, so please, go and see all you fluffy -fans!

the last link is for those who like to read online manga, please go to visit and enjoy reading

Hi'ya all! I'm also now writing at Single Spark and Adultfanfiction.net under a pen name ; Deadly Teardrops!

If you are interested in inuyasha fics please go and see, read, and review! ja ne! Yura of The Hair

Unfortunly My fic Heal Me got reported and is that's why deleted. You can find the fic at Single Spark ( ja ne! Yura of The Hair THE PISSED OFF AUTHOR


Now that you've seen that, I'll tell you something important. I no longer am going to write here, at fanfiction.net. But fear not I will not take even a single fanfic down. I'll leave them right here. But fear not, my lovely dovely readers, for I shall be writing at b> /b> where you can find me under two different pen-names; deadly Teardrops and Wang Ming Yi. Also, at the site, you can veiw lovely fan art and read other authors fics. That's the page where almost all the tailented writers from this site and others have gone to. So, come and join us y'all Sesshoumaru and Kagome fans! Since this site is purely full of Sesshoumaru and Kagome fanics and fanarts!

ja ne, tata! Yura Nishi

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