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Hi there.

Call me...Menora...or AdamiteAshes, if you prefer.

I'm youthful. I'm mature. I'm naive but experienced. Somewhere on the border between girl and woman, though rather past adolescent. Some say I'm eccentric. Others say I'm crazy. In some ways I'm immersed in the fantastic metagaming action others, I'm a docile, traditional, conservative female to loves cooking and reading.

I like to eat raw things. Don't ask.

I am a taurus. Stubborn and down to earth, materialistic. I fight like a tomboy.

I fascinate myself with gore. Seinen, shonen, wuxia, historical dramas, FPS, RPG, MOBA, etc.

I enjoy writing, reading, teaching math, piano, violin, choir, sketching, watercolors, oils, cooking, crafts, sewing, shopping, ninjutsu, badminton, arm wrestling, sparring, the list goes on and on and on. Don't think that you can know all sides of me.

Menora means state of the mind. Her personality can be split into two parts:

Serious: I would rather not speak. Those who speak often make fools of themselves.

Hyper: I'd rather not speak. Or else I can't stop.

Life is too precious to be wasted with unhappiness. That's why I refuse to read tragedy and character death. What is happiness? That isn't happiness! No, no, it cannot be...

When Menora was just born, she peeked lazily at the world.

When Menora was in preschool, she fumbled her words with a clumsy tongue.

When Menora was in elementary school, she became a ruffian who ruled the rogues with an iron fist.

In sixth grade, she made a fool of her tomboy self with innocent infatuation.

In seventh grade, her infatuation took a sharper turn and brought her through a year of brazen (but not immoral, mind you) experimentation.

In eighth grade, she tested her limits as a young thinker, and thus two warring personalities were forced together.

When Menora was in high school, she realized that society was complicated, and curiosity directed towards the meaning of life was wasted effort.

Once, she would have wished to have a sweetheart. Now, she has those who love her.

Once, she would have wished to become a man, with strength that would only continue to augment. Now, she is happy to live like a lady.

Once, she feared for her so-called crimes. Now, she regrets nothing but what has not yet been done.

My hands were stained with blood. Oh, wait, it was from cutting up the beef for pot roast.

The little dark spots in my past have all but faded away, leaving nothing but impressions. I have known the dead, before death, wishing for their salvation with dry eyes. Is there an afterlife? For what is this all worth?

But forget not, my friend, that happiness is at your own choosing.

No one can make you hurt yourself.

I love Inuyasha.

Wait no.


He and Kagome are perfect for each other. OOC irritates me to no end.

My stories right now are A Lost Heart, Laughingthrush Lured to Labyrinth, and Golden Spiral. You'll find that I like to write in long fragments, because I love how they carry out my emotions.

A Lost Heart is a fairy tale fanfiction story set in modern times. Slice of life, school life, fantasy; it's the merging of two worlds through sealed hearts. Complete

Golden Spiral is my current story. SessKag drabble, experiment for smoother story writing. The theme of each chapter is an interpretation of a digit of the golden ratio. Updates every day. My goal is to create an adventure and soul connection using short chapters.

Of Brothers and Sisters is an impulse write about a SessKag relationship from Inuyasha POV. Oneshot completed.

Cult of the Lady Lord is my newest ongoing tale using the original storyline to create new settings, SessKag chapter story. I wanted a story standing from Sesshomaru's perspective.

All my SessKag stories are up to date on Dokuga as well.


Read and leave me a review! PM's are welcome.

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He falters; she suffers; he atones; their story intertwines through time. Whereas Kagome once spread warmth and light, frozen by Sesshomaru's callous sin, it is now he who must save her. Finally he realizes his true desire. Is the loving Kagome still alive within that cold exterior? Their paths cross time and time again, and each time their roles change, with hope for the better.
Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 10,491 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 8/9/2013 - Published: 7/3/2013 - Kagome H., Sesshomaru
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Inuyasha was never very good at understanding situations, and always awkward with emotions. When he mistakes Kagome's words for something else, imagine his surprise to find her with his brother. One-shot SessKag in Inuyasha POV
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"Have you forgotten? Those were not dreams, not fantasies. They were our past." Thus, the wish made long ago was truly granted. What is reality? What is existence? It all didn't matter anymore.
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