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Author has written 3 stories for Star Wars, Star Wars, X-Men: Evolution, and Kingdom Hearts.

A (not so) humble Aussie from...well...Australia. Yeah.

A noob on ff.net, but enthusiastic. I have a talent for short stories, but aspire to write at least one full length novel.

I like to read (hence my presence here), write, draw (on and off; I have talent, just no focus), listen to music, and watch youtube vids (SWODY IS DA BAWS).

Story Challenge:


I went ot see IM3, and, quite frankly, I found it insulting, a waste of time, and that it nullifies the work of the last three films (IM1, 2, and Avengers).

I would like to put out a challenge for SKILLED and/or EXPERIENCED writers on FF.N, with at least three 25 chapter (or more) stories, to fix this insult to the potential that this movie had.


1) The Mandarin is NOT an actor. What they did was akin to building up the Joker in a film and then revealing he was just a clown hired by black mask. Mandarin is Iron Man's Joker. When he shows up, s%#@ gets real. He is the bad-guy that Iron Man MUST beat.

2) Tony is not suffering from PTSD or insomnia. It is realistic, but it was an annoying side-note throughout the movie that wasn't actually dealt with, and was instead brushed under the carpet.

3)Pepper still gets mutated. Keeping her that way or changing her back is up to you, HOWEVER, there is to be NO cheap INSTANT FIX, such as what was used in the movie (they say, 'Tony fixed it, so there', in essence).

4)The remote control feature on the suits is not used by Tony, only Jarvis. This includes when he saves the president. Reason is, Tony's absence nullifies any suspense or struggle, rendering the fight with the superhuman null and void.

5)The U.S goverment, military, air force, and navy, are trying to get Iron Man shut down (ordered to stand down from active duty). Having War Machine around means the U.S government has an Iron Man of it's own, and therefore means Iron Man is redundant. The orders are; Iron Man is only to be called in when a national/global threat arises. Otherwise, he is to maintain civilian activities. This is to be used as the reason Tony and Rhodes are speaking in the bar, and Tony leaves because he feel's Rhodes is siding against him (not because of a panic attack).

6)Mandarin forces Tony to get rid of the ARC reactor in his chest (use the 'empty life, or a meaningful death' line for the Mandarin), or he will detonate a series of bombs (further details in the PM).

7)Think-Tank Guy (I forget his name) is not the main bad guy. He is financial support, weapons manufacturer, medium between the Mandarin and Extremes, and conveyor of the Mandarin's manipulations in situations where the Mandarin cannot handle matters personally. He still maintains his superhuman status, still beats the living daylights out of Tony, and still gets his a* kicked by Pepper.

8)Tony does NOT blow up his suits. Honestly, why did he do that?. Speaking of which...

9)Tony does not get the Arc reactor removed at the end of the story, or get the shrapnel removed. It makes no sense (not just that he would not need to have that removed to stop being Iron Man, which is what it is implied he is doing, but if it was a simple matter of going under the knife to get the shrapnel removed, why did he not do it earlier? Money surely was not a issue!).

10)The MK42 is not a jenga tower. It does not break apart when hit. If it did, it would not be safe to use as armor.

11) GET RID OF THAT KID. Replace him with an appropriate character from marvel, who would be in that sort of location, and be willing to help Iron Man. If such a character cannot be found, replace with a retired geneticist, who retired for religious reasons.


If you are interested, IF YOU HAVE the SKILL, please PM me, and I shall review you previous works and decide whether or not to give this chalenge to you.

About 'Amaimon':

Originally a three part Bio on an OC for roleplay, but moved it here since the group disbanded (it happens).

About "Seven Days Till Freindship':

Short story to cover how two characters in another story I am working on met. Concerning said story; its put on hold for a moment (still writing it, just not going to post it for..well a while).

About 'SealedUnsealed':

A story request (or challenge, not sure how the whole thing works) from Megaman Zero 2.0 for a X-Men Evolution/Kingdom Hearts x-over.

Roxas is sent to Bayveiw instead of Twilight Town, where he makes freinds of the X-Men and helps avert a catastrophy. Essentially, a massive sidetrack from the cannonical story of KH2.

(UPDATE: Megaman Zero 2.0 is now Red-X the Thief. Name change.)

Almost forgot...


I do not own any of the material posted by me on this site. Kingdom Hearts, X-Men, Star Wars, and all other characters used are the property of their respective creators and owners. Infringement on the copyright of these or any owners or creators is a violation of copyright and trademark law, and is punishable with fines, law suites, and imprisonment.

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Manco (8)