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Author has written 5 stories for Artemis Fowl, Age of the Five Trilogy, Pokémon, and Frozen.

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Formerly PeterPokéfreak. That name was making me wince every time I saw it, so I renamed my account after the God of Prophecy in Fiona Patton's The Warriors of Estavia book series.

I have returned (sort of) again (sort of)!

I've been on this website (sort of) since 2012. I want to be a professional author, I'm a really great editor, and stupid humour is my favourite thing to write ever. Because it's easy.

That hasn't always been the case. I have always been very vain about my writing skill, and I tried to write very ambitious things during my first year on here. All of those are dead. So dead. So very, very dead. I don't mind people reading them, and there's no reason to delete them - it's not like I find any of the content embarrassing - but there's a good 90% chance that I'll never write them again. I'm no longer the person who wrote that stuff.

Some more in-depth summaries/news on the fanfics that I have on this profile:

Memories of Sinnoh: This was to be the first edition of a massive project or saga that probably would have taken many, many years to write had I gone through with it. My intention was to create an entire Pokémon world, write all of the regions available to me, and then take the characters and plot the world into oblivion as the Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts universes. There was a time when this was my great life goal, and the reason I originally decided to become an author, so I suppose it will always hold that honour. Like all first fanfics, there's a Mary Sue pseudo-self-insert there, and, it being Pokémon, all the usual attempts at 'originality' and 'grittiness'. There were two or three different versions of this fic, the first of which was an embarrassment to humanity.

The Multiple Personalities of Artemis Fowl: This fanfic was the first plunny (plot bunny: an idea that eats away at your brain until you write it) I ever had, and I had very little control over it. It is also the oldest piece I wrote that is still posted on this website. The basic idea was that I could not stand the thought that Orion Fowl was Artemis's only multiple personality when he was stated to have multiple personality disorder, so I created several of my own and wrote a story about how they would be rejoined with Artemis himself. Originally, the concept was inspired by Snakequeen-in-Norway's Artemis Fowl fanfiction, Road to Recovery.

Yes, this one in particular merits multiple paragraphs. I quite enjoyed the direction this fanfiction took in its first months of existence, but it was a case of me creating more characters than I could satisfactorily managed with the limited skills I expressed at the time. The personalities became quite frustrating to maintain, and it also became annoying to try and give each one enough time outside Artemis's mind to meet the other characters, as well as making progress in Artemis's plot lines. Additionally, well, I read The Last Guardian, the final book of the Artemis Fowl series. While I admit I enjoyed it while reading it, and that many believed it was a wonderful ending to the series, I took issue with many of the plot threads, and felt that I was being struck over the head with an anvil whenever the environment was mentioned. My motivation to continue this work collapsed with my dedication to Eoin Colfer's writing.

Age of the Wilds: I loved Trudi Canavan's The Age of Five series to pieces, and was fascinated by the idea that the Wilds split up to make their fortunes after the series ended, but still stayed in contact. I decided that they would eventually become the foremost political group on the continent, and created a story around it because I was so excited. Unfortunately, this story died due to a lack of planning and a loss of motivation. It was too long a project to be written on a whim, and I had no idea of how to move from the introduction to the climax. It was memorable for being the most original piece I had written to that point, but it is at the least shelved. If I read the series again, who knows? I might come back and wipe the dust from this plot, distill it to a briefer romp, and have some fun writing immortal magic shenanigans.

Do You Want to Hide a Body?: My only completed work, and my first one-shot. This was written as a joke for a friend of mine who loves to sing music from the Disney film Frozen at random. She introduced me to the "Do You Want to Hide a Body?" song on YouTube, and I thought I could use a mix of humour and horror to impress her with my writing. The lyrics to the song were written myself, and the scenario developed itself over time into a mass of strange amusement. I hope it can produce a few laughs. This one was my first experience writing oddball humour and horror.

Pokéstar Studios Productions: A weird plunny I had while being the completionist I am and getting every ending for every film at Pokéstar Studios in Black and White 2. I was surprised that it hadn't been written already, actually. Anyway, it's mostly my way to force myself to write all the time, and limit myself in plot, while practicing lots of different genres. Plans include weekly updates, so long as I continue to write. I have enough of a buffer to post once a month or so during school, if I'm not writing.

Some writing projects currently in the works but not finished to the point of posting (in order of priority):

1. A collaboration self-insert for Kingdom Hearts with my friend xSokox. Currently in progress, very slowly. The plot will only be finalised once Kingdom Hearts III is released, and then there might be lots of rewriting. Yes, self-inserts are overdone. I have no excuses.

2. A pair of original universes, which I'm sort of vaguely planning somewhere in the distance. The first is modern fantasy, with an attempt at an original sort of mythological fairy? The other is a full-on fantasy universe with a history and magic and gods and a bajillion characters. These won't be posted online, since, you know, original fiction.

3. A number of transient projects, usually based on whatever I'm reading at a given time. At the moment, that's some disjointed scenes from Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, but who knows if I'll ever actually write it?


I love getting reviews! If it has any substance to it at all, I will reply, and there'll probably always be a reminder to maybe leave a review on my chapters. Whenever I do read fanfic, I do my best to leave the best reviews I can.

Also, I am a Canadian living on the West Coast. My spelling is British; my slang Californian.

Don't forget to check out the accounts of a few of my friends on this website:

xSokox, who is very popular (by comparison to me) for his self-insert of the Pokémon manga. I help him out with his writing, and he spends a lot of effort motivating me to write. Trust me, this motivation is required.


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