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Author has written 3 stories for Artemis Fowl, Age of the Five Trilogy, and Pokémon.

Formerly PeterPokéfreak. That name was making me wince every time I saw it, so I renamed my account after the God of Prophecy in the Warriors of Estavia book series.

Welcome, then, to the place where I let my ego run rampant and destroy any hope of popularity. Well, hopefully not, but I'm a natural pessimist.

Fair warning: This profile was written piecemeal over the last few years whenever I thought I needed to add new information. As a result, it often seems scattered, with very little relation between neighbouring paragraphs. Please be aware of this while reading.

Pokémon is my 'thing' at the moment. For the last five-odd years, I've been working on a fic for the Sinnoh region games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum), and that's finally (sort of) getting off the ground. It's a bit of an involved plot, and I tend to base my writing style for this off of true bricks of worldbuilding fantasy, like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. This thing is like my teeny little baby, and I'm very protective of my special project. Due to this, I've started it a few times on this site, but I'm optimistic about the next attempt I'm going to make, since I have a written plot outline now. My dearest hope is to somehow write all of the six regions into fan fictions, and then linking that continuity to a couple of my other favourite game series(es?).

As a little bit of a neat freak, I'll likely be keeping the Author's Notes to a minimum in my fanfics, with the exception of a reminder at the bottom of each chapter to leave a review. Friends of mine have found that those work, and I have a strict policy of responding to any good review I receive, since receiving responses for my own reviews gives me a warm, fuzzy, loved feeling.

I also keep a few other fanfictions on here. Back when I first started on this website (wow, that was ages ago now), I had no control of my mad writing brain, and I started an Artemis Fowl fanfiction, as well as the fanfic for The Age of the Five. I don't invest a whole lot of energy in continuing them after the first few chapters, and the Artemis Fowl one went down the drain when I read The Last Guardian (don't ask; it's a bit of a sore subject). Read them if you wish, but don't go in with any expectations of anything like regular updates.

I have some attention span issues. I blame the internet, my computer, video games, and a bad work ethic. In other words, I write seriously slowly. I can churn out a 4000 word chapter in a month, perhaps, and I write most of that in the week before a month has passed, due to guilt. When I get sick of my own writing (which happens a lot), uploads may cut out entirely, particularly with whatever the Sinnoh-based fanfiction is called right now. I keep restarting that one. It's like my baby, and I'm a horrid perfectionist, so it just never seems quite right.

As a modern teenage person (sort of) in an affluent society, I am educated on the variance of sexuality. I also happen to find male/male and female/female shipping just as adorable (and sometimes more fitting) as female/male shipping. If you don't know what that means, there is Google- actually, don't use Google. Shipping is the belief that two characters (or people) in a fictional work (or real life) belong in a romantic relationship. I happen to be a person who is comfortable with the idea of homosexual shipping, and I plan on writing overtones, undertones, and semitones of it in my fanfiction. Don't forget the obvioustones. While this may not seem to be out of the norm for, there is an important part. I am comfortable with flirting. I am comfortable with kissing. I am even comfortable with overt dating. But I will never. Ever. Write anything more intimate than that. I don't like reading it, and I wouldn't like writing it. You can imagine it with my characters if you like. In fact, I'd be flattered if you wrote it down and posted it on FF. Just don't ask me to write it. This applies to both heterosexual and homosexual relationships.

As much as I might seem flippant here, becoming an author is actually my life's goal, and has been for the last five years. The same amount of time I've been writing the Pokémon fanfiction. Yes, those are connected. As such, I greatly appreciate all feedback, particularly from more experienced writers. I hold nothing back while writing my own reviews, though I do try to keep a balance of constructive criticism and praise. So, as one writer-in-training to however many others there may be on here, I'm requesting a bit of assistance with improving my writing. Please?

Some more in-depth summaries/news on my current fics:

Memories of Sinnoh: My take on the Sinnoh region Pokémon games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum), with just a few changes to the plot. This one is currently being totally rethought down in my little brain, so standby for a total reboot of this world builder.

The Multiple Personalities of Artemis Fowl: I read The Atlantis Complex and I just had to write this fic. The ideas for the personalities were burning a hole in my head. I have a little more control these days. I will not be acknowledging that The Last Guardian is part of the continuity in this fic. Basically, it's covering the sequence of treatment for Artemis's Atlantis Complex, with several unforeseen factors thrown into the mix. I don't have a planned conclusion yet, so it may ramble around a bit.

Yeah, this one might just be discontinued at this point. After reading The Last Guardian, all the love I'd developed for the series died, and I couldn't keep writing this. I'll keep trying, but it's basically dead. This also happens to be my most popular fanfiction, even though reading it now sends me to go cry in a corner that I ever thought this was good writing. This was a baby step in my writing life, one that I hope I've now left behind.

Age of the Wilds: 500 years after The Age of the Five series, the immortals known as Wilds have taken the reins of the wayward continent of Ithania and now face a challenge from another continent they weren't even aware existed. Corin, a member of the Circlian religion and trained to mistrust immortals, has to join with them to have any hope of matching the unknown foe. I loved these books when I read them, and I found the open-ended conclusion fascinating. I thought that a follow-up book couldn't hurt, especially since I don't plan on touching anything the author already established as canon.

I pray to the Circle that this fic hasn't also died. I did have fun writing it, and it was the most creative one I had in the works for a while. I do have an ending planned, but it's getting from where I am to the ending that's the hard part.

Other random notes on writing-related thingies: I worked on novelizing my school's original play a while back, and got 11,000 words in before I was informed that the actors in the play were already writing their own version. I claim responsibility for the original idea. Also, I worked for a while on a Rise of the Guardians fanfic, but that seems pretty much dead in the water as well. What can I say? I'm pretty fickle about my interests.

Finally, I'm Canadian, so don't start annoying me because I spell differently from you darn Americans, it is valid spelling.

Ooh, ooh, don't forget to see the accounts of my friends! Fun free advertising, yay!

xSokox, who is very popular (by comparison to me) for his self-insert of the Pokémon manga. I help him out with his writing, and he spends a lot of effort motivating me to write. Trust me, this motivation is required.


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