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Hey there! I'm Ariiantha, just your typical teenage girl living in the United States. Ariiantha is sort of long to type out, so I'm usually known as Mari or Emi.


The Hunger Games - Chaos's Reign: Welcome to the Twenty-First Annual Hunger Games! After failing to create an exciting Twentieth Hunger Games, Head Gamemaker Xavier Burns has been granted another chance. He realizes that he must not fail if he wishes to keep his life and, so, he begins a quest to make the Twenty-First Annual Hunger Games the most exciting Games ever! SYOT.


Any field with an asterisk (*) beside it is optional. Please delete anything in parentheses when filling this form out. Thank you so much for showing interest, whether you submit a form or not! I will only consider PMed forms, so be sure to PM and not post this in a review or something! I will accept up to two forms from any user! Also, please remember that this is first-come, first-serve and I am allowing reserves!

Full Name: (Please write the first and last name of your tribute, as well as any nicknames or aliases.)
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The Hunger Games:
Reaped/Volunteered: (Was your character reaped or did s/he volunteer? If s/he was reaped, what was his/her reaction? If s/he volunteered, why?)
Strategy: (Describe your character's strategy for the Games. Will s/he stay solo or form an alliance? Will s/he be willing to honor to alliance or will s/he be a backstabbing traitor.)
Weapon of Choice: (Which weapon is your character most adept with? Choose at most two.)
Token: (Describe your character's token. It is okay if s/he has no token or if s/he had his/her token confiscated.)
*Training Score: (Optional; please give a range of four scores for what training score you would like your character to get. I may or may not use what you put in this field.)
*Interview Style: (Optional; please describe how your character acts in the interview with a few words.)

Other: (Is there anything else you'd like to add?)

Chaos's Reign - Tributes

District One Female: Jacqueline "Jaq" Amiya Haynes (17) - Nightmares Are Dreams Too
District One Male: Adonis Vermilion (18) - A M4D TE4-P4RTY
District Two Female: Victoria Peirce (18) - DaughterofApollo7
District Two Male: Austin "Astin Revelation" Reverand (17) - Blue Eyes Arch Angel
District Three Female: Lily Bryant (15) - Eat.Live.Fangirl
District Three Male: Thomas Kai Aubert (16) - gorrillaface345
District Four Female: Amelie Rivers (17) - DaughterofApollo7
District Four Male: Yorick Kingfish (18) - SPACE MAN OH SPACE MAN
District Five Female: Angelina Kailey Northington (13) - gorrillaface345
District Five Male: Luther "Luke" Martinos (15) - InfernoCyndaquil
District Six Female: Camille-Cosette Englishrose (12) - FangirlEvelyn
District Six Male: Holden Norden (16) - Krisy45
District Seven Female: Aveline Seraphina Foxfire (14) - FangirlEvelyn
District Seven Male: Arsten Flenitch (17) - Kkfanatic22
District Eight Female: Sable Tuwyla (18) - Blue Eyes Arch Angel
District Eight Male: Paisley Matelassé (17) - TheBlanc
District Nine Female: Jasmine Magnolia Everhart (14) - FangirlHikari
District Nine Male: Armani Miller (12) - Dead Language
District Ten Female: Adelaide "Kris" Kristina King (15) - Ariiantha
District Ten Male: Hudson Ridgewood (16) - Alexandria160
District Eleven Female: Sienna "Enna" Lauderdale (13) - Alexandria160
District Eleven Male: Ash Dunland (17) - Eat.Live.Fangirl
District Twelve Female: Kristen Ivy Schneider (13) - FangirlHikari
District Twelve Male: Hunter Nelson (14) - Ariiantha

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