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October 12, 2014

...Dad was such a drag...

Every day, he'd eat the same kind of food, dress the same, sit in front of the same kind of games...

Yeah, he was that type of guy.

But, then one day, he goes and kills us all!

He couldn't be original about the way he did it.

I'm not complaining! I was dying of boredom anyhow!

But...guess what?



Here's my biography. I've been meaning to update this for a long time.

Name: Leon

PSN Account: Pred125078910

League Of Legends Summoner Name: DMC75001

Top 5 Video Games: League of Legends, Injustice: Gods Among Us, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Mount & Blade

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Sleeping, Video Games

Most Weird Ability That You Have: I seem to have photographic memory! Well, only short term, when I really need to study!

"I got what you call these photographic reflexes! Neat, huh?"


Favorite FF Story Subjects: Wreck-It Ralph, Super Smash Brothers, Phineas and Ferb, South Park, Devil May Cry.

Favorite Video Game Character: Dante

Favorite Cartoon Character: Stan Marsh

Here are my twelve favorite authors on FanFiction! Order does not matter, since they are still awesome!

1. Link's Little Brother (The Future Wife of Jack Frost)

2. WrittenWithPencils (JazzHearts)

3. Ninja Mongoose

4. Warrior of The Healing Flame

5. WoWMotherFan45

6. David Noklevername

7. Winged Fish

8. Phil The Persona Guy

9. XxXRainbowstarXxX

10. Lunarium Prince

11. TheCartoonFanatic01

12. Smokescreen2814

That's My Top Twelve! You guys are awesome! Thanks for all your support! :)

Here's my PSN if you want to challenge me in Injustice or any other game I have. Be warned, I won't go easy on you...

PSN: Pred125078910

Leon Sakai: DMC Version

He is not a rowdy, foolish, teen anymore. His history with the demons has completely changed him physically and psychology. Born as the son of a wealthy philanthropist, Leon Sakai lived the life of a rich boy, along his brother, Alexander Sakai. However, family life was not peaceful. Leon witnessed his mother leave his family at a young age, as she became frustrated and embarrassed at her husband's attempts for his ascension to power. However, she told Leon and Alexander her final words before leaving Both Leon and Alexander took their mother's absence with great pain. The one who suffered the most pain was Alexander. Five years after his mother's disappearance, he left Leon and his father at age 14. Leon was 11. by now, and was tired at the horrible legacy his father left him. So, he made preparations in order to leave his father and his life of philanthropy once and for all. However, as the day to leave came soon, Leon was burdened with the news that his father had been murdered by the Demon General, Mundus. In his rage, Leon traveled to Mundus's palace and demanded a one-on-one duel for revenge for his father. Mundus was amused at this pathetic human's request, so he accepted. In the battle, Leon fought like a tiger, slowly chipping away at Mundus's defenses. However, Mundus used his demonic strength to stab Leon in the heart with his serrated blade. As he pulled the sword out of Leon's heart, he noticed that some of the shards were still embedded in the ventricles and atriums in the heart cavity. Mundus merely dismissed it as nothing, and ordered Leon's body to be thrown back into the Wastelands, a place where Mundus keeps the bodies of his defeated enemies. As Leon's body lay in the wastelands, his heart was still beating, the power of the shards glowing as they were absorbed into his body and soul. The result: the creation of a new demon, a new Son of Sparda. The sword that Mundus used to stab Leon was in fact the sword of the Demon God, Sparda. Leon was now a Nephilim, half angel, half demon, and the traveler between the boundaries of the human and demon worlds. Sparda not only transformed him into a Son of Sparda, but he was also granted another power. Leon had the power to move between the human world and Limbo at his own leisure, a power Vergil and Dante have yet to master. To ready himself to face the demons of the real world, Leon hunted the fiercest of Hunter Demons in Limbo; each victory giving him newfound power and control. As he traveled through Limbo, Leon armed himself with the ancient weapons of past demon hunters, Agni and Rudra, Alastor, Cerebro, and even the legendary Force Edge. As Leon killed the one of the main leaders of the hunter demons, he was bestowed upon him two things. One, the Murasame Blade, created from the power of the Four Legendary Weapons, and a final message from his father.The incoming shock and emotional toll for Leon was tremendous, and in a state of emotion and rage, he unleashed his Devil Trigger, sending Limbo into a state of chaos. At this exact time, this was when Dante entered Limbo during the fairgrounds to fight the Hunter Demon. Leon swore that he would avenge his father's death, and he would keep up his family's legacy. After five years, Leon returned to his company, only to find out that it was run by a young girl who would soon later become his wife. Her name was Kate Peters, and she became one of Leon's most trusted members and Vice CEO of his industry. Kate had turned the industry into a medical company, supplying medicine, equipment, and disaster relief help to all corners of the world. Leon quickly fell in love with her, and they soon married, with much happiness from the company and her parents. However, such happiness was short-lived. A month later, Kate went missing. Frantic about his wife's disappearance, Leon ordered a search around every corner of the world, in hopes of finding her or in bad circumstances, her body. He searched Limbo to see if Mundus had taken her or a hunter demon. Even through his determination to find her, she was nowhere to be found. It was as if she never existed, as they could not find any leads toward her. This threw Leon once again into a state of rage, and ordered to continue the search. However, the board did not allow it, as he spent almost one-fourth of the company's profit into finding her. Leon fired his board members the next day, and ordered the company to be shut down. Leon vowed that he will always hold on to that last shred of goodness that he still possessed. It was the promise he made to his father, his mother, and to his most beloved wife, Kate. In just one month, Leon rebuilt the company and made it better than ever. He created an underground shipping system that sent orders to many parts of the world, and the clinics and hospital centers now offered free shelter and food to any of the homeless in the world. Leon's company was ranked Number 1 in the World's Top Ten Companies in the World. As he watched his business grow, Leon was still hopeful of his wife's search, and he always believed that she would one day be found. There was one thing that Leon knew that still made him regret about the past. When Kate went missing, she was carrying Leon's unborn child. Leon's greatest regret was that he never became the father he wanted to be. However, he still remained hopeful, and he never let his past slow him down. Leon trained extensively in Limbo, hunting demons as he traveled to study his powers and how to control them further. As he traveled, he obtained his next Demon Weapon, the twin revolvers, Styx and Stones. As Leon trained in Limbo, his company is now under the watch of Daniel, who has taken his sister's place as Vice CEO. As the days went on, Leon was now becoming a fully trained Demon Hunter, and his name was feared throughout the demons in Limbo. Leon still felt hatred for Mundus, but it slowly faded away in time. He was surprised at Dante's and Vergil's victory over Mundus in Fortuna City, and quickly learned that Vergil mysteriously. Dante was now in charge of the Order, and the protection of Fortuna City. As of now, he calls upon Sakai Industries to help rebuild the broken city. Eager to help a fellow Son of Sparda, Leon travels to Fortuna City in hopes of restoring Fortuna City to its former glory. Dante will soon learn that there might be someone just as strong as him in the future. What Dante does not know is that an alliance will soon be formed by the two demon hunters, and they will face many challenges in the future. Let all the demons fear the name of the Third Son of Sparda, Leon Sakai.

"They spit me out of Hell; so, I'll throw them back in, right back where they deserve to suffer."

-Leon Sakai

Name: Leonardo Nathaniel Sakai (Leon Sakai)

Age: 19

Alias: The Third Son of Sparda

Appearance: Tall, dark hair with a patch of white hair on the lower left side of his head, deep purple scar under the heart, back is covered with numerous whip lashes along with deep scars, thin, but well-built, his eyes are always covered by dark, sleek sunglasses, the eyes are replaced with two black clouds under his eyelids (In the story, his eyes are gouged out at a young age, leaving him with impaired vision, yet, as a demon, he has perfect peripheral vision)

Height: 5 ft 12 in

Clothing: Dark Violet Trenchcoat, Dark Navy Blue Vest, White Dress shirt, gray undershirt, Black Sunglasses, Black baggy jeans, blues sneakers, blue underwear (Yes, I am that critical.), White Socks

Weapons: Murasame: High-frequency katana capable of cutting any object, also capable of power slashes of highly-charged forms of energy, the Uru metal forged from the smiths in Limbo have made this Blade indestructible

Sodom and Gomorrah: Twin Mateba Automatic Revolvers that run on infinite ammo, able to spread massive amounts of bullets within minutes, also capable of firing different rounds of ammunition without having to load or reload.

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