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About the author:

I love Pokémon. Love to read about it. Love to write about it. And that's pretty much the reason why I'm here. :)

My favorite characters? Gym Leaders, Elite Four, Champions... all the Pokémon League VIPs, more or less. So that's what you'll see me reading and writing about 90% of the time.

Anyway, it’s about time I wrote up something resembling a real profile. So here goes…

My favorite Pokémon:

For cuteness – Clefairy / Vulpix / Dragonite / Flaaffy / Pachirisu / Cinccino / Sylveon

For pure awesomeness – Gyarados / Skarmory / Tyranitar / Milotic / Togekiss / Zoroark / Haxorus / Talonflame

For the lulz – Psyduck / Exeggutor / Lickitung / Snorlax / Wobbuffet / Mudkip / Wailord / Spheal / Bidoof

(And of course that last category would turn out to be the longest. XD)

Pairings I obsess over:

(The one list that every self-respecting fangirl has to have. No particular order.)

Falkner x Janine (Fatherlyshipping) – It’s about as canon as Gym Leader ships get, with one very notable exception. It also lends itself extremely well to lots of hilarious ninja references.

Volkner x Candice (Senirasushipping) – What can I say? They’re like summer and winter. And you’d think she’d be winter and he’d be summer based on their respective locales, but personality-wise, it’s definitely the other way around. Too fun. :D

Volkner x Jasmine (Alexandrianshipping) – Why is this so gorgeous? It instantly stirs up images of lighthouse-lit beaches and all that. Only now it’s majorly hard to write because the lighthouse/beach stuff has been done a million times already. Oh well?

Grimsley x Shauntal (Rolandshipping) – It’s easy to see why this is one of the Unova pairings that really took off quickly… you’ve got the Elite Four’s resident author and the Elite Four’s resident bad boy. No wonder authors are all over it.

Morty x Whitney (Resistanceshipping) – They’re pretty much total opposites. But that’s what makes it work.

Morty x Erika (Deadplantshipping) – Only in that Stoner!Morty alternate universe I love so much.

Steven x Cynthia (Lolishotashipping) – At first I thought this was some generic Champion x Champion pairing, but it’s really grown on me. It has to be said, though… why that name?

Steven x Jasmine (Steelcareshipping) – It could be that I’m just a huge Steven fan in general. Or maybe I’m just proud of myself for dreaming up a non-steel-related reason to ship these two. Go read On a Night Like This and tell me if it makes sense. :P

Silver x Lyra (Soulsilvershipping) – Considering what Silver’s like, I have mad respect for authors who can pull this off. When done right, it’s just about the cutest thing ever.

Brawly x Roxanne (Rocksmashshipping) – An underrated pairing. The way I see it, she’s a no-nonsense kind of girl and he’s a super laid-back guy… you just know these two would get on each other’s nerves. In a good way.

Wallace x Winona (Gracefulshipping) – The manga made it happen, so why not? (Not that I’ve ever actually read the manga. So correct me if I’m wrong…)

Curtis x Rosa (Livecastershipping) – My new favorite sidequest. I can’t believe they actually put something of a love story into the games for once. (Okay, so “love story” may be pushing it a little. But I like to think it ends that way.)

Marlon x Skyla (Overheadshipping) – I don’t even know. They’re fun, and they kind of match. Color-wise, I mean. Blue all over. Is that the stupidest pairing rationale anyone’s ever come up with? Absolutely. But I’m going to write this someday. Fo’ reals.

(…And probably a whole bunch of other ones that I’m just not thinking of right now.)

Fun facts about my fanfics:

(In case anyone’s actually interested, that is. If not, there’s always the “hide bio” option. :D)

On a Night Like This:

-Every single one of the Kanto/Johto Gym Leaders gets a mention at some point. Same goes for the Elite Four. Go count them if you don’t believe me. :P
-Early plans also involved a Lorelei/Lance/Karen love triangle. Three pairings turned out to be more than enough for one night.
-Another scrapped idea? A Youngster Joey cameo. What would he be doing there? “My uncle works for Silph Co. Now can we get back to talking about my super cool Rattata already?”


-Candice’s Glaceon really does know Water Pulse in Platinum. Yay for being obsessively canon-compliant. Also, many thanks to Bulbapedia for that one. I love Bulbapedia.
-Of all the things that go on in this story, one of my absolute favorite parts is the image I have in my head of Flint and Volkner attempting to smuggle fireworks. Maybe I should’ve written a fic about that instead. XD

A Different Story:

-Rejected titles for this one included Read Between the Lines, Stranger than Fiction, and Losing the Plot. No shortage of uninspired writing-related metaphors there, huh?
-Caitlin’s the only member of the Unova Elite Four not to make an appearance. In my mind, that’s because she’s asleep as usual.


-An attempt at putting the “resistance” in Resistanceshipping, in case the italicized definition two seconds in didn’t make it obvious.
-Also, a not-so-subtle jab at the way it’s apparently acceptable in the HG/SS world to bombard people you barely know with random Pokégear calls about every little thing that pops into your head.
-This fic is 100% over-the-phone and 0% dialogue. How does that work? I don’t know. Does it? :P


-The chapter titles come from all kinds of different Pokémon attacks. Any guesses on what’s coming up next?
-I can’t say much else without giving the story away... check back here when it’s over! :)

My review philosophy:

Like absolutely everybody else on this site, I love it when people read and review my stories. That much is obvious, right? But what I really want to say is, I’m always looking to improve, so don’t be afraid of leaving constructive criticism if you have any. It’ll be appreciated, I promise!

On the flip side of things, I love to leave reviews, and I do tend to get pretty detailed at times. My theory is, if I take the time to really think about a story and pinpoint exactly what made me love it, it’ll help me get better as a writer. So, if you get a long, rambling review from me that goes on for several paragraphs about how I liked this and this and that, don’t be too surprised! :)

(...And that's all for now! Hope you like what you read! :D)

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