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Oldest ramblings at the top, new mutterings at the bottom so scroll down if you care to.

11/25/2013, Well to be more specific since i keep getting questioned about this:

Yes I've written Fic's but not since '04 when i graduated HS. Even then who cares about Star Trek fic's when there's Star Trek Online?

The 3 Neon Genesis Evangelion storys i wrote where just Shinji gender-benders/crack fics.

Now as to why there are posted here? ...I lost the thumb drive they where on at somepoint between '05-'07, and rewriting from scratch...nahh I'll pass.

Hell I didn't even re-gain my interest in Fan fics till 2010 when i stumbled across this site while on break at work and just browsing on my phone. I'm content to just read really. Let's see what else have people been nagging me about...

List everyone likes list:

1. NGE: Don't give Shinji a Sync Rate of 100% and him still get his arse kicked at the start, just to berserker win anyways.

2. No Romance between Shinji and Rei, a close friendship yes, shagging till they pass out no.

3. HP: Hermione falling in love with Ron,Draco,Serverus,Tom Riddle jr./Voldemort no.

4 HP: Harry in a relationship a Patil sister is ok, you don't need to relegate her to harem whore number 3,875,907 or something, Parvati is a extrovert and can bring him out his shell, Padma is just Hermione in a blue tie i.e. smart as you want to make her.

5 HP: Ron is so utterly useless just don't include him, Nevile is such a better personality.

6 HP: The amount of girls that are named characters that can teach Harry his heritage is staggering just a few Nevile, Susan Bones, Daphne Greengrass.

7 HP: There are 5 males and females per house in Harrys Sorting cohort of '91 the 2 vastly unknown lioness' are Fay Dubar, and Sophie Roper.

8 NGE: Don't ship Mari and Asuka, if you do then your an idiot that failed utterly to understand the relationship between the 2 girls. Mari is simply the type of pilot Asuka desperately wanted Shinji/Rei to be, someone who would compete with and who she wouldn't doubt for a second would have her back in battle.

In the Classic series 8th, and 9th Angle battles Asuka just starts to trust in Shinji then he blows it with the 12th,13th fights then runs away breaking her trust in him. then rides in and stomps the 14 but only after she lost. Put Mari in Shinji's place and you see the difference Asuka and Mari would have curb stomped the classic series angles. Theres nothing sexual about it between them.

9 NGE: Shinji isn't gay Kaworu had no concept of the masculinity myth, bro-code, or man law lol. Shinji was just pleased to be shown some compassion. Asuka and Misato sexually teasing him was just the wrong way to approach him it was doomed to fail from the very start with Misato's post card thingy.


Harry Potter and Magical Life-Debts, Flow chart :

Snape owes James, Dumbledore a non Potter "converts" it to "Any Potter" Hermione owes Ron and Harry via "The Troll Incident", Harry owes Fiernze the centaur via the forbidden forest "Quirlemort" encounter, Harry and Ron owe the Ford Angela via the Acromantula encounter, Ginny owes Harry via the "Basilisk Battle", Wormtail owes Harry, Sirius Owes Harry via Expecto Patronum save, Gabriel Delacour owes Harry though this is a weak claim, Arthur Weasley owes Harry via vision save from Nagini, Draco owes Harry via RoR FyndFrye save, Blaise Zabini owes Ron via RoR FyndFrye save, Ron and Hermione owe Nevile via slaying of Nagini mid-lunge.

"Potter, Harry...Hufflepuff!..." Only if the story is Harry being light aligned but independent.

"Potter, Harry...Gryffindor..." Harry, Nevile, Hermione. makes a better trio... downside it's a trio of introverts Lavender Brown is rather extroverted, HermioneXNevile is a sweetly pairing she's the first person nice to Nevile even according to cannon with how harsh his gran, and uncle are to him.

"Potter, Harry...Ravenclaw..." Perfect for a neutral/grey, independent of Dumbledore's influence, downside no trio available till Luna if you put Hermione in with him.

"Potter, Harry...Slytherin..." Outright evile, or just the anti-hero. Or he could go there and actually redeem the house...

Harry x Ginny : You know it's ok even without Ron's friendship. Have her get to know him after the Basilisk or have her just talk to him and skip the whole "I'll date his room mate and snogg him only when Harry's in the same room to get him to be jealous crap JKR did".

Due to the prophecy Harry's "Magical Power Index" is equal to Tom's, So there's no such thing as overpowering him, just skip giving him metamophmagus, and multiple-animagus ect ect.

Inheritances : He's got the Potter,Peverell, Gaunt, and Slytherin lordships under his belt even with or without killing off Sirius. So there's no need to give him the other 3 founders, Merlin's and Le Fay's as well. It's 5 British pounds sterling to a galleon there's no need to give him billions of galleons as a example a wand is a Hogwarts students most expensive item they will buy in the 7 years they are their and it's only 7 galleons that's 35pounds.

In theory the first year supplies list of Hogwarts is actually the most expensive, 2nd year it's just updating book volumes for the core 4 subjects and IF needed robes to fit any growth spurts, 3rd year is more pricy due to electives, 4/5 year is much like 2nd year your just updating your course texbooks volumes and new robes. 6/7th year is the cheapest as you've most likey dropped several subjects and are only in the relevant courses that the career you want requires. JKR never went into depth with this: All we know is that the Auror Academy requires a N.E.W.T score of EE/O in Potions,and DADA.

Questions I'd like to ask JKR : Where are Lily and James's Wands, and their magical portraits? How and why did Dumbledore have Harry's Vault Key and why wasn't it held in trust by the goblins? Lily's blood magic shield is taken into Tom when he revives so why was Harry still at the Dursleys for the summer? there's a few scenes in the books where Ginny are Hermione are "looking at Harry and giggling" So if Ginny is telling Hermione about how much she likes him, and with how well Hermione knows Harry why did Hermione come up with the plan of "Ginny date other boys in full view of Harry to make him jealous" Hermione damn well knows Harry isn't like that. Threw out the series the Hogwarts staff and others practically shove Lilly's skill in charms down his throat, so why doesn't he ever develop a interest in it?

I'd like to say this about a plot point that comes up in Fan Fics alot. : The Basilisk corpse monetary value, often it's use to give Harry about 150million galleons

If your going to do this think about the plot hole it creates. Do you really want Basilisk parts to enter the international market with how corrupt the Ministry's are? You are giving Tom and the DE's a gift wrapped tool lol.

The Fair and Just house of Weasley : Want to throw them a bone and make them wealthy? Have Molly sue the LeStrange brothers for restitution for killing Gideon and Fabian use Sirius who wont contest the claim somehow as a proxy threw Bellatrix's marriage to do it, at the same time it gives you a way to get the cup Horcrux. Doing a "Good Ron" Have Harry or Hermione point Ron at the Muggle Professional Chess circuit, Grand prize for some international tourneys get up to the millions.

3/11/2014 : Rowling has been published somewhere, That "RonxHermione" may have been a mistake, its nice she can admit it after all lol.

6/8/2014 Addendum : It was a interview with Emma Watson, Where she says Ron got Hermione for a selfish reason. It being she wanted the 3 primary characters to have a "Happy Ending". So just do a bit of mental editing and think James, Albus, and Lily-Luna are the kids of HPxHR lol.

The Deathly Hollows : Why is the cloak so weak? It's supposed to hide you even from the entity of death and its manipulations of causality to find you.

1. Dumbledore can see threw it or otherwise detect it in use in P.S. 5. Luna can detect it's use...well she is awesome

2. Snape may have detected it's use in P.S.

3. Snape may have detected it's use in C.O.S.

4. Moody (Crouch Jr.) See's threw it in G.O.F.

Marauders Map: Some people wonder why the Twins never see Peter (Scabbers) well why would the twins be using it to look at the Gryffindor doorms where Percy and later Ron are when they are checking if the 1st threw 7th floor corridors are clear of prefects and staff while moving about for honeydukes/zonkos supplies or pranks?


Why I believe Luna Lovegood is the only genius level intellect in the whole HP 'verse.

Nargles : It's code for her Ravenclaw bullies, bullies in general.

Wracksurpts : Again it's code, for the negative influence people have on Harry, examples Snape and Dumbledore hiding various truths he needs to know, and Ron impact on Harry's school coursework.

Rotfang Conspiracy: You guessed it, it's code for Malfoy, and Yaxey and the plans that made the Death Eater take over of the ministry a breeze.

Heliopaths : It's code shocked? It's referring to the destruction Death Eaters cause during raids.

Fudge making goblin pies : It's pretty obvious really, Fudge's administration was carrying out assassinations of various Gringott's Goblins.

Crumpled Horn Snorkack's : It's not the destination, its the journey.

3/24/2014 : Such a random thought but i believe it's legit.

Harry Potter, Auror The "Elliot Stabbler" of the corps. The "Street Detective"

Ron Weasley, Auror Ministry of Magic Building patrolman, Wand security and registry of those entering the ministry "The Paper Pusher"

4/08/2014 Just a few points I forgot to mention, to lazy to sort it out.

1: Hermione hates the concept of slavery, indentured servitude ect, ect. Then why is it when Molly recounts her story of Love potion usage doe's she just giggle away next to Ginny? Afterall Love potion should equal rape in her mind.

2: Why are there more teachers at Hogwarts, during meal scenes in the movies that actually exists in the books?

3: Dumbledore was evil, It took me awhile to concur with this opinion, the deciding factor was this: Albus knew there was a spy in the 1st order of the phoenix.

So how is it a master Legilimens missed Peter being the spy? He didn't Albus was evil simple as that.

4: Is there a single person that hates Luna Lovegood? If you do mind explaining why?

5: Snape, it wasn't love he was obsessed with the idea of Lily Evans being his.

6: Ron was supposed to die, not Sirius. Remus and Tonks dying was pointless JKR explains it as a bookend to Harrys life that Ted is a orphan...nevermind Andromeda or something...

7: In the book Lavender Brown is last mentioned writhing in pain but alive, in the movie she died...what the hell?

8: Lavender Brown depicted as a whore in "Fannon", you missed the whole point of her character then. She is supposed to reflect the average teenager into her looks and such her main worry is her hair and dating, she's meant to show not everyone is being tainted by war.

9: Colin Creevey, The good die young that imagery shouldnt be hard to miss.

10 Snape as Head of House: Granger! you know it all -50 points for excessive answering questions, "In private See Draco i put her in her place no need to carry out that plot to rape her" See with that example you see he actually has a use other than near useless Death Eater Spy.

11: Minerva I don't like her at all: Harry is getting tortured and all she says is "Keep your head down" WTF why didn't she send a Reducto to the pink toads head? Snape only took over and the Carrows reign of terror proceded because she did nothing about it. That qoute about evil winning cause good people do nothing comes to mind. In the end she decided her job trumped the saftey of innocent school children even Nevil mentions 1st year students being used to teach dark arts on.

12: Flitwick He is supposed to be a master duelist right? but he runs from a giant like a whimp in DH2 movie so what the hell?

13: The Wards of Hogwarts are supposed to be unconquerable...The death eaters are able to run amok and remember Tom never had the loyalty of the Elder Wand but he makes short work of the Professors network of Protego Maxium, and why was that even necessary? Did Snape "Turn Off" the wards and it would take to long to re-activate?

4/10/2014 Random thought on Arthur Weasley

He works in the mis-use of Muggle artifacts department of the D.M.L.E. It's his job to confiscate and destroy things that are illegally enchanted to harm Muggles or otherwise violates the statue of secrecy and he even has a hand in conducting ministry raids for dark art artifacts. So think about it he makes his living breaking enchantments on various things so it could be said he is a ministry curse breaker.

Also keep in mind by the time we meet him in the series he has put 2 kids threw 7 years of schooling and has 4 in school allready and is even getting ready to put his 7th in school that shit is expensive lol. Then i thought about it and this thought is the source of this to begin with: What if say someone like Lucius is screwing over Arthur by getting Fudge to muck up his pay scale?


Charlus Potter married Dorea Black, But at no point is it acknowledged on scene/in books that James and Sirius are cousins.

At no point is it ever acknowledged in anyway that Harry is cousins with Tonk's, : Adromeda Black

At no point is it ever acknowledged in anyway that Harry is cousins with Weasley's : Septimus Weasley married Dorea Black

At no point is it ever acknowledged in anyway that Harry is cousins with Malfoy : Narcissca Black

At no point is it ever acknowledged in anyway that Harry is cousins with LeStrange : You get the idea lol.

The Order of the Phoenix is actually formally dissolved after the battle of Hogwarts before Harry, Ginny, Luna, Ron, Hermione, and Nevile ever get the chance to be sworn in as members.

For Ron the Mirror of Erised was almost a accurate prediction, as he became Prefect and Quidditch captain in 5th year and won the cup while Harry was banned.

Nevile and Luna didn't work out : Nevile wouldn't go on trips with Luna he rather preferred to chill in England waiting for Luna to return with interesting plants

While in Sweden Luna meets a bloke named Rufus Scamander. After breaking up Nevile heads to the 3 broom sticks for a pint and reconnects with the bar matron Hanna Abbot a friend from his Hogwarts days. This scenario won't leave my head.

6-20-2014 Complete nonsense that i felt putting on here after re-reading "Darkest night"

Harry Potter : Violet Lantern, "The power he knows not" Well since it's love guess Harry gets stuck...

Hermione Granger : Indigo Lantern, Her career is based on equality for all life forms that screams compassion to me at least.

Ron Weasley : Orange Lantern, Ron's jealousy and his amazing capacity to walk out on friendships.

Ginny Weasley : Blue Lantern, I am not 100% with it. But JKR would have us accept Harry went threw it all with the hope he would see her again.

Luna Lovegood : Indigo Lantern, She knew why her bullies tormented her and she forgave them anyways.

Nevile Longbottom : Green Lantern, After Bellatrix escapes Azkaban and joining the DA i see him in green.

Tom Riddle : Red Lantern - Lord Voldemort : Black Lantern.

7/27/2014 : Since I don't write, and just read for fun does anyone ever read any of this?

Anyways Today's ramblings : Hermione was set up by Dumbledore to fall in love with Ron, or Rowling just plain forgot she's a Muggleborn witch at some point.

1. Summer after GoF, Albus Brings Hermione to to Grimmauld place "For her safety" ignoring her defenseless parents but the entire Weasley horde is there.

2. Shes there with Ron a month by the time Harry is brought in after the Dementor attack, and her parents are still left alone.

3. moRon makes Prefect. That's a whole lot of time spent with Hermione alone.

4. Summer after OotP, rinse and repeat Hermione is brought in sans parents.

5. The events of HBP.

6. Oh wait Hermione Memory charms her parents, How nice of Rowling to remember she is a Muggleborn witch and addressing the "safety" of her parents at long last.

7/31/2014 Hogwarts Uniform : Why do so many people insist the robes are dress-like? Just watch the movies they are like bath robes with a clasp to close them across the chest area. They have pockets inside the the lapel area or at the very least a built in wand holster, and thigh area pockets on the outside large enough to hold a roll of parchment. That's not including a white short or long sleeve button up shirt, grey sweater vest, and grey trousers/pleated skirts.

It never looks like a dress.

8/20/2014 Inheritance Test: (Is anyone out there even read my ramblings?)

Whenever I see "Inheritance Test" I cringe because lo' and behold Harry or "Harry" discovers he/she is Lord/Lady
to Potter, Peverell, Black, Gaunt, Emrys, Morgana, Morrigan, Circe, Buddha, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Sytherin, God, Vishnu, Odin, Zeus, and God again with nine trillion billion galleons all at once. Of course no Test is complete without it being revealed that Dumbledore Has raped Harry/"Harry's" magic by sealing/binding various superpowers. I.E. "Multi-Animagus" "Instant-Occulmens" "Metamorphmagus" "Veela Allure" "Wandless Magic" "Beast-speak" and so forth.
people always forget if the Potter's had 98,765,432 seats/titles/bank vaults and 99.9% control of the Wizengamot, every named business in cannon then
James Potter himself the spoiled brat that he was pre 7th year would have bloody new about it!

8/28/2014 Something Different : My summary of Arthurian Legend. A poor peasant, a aspiring squire, the wizards student, a prince, a warrior, a king, the cuckold husband, victim of sisters ambition, a betrayed father, a battle wounded man, resting in Valhalla.

9/14/2014 Rebuild of Evangelion : I get it now It's just a "ShinjixRei AsukaxOC" fan fic and its just a coincidence that it's written by Anno.

9/29/2014 Corrupted Ministry : So According to transcript's of J.K. Rowling interviews. The British Ministry use of Dementors is a sign of corruption

within the government. How so? You only get sent to Azkabahn for pulling nasty stuff like dark arts use or Muggle Baiting. You get sent to a Ministry holding cell for public drunkenness and the like. Wouldn't it be a sing of corruption if they didn't use them at the prison? Like Malfoy bribed Bagnold and Fudge to not use them or to keep them away from the Death Eater cell block?

10/17/2014 The Peverell Cloak : So after digging threw sites I found the transcript of a Rowling interview. Dumbledore cast a wandless and silent "Homenum Revelio" to detect Harry in 1st year in the Mirror of desire's room. : Ugh that shouldn't work damn it, the cloak hides you from death but a simple detection charm gives you away?!

11/2/2014 Overly helpful Goblins : It works but people aren't doing it right. Yes Harry or "Harry" can get the scar Horcrux purged by goblins, the goblins will be well versed in killing wizards even Horcrux(s) will be known to master healers and how to destroy them that's fine. But getting carried away is happening to easily as in suddenly they pass out anti death eater wards like penny candy, seize vaults (LeStange) train Harry/"Harry" in warfare and magics with a time turner, and other none sense such as Dumbledore stealing 10,000 galleons a year from Harry/"Harry" since '81 or stealing artifacts and suddenly the goblins learn of the theft and reclaim everything with a finger snap.

11/2/2014pt.2 Guardianship : The entire concept of Dumbledore is Harry, or "Harry's" "Magical Guardian" because he is a orphan is asinine at best and I detest it. How can he be a orphan anyways when Petunia is his aunt?

11/4/2014 Plot Hole, or Hermione is truly Almighty : Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Why didn't Voldemort remove his own damn jinx on the DADA position while he was possessing the DADA teacher? (Hermione once said the magical world fatally lacks common sense...hmm.)

11/8/2014 Muggleborn Influence : Voldermort's jumping off point to lying to the Pureblood's is that the Muggleborn's are eroding Magical society.

I'd like to point out, out of the 3843 (Depending on the source) students in Hogwarts at Harry's 1991 sorting cohort that at only 3 are known to be Muggleborn :

- Dean Thomas, though in the movie adaptation he's changed to a half-blood.

- Hermione Granger, stays Muggleborn in the movies.

- Justin Finch-Fletchley, stays Muggleborn in the movies.

Then I look at it like this, for Blood Status

Hanna Abbot, Pure

Susan Bones, Pure

Terry Boot, Unknown Pure or Half

Lavender Brown, Pure

Mandy Brocklehurst, Unknown

Milicent Blustrode, Pure

Stephen Cornfoot, Unknown

Micheal Corner, Pure

Vincent Crabbe, Pure

Tracey Davis, Pure

Fay Dunbar, Pure ( Though she's only in Gryffindor and Harry's year in the Harry Potter video games, Rowling approved it so i count her.)

Marietta Edgecomb, Pure

Kevin Entwhistle, Unknown

Seamus Finnegan, Pure

Justin Finch-Fletchely, Muggleborn

Daphne Greengrass, Pure

Hermione Granger, Muggleborn

Anthony Goldstein, (with a Jewish surname in borne in Britain around 1980/81 I personally assume he's a Muggleborn)

Gregory Goyle, Pure

Wayne Hopkins, Unknown ( One of two in Hufflepuff that are unknown)

Megan Jones, Pure

Nevile Longbottom, Pure

Su Li, Pure blood, (Unknown, but again due to her being Chinese but living in Britian I assume Muggleborn or Half-Blood)

Erine Macmillian, Half blood

Draco Malfoy, Pure

Lilith Moon, Unknown

Theodore Nott, Pure

Pansy Parkinson, Pure

Padma Patil, (I assume Pureblood since it is inferred at least that Pansy Parkinson knows the Patil's during the broom flying class in tPS.)

Pavarti Patil, (See above)

Sally-Anne Perks, Muggleborn, (Not everyone agrees with this from what I could find, hell people don't even agrees on the house she's in)

Harry Potter, Half blood

Sophie Roper, Unknown

Zacharias Smith, Pure

Lisa Turpin, Unknown

Dean Thomas, (I go with the books he's a Muggleborn)

Ronald Weasley, Pure

Blaise Zabini, Pure

Sadly we know next to nothing about the Ravenclaw students in Harry's year, but still we only have 3 known Muggleborn's unless they where dozens more each year before Voldy's war he was lying about yet another thing.

11/12/2014 Ginny : For the active writers only, and not the "retired" people like me lol. "Ginny the Whore", "Ginny the Love Potion Princess", "Ginny the Evil Ex-Girlfriend", "Ginny the Potter vault thief" Stop it!. Did you know it's possible to even write a HarryxGinny "Hinny" ship with out Ron featured at all? Just think how often are guys truly friends of any type with there sisters boyfriend. (Ron is clingy lol, he's desperate to be seen and recognized as a famous persons friend, just ignore that he exist)

11/14/2014 Nagini : I came up with a theory the rudimentary body Voldy is in before the Homunculus ritual in GoF he does to get a new body. Was in fact created from one of Nagini's eggs after he made her a Horcrux.

11/17/2014 : The Youtuber trio at "Not Literally Productions" are so awesome I had to try my hand at it.

11/20/2014 : Don't use Apache Open Office . I kills your formatting the Luna crack wasn't supposed to have it's lovely wall of text I swear. (And I can't be arsed to go fix it.)

12/14/2014 The works I posted where on a whim no pre planning or plot line working was done at all, I mean I opened MS word wrote and posted in the time span of about 20-30mins. The Luna crack fic was me experimenting with Open Office, tried it on a friends advice FFnet didn't like it I guess lol so it killed my formatting. Then I exchanged PM with a Gandalf's Beard. The Adult adventure series was the result it was going to keep going, but people hate lime content? And people seemed to think it was some sort of sad attempt at a masterpiece of literature?! uh no, no way in hell lol, it was just some naughty fun.

I mean how did people miss the tags "AU, Crack, Humor, Parody"?

1/4/2015 Summer at the Burrow : Anyone care to take a crack at explaining this : "Why is it that Ron is the only Weasley sibling, that is allowed summer guest to visit the Burrow?"

4/19/2015 Draco : Did Rowling ever explain on how Draco the brash hot headed pampered prince, was able to learn Occulmency from Bellatrix, and be so good at it that Snape couldn't get threw?

4/21/2015 Black Heir: How about instead of Harry his godson Sirius selects Tonks who's older than Harry and more closely related?

5/7/2015 All new Fandom for me: Naruto, I'm serious after what 10 years of my buddy's nagging me to clear it off my "To read this series list" I read it.

Naruto: Just like Harry Potter, he's a orphan that sits on his ass waiting for other people to come to him and learn about his parents, massive archives are available but "Books are Boring" Just like Harry he never got off his ass to learn anything about where he comes from, he just waited for info to be given.

Sakura: Becomes a Ninja then decides it's to hard so doesn't train, because she might lose her girlish figure WTF?! at least in part 2 she learned to be a medic.

Sasuke: Fuck this guy seriously. (If Hermione is Rowling's SI, then this emo prick is Kishimoto's) The fan girls taking verbal, and physical abuse with a smile wtf?

Obito: Crush dies that sucks ass, Rin dies a hero's death defending her home. This fucker then decides the best way to honor her is to murder some 40 thousand people in total, while trying to destroy the home his crush Rin died defending AND HE IS FUCKING FORGIVEN IN THE END?!.

Sharigan Eye: I never knew something more "hax" than Sosuke Aizen could exist, this "God Mode" Eye Balls ruined the series in my opinion.

Hinata: Hey just like Ginny, you get your man by being a stalker for years and this is somehow true love fueled romance?

5/18/2015 Bellatrix Plot-hole?: If Bellatrix taught Draco Occulmency, Then why didn't she just check if the disfigured Harry at Malfoy Manor was actually Harry with a Legilimency probe, rather than go threw the bit with asking Draco to confirm anything?

5/28/2015: Yearly Daily Prophet Draw : The Weasley's are "Lower-Middle Class" in a culture where not being wealthy means your equal to shit. So why is it

When the Weasley's win 700 galleons 3,485 British pounds with Rowlings 5:1 ratio do they go on vacation for a month rather than save the gold?

5/31/2015 PoA Dementor scene : Book 3, Ron or Nevile...who told Draco about Harry fainting?

6/9/2015 More Magical Society lacking logical thinking: Hogwarts is like all magical schools are unplotable on maps thus no one can say with 100% certainty just where it is, Hogsmead isn't unplotable just warded against muggles. Hogwarts is 1 mile north of Hogsmead...

6/13/2015 "Golden Trio" : Which author in what story on what site coined this term that the Harry Potter fandom loves so much?

6/17/2015 Daphne Greengrass, and Tracy Davis: "Greengrass, Daphne" as read in OotP (book5) is the one and only time Daphne is mentioned period in cannon. It's just "fannon" that she is the political neutral "Ice Queen" of Slytherin. Tracy Davis exists solely as a name on a list from the 1st book planning stage.

7/8/2015 Star Trek: Archer the unprepared Explorer, Kirk the Adventurer, Picard the Diplomat, Sisko the Warrior, Janeway the Scientist. THEY DON"T BLOODY NEED TO FIGHT EACH OTHER ENOUGH!

Star Trek part 2: Versus Star War...face palm.jpeg, seriously while Star Wars ships are what 40x bigger they don't have the technology to go up against a Star Trek ship, the flip side of that is a Star Trek ship doesn't have the weapon capacity to take down a Star Destroyer it would take oh lets say 30 Star Trek ships to take down a Imperial Warship. "But the Enterprise could just transport torpedoes into a Star Wars ship's power core" Ionized particles shut down a Star Trek ships systems such as weapons, shields, and targeting scanners and the damn Transporters, Star Trek ships would have to use line of sight targeting arcs.

7/12/2015 Excessive Anatomy: In today's Fanfiction/Fiction culture you can't have a female character without at least a 36 C cup bust it seems while D/E cup is preferred. But I give Nevile Longbottom a 14 inch cock and a race horses stamina, and I'm being unrealistic?! ...It's satire you fools. Tone down your own Bust Sizes if it bothers you so much.

7/25/2015 Any Woman explain please, since the wife just rolls her eyes when I ask...: This scenario; Woman wearing a red 2 piece bikini struts down the beach enjoying the attention, the very next day same woman walking down the street during her daily routine has her skirt lifted by that days wind since a storm was due over the weekend resulting in her panties (just normal cotton, nothing fancy) being seen by a few people for a brief moment gets offended that people got a 2 second

10/5/2015 Rowling Retcons the Potters: Charlus is renamed "Fleamont" Dorea Potter nee Black is outright replace by a random witch named "Euphemina" If that wasn't enough the Potter fortune is based on Pepper up Potion, Skele-grow, and Sleakeazy's Hair Potion and the royalties they generate.

12/21/2015 Hermione is really Black, Asian, Iranian, Hindu, Jewish, Haitian, Mexican, Chinese etcetera, ecetera: A black actress has been cast as Hermione for the stage play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" So Rowling retcon's Hermione with some silly notion that Hermione's race is never stated. Silly, Silly Rowling. It's 2015 it just doesn't matter if Hermione is black in a stage play, just like it didn't matter that Nick Fury is black in the MCU, it's the talent of the actor/actress that matters. Hell even Spiderman is a black kid at the moment :P

1/14/2016 Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman: Rest in Peace.

01/01/2016 The two mistakes you instantly made in your Fem!Harry fic's premise:

1. You forgot to gender flip Nevile as well.

2. Magical Society is sexist.

2/29/2016 Your Letter: If you where born between 1985 to 1999, your Hogwarts acceptance letter never came because Voldemort destroyed the Ministry of Magics Muggleborn Registry.

4/28/2016: Teen Sexy Time: Since 2006 Teen pregnancy decreased of Black's by 44%, Hispanic/Latin decreased by 38%, "white" pregnancy decreased by 3%. Take that white people!

4/28/2016 B: Naive or Borderline Retardation: Naruto call's the guy that pretty much murdered his parents..."The coolest guy" because Obito's Sharigan curse object was a girl he had a crush on...

11/8/2014 Muggleborn Influence : Voldermort's jumping off point to lying to the Pureblood's is that the Muggleborn's are eroding Magical society.

5/8/2016 Update: Let's take a look at this again:

Minister of Magic: Wizard or Witch: Is only ever a Pure Blood.

Any, and I mean any Ministry Department Head: Is only ever a Pure Blood. The Sole canonical exception is Dumbledore himself (Half Blood)

Business Owner: From the vendor selling roasted Dragon Kebabs, to Krump treats to Wand makers all Pure Bloods...

5/19/2016 Plothole in CoS: Ginny and the Weasley Clock...

5/19/2016 Every about Magical America: Fuck you Rowling, seriously! and that's all I got on the subject.

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