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Hello everyone! Sgt Rypht is back again with some good news! I’m back, full force, on the fan fiction scene with a lot of new projects. Fan fiction has really helped me get my act together with my actual novel, and is great relaxing practice! So, I’m here doing a lot of work here and there across the bored with a lot of good and clean work. I have a lot of new projects, so check out below for what you may want to keep an eye out for!

Mass Effect: Rehabilitation

Characters: Tali'Zorah vas Normandy/Commander Shepard

Fan Fiction Style: Headcanon

Update Schedule: Biweekly

Current Progress: Chapter 8:

Post Progress: Chapter 7

Summary: In 2189, Tali’Zorah received a visitor from a person she never expected to see again. That man was Commander Shepard. One-legged and tattered, he appeared before her to ask for closure. What he got was a home instead. How will he deal with the normalcy of life? Tali will soon find out that the exterior of Shepard is much different than the odd, squishy interior.

Update 7/26/2013: Back to the regular scheduled program. Sorry for the lateness of this update guys. I've had some tough troubles. I'm glad that you guys enjoyed the recent one. :D With my novel's first draft completed, it's nice to get back to my fans. :D

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A normal life is something the battle scarred Shepard didn't expect. How will Admiral Tali'Zorah deal with the quirky antics and darker lows of her former Commander? Warning: Citadel DLC spoilers in later chapters.
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