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Hello everyone I'm Erika-moon I have to say is that I really love reading fan fictions. Ones with romance, adventure, family and friendship.

A girl who loves to write things that come on her mind or from a dream.

My favorite couples;

N and Touko (Pokemon) Ferris wheel shipping

Sakura and Yue (Card Captor Sakura)

Tomoyo and Eriol (Card Captor Sakura)

Mei and Hugh or Colress (Pokemon)

Clemont and Serena (Pokémon)

My favorite Pokemon;






Oshawatt (All forms)





The list goes on...

Character I like;

N- Pokemon Black and White

Touko- Pokemon Black and White

Sakura- Card Captor Sakura,

Yue- Card Captor Sakura

Mei/Rosa- Black and White 2

Hugh- Black and White 2

Kero- Card Captor Sakura

Anthea- Pokemon Black and White

Concordia- Pokemon Black and White

Tomoyo- Card Captor Sakura

The list goes on...

Pokemon OC

Moonlit;My OC Moonlit is shy, nice, and can be serious when it comes to a rival who she sees. Sometimes Moonlit can be cold hearted when she's in a bad mood or when shes sad. Her first pokemon is a Lucario that she recieved as a little girl when he was a Riolu. Her mother Amy, and her father John came from the Sinnoh reogin and moved to Unova to have a new life. She can do matrial arts.

Pokemon note; For N and Touko fans, I'll be doing Disney films in Pokemon version. They will be starirg N and Touko, So far I did beauty and the beast, Hercules, Snow White, The little mermaid, Alladin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, anastasia, Tarzan, and Tangled, the next bonus is the princess and the Frog, starring no other but N and Touko. As for my other fan fic called separate halves. If you would like to see more of N and Touko, there is a new one called what I Dreamed Of.