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Pranktical Joker's 50-Theme Prompt Challenge
Righto! Basically, if you've committed to take part in this, you'll need to write a story with 50 chapters (they don't have to be continuous), each one being a short story conforming to the themes I've set up for you. Here are the rules that needs to be observed:

1) The story is to be about either Dragonball Z, Kingdom Hearts, or a crossover of both, and in English.

2) The rating is not to exceed T. No mature contents allowed.

3) There are no restrictions on characters and genres. Just write about anyone you'd like to write about.

4) Pairings are allowed, but no yaoi, yuri, or incestuous ones. Try to keep it conventional, folks!

5) The number of words per chapter is not to exceed 500.

6) The story is to be updated at your own pace. Take as long as you want; the deadline is the day the world ended!

The themes you're going to have to write about, in order, would be these:

Chapters 1 to 10:
Past - Handphone - Stand-off - Quietude - Greater good - Surgery - Action figure - Overseas - Dense - Comparison

Chapters 11 to 20:
Land - Death - Game - Future - Departure - Plot - Awareness - Pet - A loved one - Sky

Chapters 21 to 30:
Perfume - Birthday - Ruler - Pair - Lesser evil - Prayer - Life - Hue - Light - Dark

Chapters 31 to 40:
Sickness - Separation - Virtual world - Tears - Musician - Pain - Favourite food - Mathematics - Places of interest - Sleep

Chapters 41 to 50:
Cooking - Present - Language - Sea - Wound - Vacation - Sports - Superhero - Arrival - Eternal

Sadly there will be no prize. Sorry about that, but let's do this just for fun! I don't require you to, but if you're interested to take on the challenge, feel free to drop me a PM so I can check your story out.

This challenge will be here for an indefinite amount of time. I wish you the best of luck, and have tons of fun!

I'm a guy aged 23 (but when I tell people that they have trouble believing it; they think I'm 17 or 18! Go figure, I think I look young). I'm an Indonesian diaspora, which means I'm currently staying in another country, not in my homeland.

Any communication with me should be done in English, but if by any chance you are Indonesian, please feel free to speak in Bahasa Indonesia with me (and yeah, in case you can't tell, I'm hoping to get acquaintained to fellow countrymen who are interested in fanfictions). I also speak Japanese although my understanding is still at a basic level, so if you PM me in Japanese, chances are I'll need lots of time getting back to you (and when I finally do, I will be very, VERY soft-spoken and formal). :P

My birthday? Halve the date and you get the month.

I'm currently working as an R&D engineer in a multinational company (do you often encounter an engineer with writing fanfictions as pastime? I don't know, haha), usual work schedule, Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm, this and all that, yada yada. But hey, I enjoy my work as much as I do my hobby, and whenever I have time in work (such as after lunch break, if there's some spare time before I get to work again) I'm always trying to research for what I'd like to write next. If not, I'll just play billiards or some board games with my colleagues. Hehe.

Outside of work, I do quite a number of things. I study Japanese (the language, of course). I would also sometimes hunt for photographs, nature and landscape alike. I'm a member of some kind of a board game society. I sing, too, and I used to be a choirmaster before I left university and choir altogether (this has caused my voice to shift, and it is now better suited for contemporary instead of choral songs). I also collect action figures to be photographed, but it was only recently that I took a liking to this hobby. As such, my collection is limited and strictly of Dragonball and Kingdom Hearts fame.

I like to cook, too, especially Korean, Japanese, and Italian food. This is passed down from my parents; they both cook, and their cooking--especially my mom's--is awesome. Ever since I was little I had been taught not to be afraid of handling fire and knives, so perhaps that's why I'm kinda fond of this hobby. I personally think the most fun part is the experimenting; taste is a subjective matter, and to satisfy your palate, sometimes you need to really be bold and deviate from the recipe. When it fails, well, too bad, but there's always the next time. When it succeeds, however, I tell you... it's worth it.

Uh, it's too much information, I guess... you're not gonna read anyway. Hehe. So let's just stop here.

Favourite things to do
Hm... writing, obviously. In addition to what I've stated above, I'm also into gaming, amateur astronomy (telescopes and all that stuff, NOT the zodiac signs), bowling, travelling, and what you can do at gyms. Nothing interesting to most people, except perhaps the astro stuff.

My avatar is the result of combining two of my hobbies: action figure and photography. It's a picture of Roxas Play Arts action figure facing the sunset. Oh, and if you're interested in seeing my other works, I invite you to check out my flickr account. Just key in prankticaljoker under the people search... and I'd be so glad if you decide to let me know what you think of my pictures!

Writing experience
Nada, practically. Although I like to express my chain of thoughts in the form of words, I've never really written anything noteworthy, much less have something published (I'm talking about books). Besides, to this fanfiction affair I'm only a newbie, although I've been reading them since a long time ago. So please bear with me if my writing skills are rusty, haha. And even though I have a pretty good command of English, it's my second language... so I apologise if you find grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors scattered throughout my stories. I'm hoping to improve as I go, though, although why I write much better in English than in Bahasa Indonesia is way beyond me. Haha.

I don't require my readers to review after reading, but doing so would certainly be most welcome, especially if you provide suggestions and constructive criticisms to make the story all the more enjoyable. Besides, reviews--as are follows and favourites--are a form of appreciation, and I think there is no single writer who doesn't want his or her stories to be reviewed. You know, that feeling when you get a review notification in your email is so downright exhilarating.

Stories of interest
I really appreciate the values of family, friendship, the fun that comes with them, and this whole brotherly / sisterly / platonic affection thing, so those genres would be what I'm gonna be writing about.

So I said last time that I wasn't gonna write stories touching on romance. However, I actually did write one, although it doesn't contain heavy-duty, explicit scenes. I swear, it's an innocent one. Also, it has been an eye-opener for me; when reading other writers' work of art to search for inspiration in writing it, I was made aware that there are many great, heartwarming stories out there. As such, I'm now more open to romantic stories.

Of course there's a limit. Yuri / yaoi / incest pairings revolt me, and I despise them with passion. And I'm not gonna lie: I'm not gonna read or write sexually explicit stories as well. However, I know everyone is entitled the same right to freely express their opinion. Therefore, I appreciate the path they've chosen to take; combined with the fact that I firmly adhere to the "don't like, don't read" policy, be assured, writers of such stories, that you won't get a single word of flame from me simply because I'm gonna steer clear from said stories. Even if I do read them by accident (it happened quite a few times due to inadequately presented summaries), I'll keep my mouth shut and leave quietly. That way, everybody's happy. :P

Me as a reader
As much as I like writing, I enjoy reading, multichapters and one-shots alike, especially when I'm having difficulties advancing my stories.

I only read stories that are actually readable, and by this I mean those with good, if not exceptional, formatting and use of language; the latter translates to above-average syntactic, semantic, and punctuational proficiency. Also, we're all so familiar with the saying "first impressions count"; I believe this applies to summaries as well. If you're hoping to get me attracted with poorly written summaries (such as improper capitalisation, excessive nonsensical contractions--for the love of all that's good, we're allocated 385 characters! Make the most of it!--and spelling errors), I have to urge you to try harder.

All that said, I possess tolerance since we're all human beings who are far from being perfect in any sense (I, too, am prone to making mistakes in writing). The stories I do read, follow, and favourite have met my criteria. They're not perfectly authored, but I believe the authors have made conscious effort to keep them pleasantly readable.

However, be aware that I'm a very picky reader when it comes to genre. I seldom read romantic stories (except if they do have a great deal of character development and are not lascivious in nature) and those touching on unconventional relationship types are just not my cup of tea. I enjoy adventure, friendship, and family stories the most.

My five favourite characters from DBZ fandom are Goten, Trunks, Gohan, #18, and Piccolo. From KH, they would be Roxas, Ventus, Larxene, Aqua, and Sora.

Though I don't normally ship, I do have favourite pairings. From DBZ, I'd say it's Gohan / Videl or Gohan / Lime, and from KH it's easily Roxas / Xion (although I don't mind Roxas / Naminé) and the rather unpopular, canonically near-impossible Ventus / Fuu.

Story updates
I don't have a fixed schedule on when to update the story(ies) I'm currently writing. You can expect anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks for an update, but when a chapter is ready, I will usually upload it at one of the following UTC/PDT times, give or take half an hour: 7am/12am, 1pm/6am, 4pm/9am, or 7pm/12pm.

Stories written
The numbers inside the parentheses indicate how many chapters there are in the corresponding story, and the names listed indicate major characters in the story. Perfect Pranks (complete - 4)
Trunks, Goten, Bulma, Vegeta A Blessing That Never Was (complete - 4)
Future Trunks, Goten, Trunks, Bulma Behind the Walls and Iron Bars (complete - 1)
Trunks, Marron The Passage Not Taken (complete - 24)
Trunks, Goten, Gohan, Vegeta, Freeza, Bulma, Goku, Chichi Just One More Step (complete - 1) - netted me the 2nd place of ImmaGoten's YouTube contest!
Goten, Trunks Interim (complete - 1)
Gohan, Kaio The Passage Not Seen (complete - 26)
Goten, Gohan, Trunks, Bulma, Cell, Videl, Son (OC) Antithesis (complete - 16)
Goten, Trunks, Gohan, Bardock, Fasha, Vegeta, Bulma One Little Joy of Life (complete - 3)
Son (OC), Videl, Gohan Heaven (complete - 1)
Gohan, Goten Monkey Business (complete - 1)
Ventus, Terra A Life Worth Living (complete - 8)
Roxas, Sora, Ventus The Days Long Gone (in progress - 43 / 100)
Roxas, Sora, Ventus Why We Love Our Family (complete - 1)
Roxas, Sora

Planned stories (may or may not be published):

The True Triggers to Legend (K, Friendship / Adventure, Goten / Trunks) - one-shot, a collaboration with Power9987, Dragonball Z
Finding My Way (K, Friendship / Adventure, Ventus / Goten / Trunks) - multichapter, KH x DBZ
To the Beloved Departed (K, Friendship / Hurt / Comfort, Roxas / Xion) - one-shot, Kingdom Hearts
Skeleton in the Closet (T, Horror / Supernatural, Sora) - multichapter, Kingdom Hearts

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Every house has its own dark secrets, and Sora's is no exception. AU, rated T for minor cursing and potentially frightening and/or disturbing themes for younger readers.
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Roxas and Sora—or perhaps just Sora, one can say—had just been faces in the crowd. Not anymore, though; an assignment had transformed them into those the crowd faced. A follow-up to chapter 1 of The Days Long Gone. AU.
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Adolescent life had been unkind to Roxas. He had always been envious of Sora, who constantly outperformed him in almost every single thing. Considering that, it was no surprise that his selfless act to ensure his brother's well-being seemed like it came out of the blue. AU, Roxas/Sora sibling fic.
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