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Yo people! *cough cough* I mean- Hi everyone of Fanfiction. My name is Delphine Paradis (It's just the username!) and you could say I am new to Fanfiction. I've basically have just been reading stories and I've liked them so much that Iv'e decided to start writing some instead. So I have decided to use one main character throughout each of my stories whose is name is-wait for it- Delphine Paradis. You could say I came upon this name by accident during French class, but I'm glad I did :). So I want to describe her for everyone as I use her in my Fanfictions.

Delphine Paradis:

Roughly 14 years old (I guess she will mature as my stories mature)

Long brown hair (with natural red, kinda wavy, comes down to lower back) and she ONLY keeps it in a ponytail or braid, she just likes it that way

Brown eyes

For extra measure she is about 5'5 more or less

Her personality is very tomboyish, she's not very girly and HATES wearing dresses and pink

Speaking of which her favorite color is blue

LOVES to put up a fight

Very active, likes sports especially soccer GO REAL MADRID!!!

Has a very good sense of humor :)

Will put her nose in a book all day

Loves videogames

Oh, and parts of Delphine's personality might change a bit from story to story, so just a side note there.

Also she is NOT A MARY SUE!!! ANY MARY SUES WILL BE IDENTIFIED WITH THE LATEST AND MOST ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY AND SHOT DOWN WITHIN FIST SIGHT, AND WILL BE TRAMPLED ON BY ELEPHANTS FOR GOOD MEASURE!!! We all have our flaws and Delphine is NOT a Mary Sue, let me tell you that. Believe me, you will notice the flaws Delphine has, for example, she has a quick and easy temper, and has to muster all her strength to keep it in.

I suppose you could say Delphine is very original, and tha-GHYACK URGH AAK!!!! *heavy breathing*- ok you don't have to choke me! I'll spit it out! All right, most of Delphine's aspects are based on me. I love soccer GO REAL MADRID!!!, and I revel in the thought of reading a good book including:

The Inheritance Cycle (Also known as the Eragon series and are my FAVORITE books of all time, my favorite of the four goes to Brsingr)

Hunger Games *distance whistle is heard*

Harry Potter

His Dark Materials (Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, Amber Spyglass)

I've read SO many more than that but these were the first few that popped up in my head.

I also love movies, including:

The Pirates of the Caribbean- Favorite movie series OF ALL TIME!!!

Hot Rod- Favorite single movie OF ALL TIME!!!

Phantom of the Opera

All things Disney

Labyrinth-Well, I'm not that big of a fan of it, it's all right I suppose (but I would love to run the Labyrinth and show Jareth whose boss and win the Labyrinth and kick'im and be like EAT IT GOBLIN KING!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA-*cough cough* sorry about that)

And for all people who are reading this, I am going to tell you one thing... POKEMON IS THE BEST VIDEOGAME OF ALL TIME (Except for Black and White, they sucked... but everything else was frickin' AWESOME!!!) AND IS CHERISHED AMONG MILLIONS OF PEOPLE AND IS FRICKIN' AWESOME!!! Nuff' said.

OOH! and I love Pepsi, Five Guys Burgers, and ColdStone Creamery. YUM!!

Constructive criticism is welcomed- By all means!!! Go ahead and tell me how you feel about my Fanfictions!!! I will give you cookies, ice cream and cheesecake if you do!!! Since I am new to writing I want to do my best, so any helpful tips and suggestions are wanted. Also, if you have any negative comments, please don't attack me with cuss or say very hateful things. We're all civilized people here right? So please respond in a formal way and I will respond back in a formal way.

Now that we've got that covered, enjoy my FanFictions!!!

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