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Author has written 15 stories for X-Men: Evolution, Beyblade, Medabots, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Super Robot Monkey Team.

(Dear Lord, I haven't been back for three years!)


Nicknames:Fae, WF


Birthday:2nd March

Weight: ¬.¬U
Eye colour: blue-grey
Hair colour:brown
Special features:pointed ears, attenae, biolumenscant wings.

Currently studying: Undergraduate degree in 3D Design at LUSAD, hoping to specialise in Furniture Design

Loves:drawing, reading, writing poetry and fanfics, e-mailling, drawing, sleeping, people who share my freaky humor,

Hates:Scorpians, cruelty, abuse, flaming ppl (what's the point?)
Fav food:potatoes!All hail the mighty potatoes (bow bow worship worship)
Fav colour: Don't really have one anymore :/
Fav shows: Ouran High School Host Club, Top Gear, QI and Live at the Apollo

Fav characters: Rokusho- Medabots

Ryou Bakura/ Yami No Bakura- Yu-Gi-Oh!

Antauri- Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!

Beastboy- Teen Titans

Nightcrawler/ Kurt Wagner- X-Men Evolution

Numbuh 4/ Wallabee Beatles- Codename: Kids Next Door

Kai Hiwatari- Beyblade

J'onn J'onzz- Justice League

Marvin the Martian- Looney Tunes

Abe Sapien- Hellboy

Kyoya Ootori- Ouran High School Host Club

My Characters: Aia Hushi- granddaughter of Prof Hushi and Rokusho's girlfriend, she grew up with adoptive parents after she was found to be the only survivor of the fire that burnt Prof Hushi's house to the ground. Badly injured from the fire, she had to be made into a cybourg in order for her to survive. Dr Aki took this job on and used medabot parts, giving her abnormal strength, speed, stamina and dexterity, allowing her to take on medabots as well as human fighters and defeat them. Kind and motherly, she tries to ease arguements without getting involved although she does have a bossy streak. Fascinated with Rokusho though she never knew why,since her memory of before the hospital she woke up in was wiped out, she slowly began to grow feelings for the medabot that went beyond friendship. Recently captured and transformed into a medabot by Dr Medaevil, she used these abilities to beat him. Human form: long black hair, tall slender body, and blue eyes. Medabot form: white body, head and legs, large white wings, blue optics. AGL type with an Angel medal.

Domino Ai/ Yami No Domino aka Nya- Mu- Domino is quiet, shy, very reserved with a great love of history and the arts. She has black and white hair, one large black eye and one large white eye (white because of an accident that bleached her eye's pigmentation) and is very short ( shorter than Yugi short)Her father was murdered when she was very young and her mother works along side Dr Bakura (Ryou's father). Due to the close knit (platonic)relationship between the two archaeologists and sharing grief of losing their partners, Ryou and Domino grew up together as the best of friends. Domino was given the Millenium Scales by Yami after Shadi informed him that she possessed a great power within her. Nya- Mu- is taller than Bakura, with black and silvery white hair, cat-like ears, cat-like black eyes, wings and second wings on her head, she also has a lion tail. No matter how much she denies it, Nya-Muis very protective of her hikari, having to help around the house as Domino can barely reach anything, she has quite an ego and is a descendant of the Great Sphinx so she's quite aloof among other people and enjoys annoying Yami and Bakura. A master of stealth and strategy, Bakura met Nya- Mu as a boy as he was running from some guards, and Nya-Mu, taking a shine to the boy, killed the guards for him and became a sort of guardian over him. But she was locked within the Millenium Scales later, when her father found out about her aiding a thief. Domino and Nya- Mu could have a thing for each other, however, neither will reveal anything.

Chi- mother like figure over the Bladebreakers. She seems to baby Kai most of all since he never grew up in a loving family, able to talk to bitbeasts and sense when one is near, she helps Kenny with designing new blades for the team. Chi has medium length dark blue hair that is normally loose, and bright, pink eyes, she has a scar on her left cheek from where a bitbeast attacked her and gave her the ability to talk to the bitbeasts. Found by Mr Dickinson when she stopped a rogue bitbeast from attacking him by simply coaxing it, he decided she should join the team as support staff.

Ichigo Momoniya- Was the babysitter of Chiro six years ago when she was ten, but had to move away. She returned to Shugazoom to study at Shugazoom Uni and was offered to stay in the Super Robot with Chiro and the Monkey Team. She was captured by Mandarin and he managed to transform her into a Robot Monkey in hopes of using her to destroy the Monkey Team. Antauri's wife, and now Zakuro's mother,she is quite child- like with curiousity and an ability to look at things with an innocent perspective. She's sometimes thought of as ditsy since she can forgets things, however this means she's quick to forgive and tries to stay out of arguments although she loves to play the odd prank now and then. But, when needed, she does have lucid moments where she can either give great advice or plans. As a human; she's around 4' 8" and is albino, with long white hair down to the small of her back and bright blue eyes. As a monkey: she has white fur, blue eyes, stripe on her head and legs, pink stomach and end to her tail and a pink heart shape on her forehead. She has white wings that are connected magnetically to her and she's much smaller than the other monkeys, making her the smallest member of the team.She wears a pink heart shaped gem around her neck that she holds dearly, though noone knows why. She has a twin brother named Ryou, who is also albino, and recently found her other twin brother Otogi, making them triplets now! She studied dance, art,and drama at Shugazoom Uni. Has no real offensive attacks but is useful for healing and is like the housewife in the Robot, doing all the cleaning and looking after the babies. She's also has a crush on Onyx (Twister91's OC)

Ryou Momoniya-Identical triplet brother of Ichigo, he has a phobia of girls since he was born. This is mostly due to girls suddenly glomping him cos he's cute and sweet. With identical features, white hair, blue eyes, the only obvious difference between him and his sister is the length of his hair that comes down to his mid back as well as his more quiet and gentler nature. He's been trained as a samurai, but never finished his final test so he's not 'officially' a samurai. He owns two swords which he calls Ichiro and Hiroshi and he likes swimming too. He used to be gay, since he got put off girls at a young age, until he met Caitlyn (Twister91's OC) and is now married to her with triplet babies of his own!

Otogi Momoniya- Identical triplet brother of Ichigo and Ryou who was lost for 17 years until he cropped up as a minion for Skeleton King. He joined the Monkey Team after realising Zakuro was Ichigo's daughter. Not much is known about him, except that he loves Topaz (One To Rule Them All's OC) and dyes the ends of his hair blue so everyone can tell him apart from his siblings.

Zakuro- Daughter of Antauri and Ichigo, she has black fur, pink metal parts, magnetically connected black wings and a pink inverted heart shape on her head. She is able to use the Power Primate, like her father, and enjoys using her telekinesis to annoy Malachite (Twister91's character), she can fight when she needs to but doesn't really like to. When she isn't bugging Malachite, she likes to record things with her video camera, including the cheerleaders and football matches (read Lazzynewt's stories for more) she also likes to dance, play piano and read. She's currently dating Malachite much to Antauri's disapproval (he's quite overprotective y'see)

Bakura- Son of Antauri and Ichigo, has white fur, silver metal parts, green eyes. He's more like Antauri, being quiet, wise and gentle, he likes reading and learning new telekinetic techniques.Has a crush on Opal (One To Rule Them All's OC)

Domino and Di- mutants that were experimented on like Kurt, except their fur is black with white markings. Their tails end in tufts instead forked, and their eyes are white. Raised in England, they don't know who their real parents are and, frankly, they don't care. Domino is the eldest at 17 and had to put up with abuse on how she looks all through that, making her think the worst of others, especially concerning their opinions of her, and have low self-esteem. Since she never socialised, much of the outside world is unknown to her and she has developed agoraphobia (fear of open spaces or large crowds). A real worry wort, she would much rather read books and learn more than go out shopping. She has feelings for Kurt but, since she doesn't know much about love, she doesn't realise this. Her power is invisibility and able to climb walls. Her sister, Di, is much younger. She is 2 years old, and, like all toddlers, fascinated by the world, too young to understand the complexities of society or care much about it. She follows Evan around, learning the art of pranking (much to her sister's disapproval) and uses her abilities of telekinesis to help whenever she can. Too young to understand that she is loathed for just being a mutant, Di believes that everyone is a friend.

If anyone wants a picture of any of my characters, e-mail me. I'll be more than happy to! Also, I can do designs for other's characters. Feel free to PM me

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