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Author has written 12 stories for Mai HiME, Maria-sama ga Miteru, School Rumble, and Evangelion.

For those of you curious as to when I'll update, before asking me, please read this easy, bullet-pointed list.

I have:

-A real life.

-A girlfriend, again.

-A Real Person Job, 7:30-4:30 every day.
-A video game addiction.
-Way too many ideas for short stories.
-4? 5 now, maybe, original fiction novels sitting on my hard drive collecting dust.

I do not have:

-A lot of time.
-A lot of sleep.

I'm alive again! It's been over a year since I've even touched fanfiction, but I think I'm back. Look, eventually, for something you'll probably like in Minami-Ke, and something you'll certainly hate in marimite.

I'm going to take a cue from The Denominator (another marvelous writer in the Marimite section) and say that if you add one of my stories to your favorites list, it would be wonderful if you could drop me a review. This is a generally courteous practice, and honestly, every review helps.

In any event, thanks for reading!

School Rumble

Long stories

I Disappear

Of how Harima Kenji reacted to the end of school, and of how he overcame it. Takes place a few years (half a decade...) after the end of Harima's manditory education. Primarily angsty, primarily concerned with Eri, Yakumo, Harima, and possibly Mikoto and Haruki, though I'm not certain yet. Minor characters from the series abound. I'd suggest avoiding it if you're looking for a lighter, funnier School Rumble. I'd suggest reading it if you're looking for an "aftermath" story.

Short stories

Till the End

On Eri's final night in Japan before departing for London. Sort of a prequel to I Disappear, I suppose. Dark as hell, good lord. Chronicles, briefly, what happens to Eri when she arrives in London, and what happened to her the night before.

Maria-sama Ga Miteru

Long stories


Call it "How Sachiko Learned to Cope." Takes place shortly before the arranged marriage between Sachiko and Suguru. Dives deep into Sachiko's head, and it's a damn scary place. This one is probably the slowest of all of my fics to update, because it'sthe hardest for me to write, because for whatever reason, I feel the need to do an excessively careful job each chapter.


Basically the worst idea I've ever had, so I naturally had to come back and write it. An AU set in the world of a Stephen King novel or seven. Continues the Fake fan-canon, for some reason.

Short Stories

Alcohol dreams and slabs of wood, and parties where the men seem only to touch, and never to listen. Trippy, violent and thoroughly Sachiko. Yes, violent. Go on, give it a shot.

White Reflection
Tells the story of Sachiko's "first time," and of a day spent with the snow. Kind of Fake-canon with regards to Sachiko's job and lot in life, kind of not. Don't worry about it much.

It's So Cowardly

On the things of which even Sei Satou is afraid, and on what fear and a little cowardice does to all of us. Actually fairly long. Shows a side of Sei that most people don't like to see.


Long stories


My "ending" to HiME that really isn't an ending at all. On coping with the HiME carnival, on love, and on how damn close it is to fear. And on top of that, on seemingly escalating engagements between the ex-HiME and a strange, unknown organization. Violent, a little angsty, massively introspective. Kind of Shizuru and Natsuki, kind of not. Avoid if you want fluff. Avoid at all costs if you want fluff.

Short Stories

Words in the Trees

On Chie and Aoi. A story about admitting the truth creatively, told in three parts. Very much fluff. Oh, yes.

I'm Going to Get My Gun!

Songfic/self mockery, based on a D-12 song by the same name. Call it chapter 7.5, with ebonics. Probably nobody should ever read this, ever.

Neon Genesis Evangelion


A not-quite-AU in which Shinji, Asuka, and Rei eat, sleep, work, and do nothing else because they have no means to do so. Living in a city which doesn't seem quite logical, in an apartment that never seemed quite safe. A horror story, which I have been told is in the vein of Lovecraft, though that may be simply because everybody seems to associate Eva with Cthulhu. I've really no idea why. Regardless, a horror story.

Welcome to the N.H.K.

Unfortunately, EffNet has no NHK section. Subsequently, visit THIS link

to read my NHK story entitled "Lady So Divine." (I know. The name--both of the names, really--burn. It's not my talent.)

All I ask is that if you decide to start reading it, drop me a comment somewhere letting me know you have. It'd be awesome if you get yourself an LJ-account so I know who you are, but you don't have to. I just like to have an idea of my readership.

I have a FictionPress account where I'm publishing my own original fiction. You should head over and check it out!

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Vignettes about the best and worst thing in the world. Some are happy, some aren't. Updated irregularly. Occurs long after Fake.
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A continuation of sorts of MariMite. Sachiko has graduated, and as her arranged marriage looms over her shoulder even her house seems like a prison now. Rated for yuri probably not so much implied as shoved in the reader's face. Story now complete.
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Continuation of the MaiHiME series. A spring break trip to the beach exposes stilluntied threads both inside and outside of the lives of the HiME. Rated T for violence, language. Possible Shizxnat, Maixtate? Who knows! Chapter 27 now up!
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